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3D Printers, Raspberry Pi kits, and Arduino kits on sale

08.13.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
If you're one of those people who thought they wasted their summer away on nonsensical things, don't fret. We have something that'll keep your hands busy and get those creative juices flowing.  Whether you have any interest in robotics or not, you'll find these 3D Printers, Raspberry Pi kits, and Arduino kits a good use of your time. Take your pick from these 15 options, all of which are on sale now:

RoboxDual™ 3D Printer

Build whatever you want with this printer that is capable of printing in two materials at once. It lets you create new and innovative parts which a single material printer can't do. Armed with various handy features like a simple, three-step workflow, automatic head recognition, auto-leveling, and a future upgrade-compatible interface, you can build just about anything with ease. Get it on sale for $449.99 — a 69% discount off the usual $1,499. Read more... More about Raspberry Pi, 3d Printing, Arduino, Mashable Shopping, and Tech

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