"Different When Writing Articles"

By: radhika

People need guidance and they love to read opinions. But too often articles don't offer a clear view on a topic but just a digest of what everybody already knows and agrees upon.

Don't repeat what everybody knows anyway. Often in forums or blog comments your find high-quality content from people who really know about a subject. Even if you don't know more facts about a topic you will at least have an opinion.

If you read these lines you already know that article writing is one of the best ways to increase your traffic and get more visitors. It is now a major weapon in search engine optimization. Everybody knows that and each day hundreds of new articles are being submitted to the popular article directories.

So how can you make sure to grab attention among all those thousands of articles that are around? The answer is simple: Be different.

Nowadays, I always wonder why so many times articles out there deal with a topic in such an abstract way that you get the impression the author is barely interested in the topic.

Let's put some groove into your articles and make it different:

You may use an article to publish your personal view of a certain topic or aspect. If you agree or disagree with a common view on a popular topic - write it down. Just be sure you explain why your view is the way it is in words people can understand.

Use Humor

Don't be boring. Spice up your article using a nice and humorous style. Sound like a normal person having a conversation instead of professor giving a lecture. Just make sure you use common sense when judging your humor.

Consider that your articles may be read by people from different cultures and religions all over the world. What you may think to be funny could be an insult to another person. Don't provoke intentionally or be sarcastic. Write as if you always have a little smile on your face.

In fact I have found that if you smile while you are writing. Your language will automatically get more friendly and humorous. It works.

Tell A Story

An article does not have to be an essay. Sometimes you can explain something much better by telling a story. People have been telling each other stories for centuries.

The Internet hasn't changed that. People want to know about things that happened to you or to certain people. This way your message is much more personal than if you just write about some abstract concept or product.

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