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6 Reasons why using a digital business card is a smart move

09.26.2018 · Posted in News and Media

Business networking is evolving with great speed. Earlier, entrepreneurs used to offer paper-based business cards for their prospecting tasks but now things have changed. With everything coming under the wave of digitization, why business cards get left behind? Digital business card – they have been around for like a couple of years and a lot of enthusiasm can be seen in the business world for these virtual mediums of business prospecting.

The entire world is going digital. In such a scenario, a smart move is to adapt to the new digital transformation that has affected the business world, too. No doubt, conventional paper cards are great for in-person networking but they have their own limitations. You have to waste your time waiting for the card to get designed and printed. And whenever there’s any modification needed, the existing stock in your hand gets completely wasted and your networking suffers until the new stock is ready.

Above all of these points remains our environment that suffers a lot due to the process of creating paper for conventional cards in which millions of trees are destroyed. Such a waste of the most precious gifts from the Mother Nature!

Why not switching to something that saves us from this hassle and still is productive; in fact, more productive?

digital business card

Digital Business Card

They are a unique and smart way. No need to waste your valuable time, spend money, and contribute to the hideous task of tree-cutting! Simply download a smart digital business card app like IDENCARD for free and use it to mushroom your professional connections globally. This is an intelligent idea because you’re prospecting at free of cost whereas you had to spend a lot of time and money while using printed business cards.

  1. Easy to use

A digital business card app is usually easy to use. You don’t need to be a pro to work via such apps. Even a novice can use it to create and exchange his or her digital business card to prospective clients.

  1. Wider space

Furthermore, there’s a lot you can do with these apps that the physical business cards don’t offer you. While printed cards have a limited area to include your information that restricts only to your name, designation, and contact info, digital business card lets you add your profile photo, notes, reminders, and clickable links as well.

  1. Profile picture

You can upload your headshot and business logo to provide more professionalism to your card. This makes your digital business card authentic and reliable and increases your prospects’ interest in your business. Make sure the picture you use is the one in which you look similar to how you look while in the office.

  1. Notes and reminders

Notes and reminders are a great way to give your virtual card a personal touch as well as make it more convenient for you to remember the people you exchanged your digital card with. This is something you never get on a physical business card.

  1. Clickable links

This is amazing! A smart digital business card app lets users include clickable links to their websites and social media accounts. This means you can use your profiles like LinkedIn and Facebook to make your digital card more productive and provide a deeper insight into your professional life. Adding clickable links is certainly a good idea to improve the quality and value of your digital business card.

  1. Eco-friendliness

Smartness lies not only in making our present secure but also conserving resources for the future. Here digital business cards help a lot. They are a complete breakaway from printed versions that lead to the damage of trees and the environment.

The bottom line

Making use of a digital business card is the need of the hour. They fit best in this digital era whereas their printed counterparts are losing their relevancy. A smart digital business card app provides everything your business needs to flourish.

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