"If you're so Smart Why Aren't You Rich?"

By: jsolutions016

It isn't easy to face the truth, isn't it? And you've heard it before, the truth shall set you free! Do you have friends who talk a lot and everything you tried to tell them, they will say "I know" and you know that they don't have much money in the bank and is struggling day to day and month to month! The truth hurts and it really helps if you are willing to face the truth.

This question: "If you're so smart, why aren't you rich?" applies to people who are not willing to face the truth and admit that for things to change they must change. This question will help lots of people if they are honest with themselves.

I first got to know this question on a convention trip in Hawaii where I was introduced to my Chairman's mentor who willingly shared with us tips on achieving success. One effective way he is able to get people to think is to ask them if they have any plans for their retirement. Over 95% of people do not have plans for retirement! He would also ask them if he can speak to them like a brother and sometimes would ask this thought-provoking question: "If you're so smart why aren't you rich?"

Riches come in different forms, most people's idea of riches is to own a big beautiful waterfront house, luxurious cars and enjoy the lifestyle of the rich and famous. You can feel rich and be happy if you have enough to pay all your bills with much left which means you are enjoying positive cash flow! You will also feel rich if you have enough to last you for the rest of your life without working, you don't really need to have a big house with a swimming pool and big cars and expensive watches and jewelry to be considered rich?

There are many rich people who are miserable and not happy at all and that is not being truly rich! So being rich can be very subjective but most people will agree that you must have positive cash flow, enough in assets to last you for the rest of your life without working and being happy, living a meaningful life and making a positive difference to people's lives!

I've attended a world famous personal development program called Money & YOU and one of the popular teachings is "The highest form of leverage is...EDUCATION" How much have you invested in educating yourself on personal development and business? Jay Abraham, the world renowned marketing genius, and my marketing guru, has constantly taught his students that marketing can give you great leverage and returns of thousands of percent!

It is obvious that if you want to be rich, you must do what the rich people are doing! Successful people are willing to share how they achieve their wealth and there are no secrets. There are lots of books written on creating wealth and lots of information is freely available from the Internet.
This year I invested over $10,000 to learn more about internet marketing, you must be willing to invest before you can create wealth.

There are no short cuts, you must invest time, money and effort if you are serious about creating wealth! I happily invested $3,995 to learn from Jay Abraham about marketing at his 3-day billion dollar-marketing weekends. And there were over 500 people from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Singapore attending this special marketing seminar. And many of the participants were millionaires, CEOs, and top executives. This clearly shows that successful people are constantly investing in themselves.

Here's a great marketing tip for you, it is not how much you put into your business, it is how much your return on investment that you should focus on! If every $100 worth of advertisement gives you a $200 profit can you afford to keep on advertising it again and again? Of course, you will want to do it again and again because you have created a positive cashflow of $100 each time you place an advertisement!

There are literally thousands of people worldwide making decent part-time income through AdWords on the Internet, and it is a good start to generate your seed money for creating wealth! Do you believe you can make money from a 25 cent advertisement? Yes, you can if you have the knowledge on how to do it! Again, do not expect to achieve riches in a very short time, it does take time and for a few special ones it may take months and for most people it probably take years! It all depends on your burning desire and your commitment to creating wealth so that you can enjoy a better lifestyle!

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