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7 Tips to Give your Bathroom a Winter Update

12.19.2018 · Posted in Interior Design Articles

During the year’s colder months, the bathroom with its hard tile, ceramic, and stone surfaces is typically the coldest room in a house. However, it can become a warm, comforting place with some easy updates. Here are the 7 suggestions that you may find helpful to completely refresh your bathroom this winter:

bathroomAdd Cozy Bath Mats

Adding cozy bath mats is the most cost-effective way to add warmth and comfort to your bathroom lifestyle. You can place the bath mats in front of the shower, toilet, and sink to do away with cold feet from your bathroom routine this winter.

Get your Bath Towels Toasty

The quality of your washcloths, bath mitts, and towels have a big impact on how luxurious and warm your space feels. Due to frequent use, all the bath towels ultimately wear thin, therefore, it’s advisable to consider some fresh options. Adding some warm towels will make it easy for you to step out of the bathtub or shower and wrap up in a lavish way. You can also consider heated towel rails as an option to store your towels. They act as a space saver and enhance the aesthetics of the bathroom too.

Add Warm Neutral Colors

Applying a fresh coat of some warm neutral paint color is pretty good to add to your bathroom design, especially when living in a cold-weather climate. If the thought of a white paint color leaves you cold, think other neutrals having some undertones of brown, red, orange blue, green, or yellow to create a warm ambiance in your space.

Give a Country Chic Appeal

Country style is one of the best ways to give your winter bathroom a warm, comfy feel. With its charm, coziness, and simplicity, a country chic makeover can completely refresh your space. If you’re not looking for a complete country makeover, then adding a few country accents, such as vintage or rustic accents, can increase the comforting of your room.

Increase Wood Accents

Aside from applying a warm neutral paint color, you can also take into consideration the idea of increasing the wood accents amount in your bathroom. You can give your small bathroom space a clean, sharp look with lighter woods like birch, hemlock, and pine. Similarly, you can add instant warmth to your space by considering red oak, mahogany, and cherry.

Add Underfoot Heating

The most luxurious thing you can do is add warmth underfoot by investing in an underfoot heating system. With the radiant-heat flooring, you will have a heated space on chilly winter mornings. However, this may be a large investment for many people. If you’re the person on a budget and can’t afford these expenses, then a bathroom-safe heater installment can be an affordable option for you. You can turn on the bathroom-safe heater before you shower or bath to offset the cold weather.

Consider Window Fixes

Window in a bathroom can have a drastic impact on its temperature fluctuation. Even a small ***** can cool down the bathroom area pretty quickly as the cold air filters in. For that reason, it’s a great idea to double check your window for being sealed, caulked, and free of any air leaks.


Apart from the ideas mentioned above, there are various other things that you can do to give your bathroom a winter update, such as shower curtains, shower curtain hooks, soap dispensers, hand towels, and more. Refresh your bathroom with the bathroom collections and look it deserves. There are a plethora of online stores which can help you do that without breaking the bank. LTD Commodities is one of them, which enables the customers to apply LTD Commodities promo code during the online shopping process and take advantage of their reduced prices.


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