**UNDERGROUND MARKETING** How to Market Your Home Business Online (Marketing Your Home Business) (Home Based Business)

By: Adam Chandler

As more people turn to the internet for income and the home based business industry experiences massive growth it becomes increasingly vital to stand out from the crowd.. Especially when you considder the failure rate still stays at over 95%. One essential way to succeed while the other sizable majority crash and burn is to notice what they are doing and do the EXACT OPPOSITE. Makes sense, right? Actually it does not just make sense.. It makes thousands of dollars.

How are you marketing your home business? And how are the masses building their businesses? Many of them are still using outdated recruiting techniques that repel prospects like the warm list, flyers, and home meetings. Uplines that still teach these methods are doing a horrible disservice to their members in our new global economy.

Even the ones who do harness the leverage and the value of marketing online are doing it completely ass backwards. These people are completely winging it. They use social media sites like facebook and twitter to act as their lowd speaker. When these sites are effectively used they can be verry effective methods for marketing your home business. However, when practiced by the 95% this can and will make all home business entrepreneurs look like spammers.

These people simply use social media to yell about how they have the greatest business opportunity the world has ever seen. Or the "latest pre-launch that will make you millions by this time next year". Anyone with any experience in the industry cannot help but feel sorry for these people as they are doomed to another statistic. These networkers may actually sign up a few reps they will mistakenly attract the "get rich quick" loser rather than the determined business builder. Why follow the masses when the overwelming majority will enevitably fail? How are you marketing your home business and are you attracting the right type of recruit to your enterprise?

In order to market your home business effectively you need to understand human behavior and marketing. Network marketing is a people business where people buy from people, not from websites. Therefore it is very important to market yourself and your value. Give value to your and prospects. Offer a resolution to their most prevalent problems. You will go from a glorified "sales rep" for company XYZ to a trusted resource. An authority who is there to help, not to sell. This is a subtle yet extremely effective way to market a home based business. Be the leader these people are looking for and watch as you and your business transform before your eyes.

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