' Getting an ex back' Versus ' How long does it take to get over an ex'

By: Robert Sinclair

Where ever we go we see love. You can't escape it, it's as if everything is saturated in it. Whenever you turn on the TV you will see a show about love. It seems to be especially true in North America. Oprah will be pushing another romantic novel and on the next channel some guy with super powers will be flying off with his gorgeous girlfriend. Books are no different. You can find a lot of titles that promise advice on how to get over an ex or even how to get your ex boyfriend back. In magazines celebrities are hunted down by paparazzi. They publish information about celebrity breakups and cheating.

It's so evident that it's not even worth mentioning. We are clearly preoccupied by romance.

Some people might see it as something negative. I personally think it's great. Especially in countries like Canada and Russia. These countries see a diminishing population. Large number of people in those countries are brainwashed into believing that money is the most important thing. T.V and Radio pays more attention to one's wallet size than the family size. There are still plenty of love shows and other romantic media. But I think media should concentrate less on the drama and more on the positive. Breakups and unfaithful lovers are put on the spot light, while a simple happy family is considered boring and stays in the background. We see the same trend in printed media. There are now more and more books that explain how to get over a bad breakup. May be we should see more titles that give advice on how to get your ex boyfriend back. Books that make you fight for your love and not give up should be more prevalent. When was the last time you saw a best seller like that?

In some states there are a divorce rates of 40%. When will it end? Those are mind blowing statistics! It is almost as if people give up too easily on their current relationships. I think that almost all problems have a solution. Even if one of the union members is cheating, doesn't mean the couple has to breakup. This act of betrayal, could have been provoked by something. Is it something that husband did not do? Could it be a minor change in the way the couple communicated? In many instances it is a small difference that makes a big change. It's been said that the top reason why wives go to look elsewhere is the lack of recognition.

On that account, I suggest that we cherish each other. Try to be more selfless and your partner will do the same. Let's be tolerant to each other. Let's choose affection instead of resentment. Because in the end of the day love always prevails.

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