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By: Julius Mardone

A narrow bathroom should be renovated. The developer had the choice
between new tile and the wall panels of Respatex. He chose the easy
publishing of Respatex elements that can be moved quite easy on the
old tile flooring. Each element is a water and boil-proof plywood
board (WBR BS 1203), the surface consists of a decorative high
pressure laminate (HPL Cladding), the back is provided with a
Gegenzuglaminat. By AquaClic system, the elements - such as parquet or
laminate - with tongue and groove joints are screwed together and
placed face down. The following installation instructions will be
shown how this works.

Screw the wall element

The bathroom without a window had a length of 3.60 and a width of 1.40
- so it was relatively small and narrow. The ceiling was wet to 2.40 m
with aerospace-grade plasterboard suspended from drywall to install
spotlights and speakers.

Before proceeding with the lining of the walls, an allowance should be
taken to correct classification of wall coverings. This saves a lot of
work later. When cutting the elements with a hand saw the pattern
needs to the top and when cutting with a jigsaw or circular saw face

Clockwise starting with the installation. The spring is cut off from
the first element, so that it can be pushed into the corner profile.
The attachment occurs every 30 - 40 cm directly on the existing wall
surfaces (eg tile, concrete, etc.) with 3.5 x 35 mm bolts / 5 mm
plugs. IMPORTANT! First element mounted perpendicular always!

The first elements
Element start
Joint pattern

After the first item is on the wall, enter the following items at the
top of the silicone spring and then all the following elements at a 45
degree angle set and then pressed gently springy. When mounted on old
tiles will always drill screws into the joints and.

Silicone prevents the ingress of water or moisture on the walls behind
them! Swelling over silicone immediately removed with a fine rubber
spatula or thicken the silicone is easy to remove with your

Look for the "joint appearance" in the structured Respatex - Elements!
To customize different tile structures can also be grounded in use,
because all elements are combined. Enter in all the profiles for the
blank control and then use the silicone disks. To facilitate assembly,
the profiles only with silicone on the slide and then add the same

Under Construction
larger openings

All water pipes are covered with a substructure of impregnated battens
or stud wall. All leads are drilled with a circle cutter, from the
decorative surface drilled (by a dirty edge to avoid), then turn
around and make the hole finished item. All drilling of water
connections are closed after assembly complete with silicone. Large
openings than 6 cm should be cut with a jigsaw - is as follows: Drill
into the opening to be sawed a hole of about 10 mm in diameter. Then
use the jigsaw to cut the desired shape. The decorative side must down

Wall installation
Pull out cupboard
Install extract

An extension of the wall installation provides many opportunities for
lockers and storage areas. As a visual separation between the sink and
toilet in this bathroom is a little hidden pull out cupboard is

Built-in wardrobe
last element
finished bathroom

Elements, a wardrobe made - in the entrance, right next to the door,
from the Respatex was. The last element should close above the door in
order to facilitate the attachment. In this bathroom the last element
is cut to size and attached to dress in the area with selective

Cladding shower tray
Storage space for bathroom utensils

The paneling of the shower pan is above the shower base is clamped
over the edge and only the floor area with silicone sealed to ensure
easy removal. The pharmacist as a separate cabinet provides storage
space for your bathroom utensils.

Soft-touch fitting
Bathroom cabinet
Open Wardrobe

By a soft-touch fitting (without handle), the apothecary cabinet can
be easily and quietly open and close. The bathroom cabinet is the
integrated area of the tile look and acts decently discreet. The
cabinet door - also made Respatex - is made with a soft-touch fitting,
to avoid disturbing handles.

All connections and terminations (eg ceiling - and the floor
connections, shower rim, sink, etc.) must be closed with a good

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