"Family-Friendly" Search Vehicle Gives People What They Really Want

By: Mark Fisher

Imagine a new, family-friendly way to navigate the Internet going directly, and precisely, to another site, like a space car or a transporter beam, without dawdling down the congested "information superhighways." An Internet world that is totally “family-friendly”, where NO porn, nudity, or “perverted” content exist, and where kids also cannot find a liquor store listing. And imagine this Internet world having absolutely no pop-ups, banner ads, applets, or other annoyances, like jillions of “relevant listings” or fraudulent listings.

Next, imagine that no typing, or even spelling, is required -- instead, by using only a few clicks, you could find exactly what you are looking for... clear, concise results with exclusive listings complete with media options. For instance, you can click on an audio spot where a voice "tells" you all you need to know about a business or site, with an interesting musical background. You can read the logo, an informational blurb, and contact info, and see a direct link to their web address or email, as well as a link for a map or directions to that business.

Video is another option. Some of the enrolled businesses have links to virtual video tours, slide shows, and/or streaming video clips to show off their products, facility, and/or capabilities.

Virtual print is another option, as "Added Value Vouchers" may be offered by some businesses. These are not "coupons" with cents-off, dollars-off, or % discounts, but rather vouchers with added value offerings, such as perhaps moving to the front of the line, with immediate seating, at a popular restaurant, or a free dessert with each entree, or free golf cart rental with every two green fees, as examples.

This is all available at a new family-friendly "search vehicle" called "clickspotz", which can be found at www.clickspotz.com. Once you get there, you can push your keyboard aside as all you will need to surf the net with clickspotz search is your mouse. Four clicks will find any enrolled business or website in the USA and Puerto Rico.

And, you can recommend businesses or websites you would like to see on "clickspotz" by clicking a link on the main page and "clickspotz" will do the rest. If you own a business and would like enroll it on "clickspotz", you can click on "Advertise" and get all the information you will need. Finally, if you would like to have your own business as an Affiliate, you can click on Opportunities.

Paris Hilton is on more than 3000 Internet search engines, but your children will not find her on "clickspotz", the new, exciting, refreshingly different "search engine", which was designed based on extensive research across all demographic lines, to give the people what they REALLY want. Although it is only in its infancy today, you will want to bookmark it and check back regularly, as their national marketing and advertising program will eventually make "clickspotz" a household name, and, most likely, your first choice as a search engine. That is why analysts are calling it, "The future of search on the Internet."

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Mark Robert Fisher is a freelance writer/journalist and entrepreneur, member of the International Press Association and the National Writer's Union. He has been published in the USA, UK, and Europe. He can be contacted via his site: www.excellentkc.com/boatrocker.html

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