'Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!' What Does That Mean?

By: David C. Lee

There are a lot of strange sayings out there, but did you ever stop to wonder where they originated from? These phrases are known as 'idioms' and here we will look at their meanings and maybe learn a little about their origins as well.

Don't Let The Bed Bugs Bite!

Essentially this means 'sleep tight' or get a good night's sleep. The phrase 'sleep tight' originates from Cajun country where the beds were more similar to hammocks than the mattresses we use today. These were pulled very tight to stop the sagging - 'Sleep tight!' If you ever read the 'Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia', then you will find a reference to bedbugs. They resemble a flea and are notorious bloodsuckers also known as 'Cimex lectularius'. One way of preventing these beasties from entering your bed was to place the bedposts in small cans of kerosene. This would stop them from climbing up the posts and having a nibble on you!

Beetle Away

A fairly self-explanatory idiom that simply means to move away quickly from the scene. Beetles are very quick little insects and are known for their scurrying about on the ground.

Ants In Your Pants

This phrase is usually said to describe somebody who is very excited or worried about something. If you can imagine having a horde of nipping ants inside your underwear, just imagine the effect that this would have on your involuntary movements!

You're Welcome!

This is a response we use to reply with to someone who says 'Thank you!' As with many idioms in daily use, we have not really thought about the origins of this overused phrase. It has zero literal meaning, but if we think about the phrase as a reply we can surmise the following:

Are we telling them that they are welcome to give us thanks again?

Do we mean that we welcome their help whenever they can offer it again?

Do we simply mean we are happy that they are thanking us for our help?

Whatever the reason for that response, it seems that we will continue to use 'you're welcome' for a long time yet!

A Piece of Cake

We use this phrase to describe a simple action that we have recently completed. It can display a modest attitude or perhaps be realistic when revealing the small effort required to finish that task. The very action of eating a piece of cake is considered to be easy and therefore is an appropriate idiom for this scenario.

Dig Deep

'Dig Deep' is an expression that is used to coax somebody into making a generous donation. It simply details the action used by us when thrusting our hands deep into our pockets to find money. The idiom can also be used to encourage a person to find extra reserves of strength during a time of stress.

Love Me, Love My Dog!

A very popular saying in years gone by, but do we know what it actually means? We use this idiom to explain that if somebody wants to love you, then they will have to accept your faults as well.

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