"One Size Fits All" Acne Prevention Plans.

By: S.F. Imtiaz

I have spent years trying to fight acne and I have learnt that there are no “one size fits all” acne prevention plans. In this article I am going to explain that why is it not possible for one acne medication to work same for all acne sufferers. If your experience with acne is anything like that of many other acne sufferers, every time you feel like this is it, now I am going to gain a clean skin in matter of few days, right then occurs a new acne outbreak and ruins your complexion again. Although the mechanism of the factors that facilitate the cause of acne is always same, this includes excessive oil production, blockage of pores and inflammation. Causes of acne are different from person to person, this explain that there cannot be any “one size fits all” acne prevention plans. The most common cause is the combined effect of male hormones. For example at puberty our body starts to generate huge amount of androgenic (male) hormones , this overproduction of male hormones cause the sebaceous glands of our bodies to shift into overdrive and begin producing excess sebum. The sebum then clogs the pores and begins the acne development cycle. This is why acne is a common skin problem during puberty. Since the causes of acne are not same for all people therefore it is only logical that any medication which might have worked well for one person is not guaranteed to work just as well for another individual.
We all suffer from acne. This is a fact; the only difference between us is that we all have varying degree of acne. Once you have turn 13, which means once you become a teen ager, you will start getting, what is commonly known as zits. If you get one zit a week, you suffer from acne, it is just not that bad, or it is not chronic. The key issue here is to understand the cause of your acne with the help of consultation with your doctor instead of looking for some acne prevention plans that promises to work for everyone no matter what is the cause of their skin condition.

A significant point to consider in looking for your acne treatment is the different approaches to acne control. Two of the major acne medications that are used in over the counter and prescription acne treatment products are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid and each treats your acne differently. Benzoyl peroxide is an antibacterial agent. Acne products with different concentration of benzoyl peroxide are used to kill P. Acnes which is the bacteria that causes acne. On the other hand Salicylic acid is an exfoliant that works inside the follicle, it slow down the shedding of skin cells which can clog the follicle and cause acne. Both of these acne treatment products may affect your skin type differently so a dermatologist’s opinion is highly suggested to make the right choice. Many Modern acne treatment are now consists of an acne kit, which consist of several products and are used together as a regiment to control acne. Most acne kits include a cleanser, a face wash, a topical gel or cream with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide in it and a lotion to rehydrate and decrease irritation to the skin. Usually either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid is added to one or more of these products with other acne fighting ingredients. These are designed to remove excess oil, while not drying out your skin completely. All in all, these acne medications are designed to give you healthier skin.

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