$75 billion Federal Loan Modification Program Competing with Fraud Artists Be Careful!

By: Lindsy Emery

The funny thing about when something good happens is that someone has to try to ruin it. The Federal Government has put a loan modification program into action to help people who are having trouble making their mortgage payments. There are many benefits to this program, despite the skepticism. The program offers lowered monthly payments, reduced interest, longer payment schedule, and a deduction off the principle. While there are certain requirements, that is only normal or people who don't really need it would be applying too.

Unfortunately as soon as the media got wind of the program there have been websites popping up everywhere claiming to have all sorts of inside information regarding these programs. They have tips to give you about applying, and other facts that no one else knows. You can have it all for a low fee of, let's say, $29.99. Well, it's a scam! So many of these sites have shown up on the web that it is difficult for people who legitimately need this help to find proper information about applying. This is not the only case scenario there are e-books, advice subscriptions, and more. They all have one thing in mind, and that is to get your money.

Well, if you want this information, it is wise to read credible websites such as those from the news channels and the government. They will not ask for money or personal information and they will show you the facts as long as it is not an opinion piece of course. It's important that you get the right facts, and these are two of the places that make sure you do.

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