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7 Ingredients You Must Check And Cross-Check In Your Offer Letter

07.01.2019 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Career is one aspect of human lives that requires constant motivation as it is not easy to obtain a promising offer letter. One dreams of having a stable job from the time he/she knows how important it is to be well-settled financially. Employment is at the brink of getting declared extinct; like one of the endangered species. So, applicants go hay-wire and participate in a ginormous race to acquire the best job offer they can get because, as we all know, one has to pay bills after becoming an adult.

The kind of jobs that everyone longs for –

  1. Safe workspace
  2. A boss who values others’ opinions and gives the freedom to opportunists to work better

Moreover, the list is endless (filled with myriad facets) since every other person’s demands and concerns differ from each other.

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Criteria for getting the Sapient offer letter:

  • The Sapient, as a company, ensures quality work and quality employees over everything else, so you must work hard to show your worth. To do that and get one step closer to the offer letter, you must ace the tests and interview.
  • In case you got the verbal confirmation of the job but haven’t received any offer letter, that is, the written form of confirmation, then you must send a follow-up letter to the hiring manager.
  • Find out how much time the Sapient takes to send an offer letter to prospective candidates so that you know the waiting period.

Categories to look and cross-check in the Sapient offer letter, notably:

  • The basic needs to be checked, that is, the correct spelling of the name.
  • Do keep in mind to check the promised designation. Don’t get too excited and miss out on these basic pieces of information.
  • Rules, regulations, standard policies, and other necessary evils, that is, boundaries set by the Sapient have to be mentioned so that you know the terms you will/will not agree to.
  • Check and cross-check the salary that you were promised in the verbal confirmation and that written in the Sapient offer letter.
  • Please make sure you believe in the assigned Manager’s sense of judgement so that you know you won’t have a hard time working with/under him.

Now, coming to an offer letter in general, there are 7 ingredients you must check and cross-check positively. Some are the same as the categories to be checked while going through the Sapient offer letter, and the rest are as follows:

  • Daily commute plays a paramount factor in your consideration and acceptance of the job offer. Note down the address as soon as you get your letter and calculate the time that you would need to go to and fro.
  • As a fresher, you might not have to deal with the chaotic procedure of getting all the paperwork signed and finalised from your previous job which means you come to the new role without any additional or unwanted baggage. However, in case you are a professional and are switching jobs for better opportunities/prospects then you have to check your offer letter for the joining date so that it doesn’t clash with the end-of-work time of the previous job.

There has to a certain balance between work and life. To do that, one needs individual stipulated leaves from work. Make sure to check this too in your offer letter.

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