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7 Benefits of Mutual Fund Software to Financial Advisors

Every industry evolves with the time which also lasts impact upon the company working in, as a result of which the changes are adopted as regular practice by the firm. The financial advisors working in the mutual fund business continuously need to implement the latest tools as to compete in the market.

REDVision Technologies is the leading provider of wealth management solution delivering complete solution to the advisors. Choosing right provider is the first step advisors need to take for success.

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What challenges advisors face while doing business?

  • High operational cost.
  • Difficulty in data management.
  • Issues in tracking investor’s portfolio.
  • No facility of research.

Below are some popular benefits of financial platform to advisors

  • On Boarding
    Many advisors face difficulty in registering clients which involves complex steps as a result of which the advisors are unable to get more number of clients. To solve the issue, Mutual Fund Software is developed which is integrated with BSE platform providing the convenience of on boarding new investors. The procedure of registration made simpler which assist advisor in attracting new clients in the business.
  • KYC
    Collecting KYC is essentials for the advisors before investing the funds of the clients and through the online solution the advisors can easily collect KYC without face to face meeting. Also the burden of paper based applications reduced with the scanned format and the also the verification process became quite too instant.
  • Funds Tracking
    Since the arrival of the assisting technology the advisors can easily track the funds of the investors based on which particular action can be adopted as to deliver optimum results. The Mutual Fund Software for Distributors enables to keep a constant supervision which eliminates the chances of loss.
  • Portfolio Management
    In lack of technology the advisors were not potential of dealing with multiple investors and managing the portfolios of such investors becomes a hectic with no assistance. The financial tool boosts the productivity of the funds and adds more efficiency to the business of the advisors. Also the advisors can analyze the portfolio at a glance.
  • Cost Effective
    The advisors operational cost of the firm gets reduced with the adaption of the financial platform which also minimizes the efforts of the advisors. The advisors operations become smoother and ease the management of the firm.
  • Research
    Research gives advisors the potential to estimate the future returns on present date based on which recommendations to the investors can be delivered. The advisors can also select schemes based on the past performance which has generated high dividends on the invested funds. It also reduces the chances of loss and helps investments to survive even in volatile market.
  • Reports
    Reports present the actual result of the funds invested by the advisor on behalf of the investors. The advisors can attract more investors when they present reliable reports in front of the clients and also the current values are shown.


Thus, having a Mutual Fund Software for IFA is must as to make the business process more efficient and to enhance the productivity of the advisors firm. It even assists advisors in competing with the rival firm and to set a benchmark in the industry.

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