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7 of the most comfortable travel shoes for women

03.07.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles, Travel Articles
7 of the most comfortable travel shoes for womenI am always in transit. Right now, I’m wedged into economy seats in the butt of a plane. It’s not the most comfortable experience, but the perfect pair of kicks (and maybe a few mimosas) lightens the load. The right gear is important to smooth sailing, and even spontaneous types should come prepared. As you come out of winter hibernation, check out our compilation of the best travel gadgets. Look at our picks for pet accessories perfect for vacation. If you like to stay connected at all times, check out our favorite smart luggage
Even if you don’t need to track your dog’s every step or charge your phone from your suitcase, chances are you’ll need shoes. And you need to put a lot of thought into those shoes. Read more... More about Travel, Shoes, Mashable Shopping, Carry On, and Culture
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IMAGE: Sanuk


Sanuk Yoga Mat Flip Flops
A puffy, cushiony sole perfect for summer trips.
$45 from Sanuk
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IMAGE: Allbirds MOST COMFORTABLE Allbirds Wool Runners These sneakers feel like socks with bounce to spring through the day.
$95 from Allbirds
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST EVERYDAY SHOE Dr. Scholl’s Scout Slip-On Sneaker Memory foam insoles hug feet while stylish design grabs eyes.
$80 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Birdies BEST FOR BUSINESS TRIPS Birdies Starling Flats A pricey pick, these flats are ready to work with layers of comfort.
$165 from Birdies
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IMAGE: Merrell BEST FOR HIKING Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Boots Mid-rise boots that can keep feet safe for amateur hikers to trail blazers.
$135 from Merrell
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IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR RAIN Joules Rainwell Boots Rain boots without the clunky design make for Instagram-ready travel.
$53.92 from Amazon
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IMAGE: Born BEST SANDALS Born Iwa Sandals These breathable yet secure sandals are made for walking.
$99 from Born
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