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An article about a new kind of retirement fund could be pertinent to old and young readers alike. The language used in the article signals which group the company is attempting to reach. Consumers want to be spoken to directly, to help them understand that certain products and services are meant for them. Since the same article may be perceived differently by two different groups you'll want to know who will be reading it.

Doing this has a second advantage. Take that article about retirement planning, for example. Write it first for one target market, your older readers who will be retiring in the next few years. Then, you can quickly write another version of this article targeted at a younger crowd who are just starting to plan for their golden years. Much of the facts will stay the same; how you communicate those ideas will vary based on what they need to hear.

While article marketing is truly an inexpensive and effective way to market your business, you know that time is money. An article marketing campaign quickly loses its tremendous value if you spend too much time toiling over every single word you write. Learning how to write effective articles quickly will help you expand your marketing efforts. These quick tips will help.

Identifying Your Target Market
The first step is to identify your target customers. Research your audience. In general, try to identify their ages, occupations, financial statuses, and educational backgrounds. This will help you establish a specific tone and set of language in which to speak to your customers.

How does this help? Once you have a voice and style for your articles, you'll be able to just let the ideas flow and speak to your customers in a friendly, natural style.

Coming Up With A Plan
Once you've identified your audience, map out a general plan for your articles. What do you want to write about? How many articles do you want to write? When do you want to submit them? By determining a plan, you will be able to more easily focus on the individual articles as you write them.

You will probably come up with new article ideas as you begin writing your articles. Jot these down as you go along and put them in your schedule wherever you think they fit best.

Whether you plan on writing ten articles or ten thousand, organization is the key to article marketing success. An organized article marketing plan will help your ideas remain clear and focused, and let you concentrate on giving good, clear information as you write. Mapping out future articles can also make the task seem less stressful, which means you will be in a better frame of mind to write.

Once you've established a plan, along with a tone of voice and type of language to use in your writing, just start writing! You will be surprised by how quickly the information will flow onto the page. Remember, you are the expert. You have an endless source of information when it comes to your business and the industry that surrounds it.

Frustrated by those first few articles? Like anything, the writing will get easier the more you do it. As you gain a rhythm, you'll find yourself creating articles in a fraction of the time. You will also find motivation in results.

And with the increase in traffic from your first few articles, your incentive for creative compelling articles will continue to grow. Write with confidence and purpose and you will hit the mark every time.

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