"10 Qualities that you need to have, if you really need to be a mediator

By: aaroah sunil

There are so many disputes out there, and many of us think we can solve it all, that we can go out there an make them stand left and right and talk it out easily. We feel we are the perfect mediators that the world can get. True?

Well, some claim that Mediating is a in borne thing, a talent that you're born with, and some say that its something that you can get by practice.

So here is a look at different qualities that you need to be a mediator, and make some difference to conflicting issues:

10. Patience- Well this is a known want, but how do we claim it. The perfect way to be patient is to cultivate the habit of meditating. It's a real stress buster and gives you more room for patience.

9. Gift of the Gab- You need it no doubt. You need to work on it, and the coolest way to do this is to learn new words, read more and get to know more common phrases and idioms.

8. Confidence- Speak out when you're alone, speak in front of the mirror, keep speaking, it helps your confidence by a mile.

7. Analyze- You would have to learn to see a problem from two sides. The perfect way to cutivate this habit is, to find negative things about things and vice versa.

6. Write and Assimilate- Many people miss out on this, make sure that you write things you think of, get the habit of going for a pen. A mediator has to be able to remember facts very often.

5. Appearance- Make sure that you work on your appearence when you're appearing for a dispute. You need to present yourself as a major force to reckon with, a power to whom people can express.

4. Study- Yes, make sure that you read a lot before you set out to settle a dispute, even if you have to not sleep, keep reading.

3. Shut out- Learn to shut down, everything and anything that might not be related to your case when you're out there. A really cool way to try this is to voluntarily try and focus on just any one thought.

2. Listen- Listen, listen and listen. Learn the art of absorbing everything a person says. It's easily a very important quality of a mediator. You can practice this by listening to speeches and trying to jot down the crucial points of the speech.

1. Calm- Finally be cool, remember that you're here just as a mediator and all you have to do is preside.

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