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1 Billion People this Evening in Earth Hour

06.10.2011 · Posted in Society Articles

From about 125 countries will participate in hundreds of millions of people tonight (March 27) 8:30 to 9:30 at the “Earth Hour” global public goods, through the lights off in this period to express the protect the environment and support the cause of climate change.rnrnParticipation of over 10 million people are expected to record sizernrnThe event, held this year expected to exceed the size of last year – in 2009, from 88 countries 4159 the city hundreds of millions of people involved in the activities.rnrnOrganizers hope that this year will attract more than 6,000 cities worldwide, more than 10 million people to participate, so that “Earth Hour” has become the world’s largest environmental action.rnrnThis year will be the first to participate in this activity, including the countries and regions: Kosovo, Madagascar, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Czech Republic, Paraguay and Ecuador.rnrn”Earth Hour” by the World Wildlife Fund launched in Australia in 2007, when about 220 million homes and businesses turn off their lights for one hour for this. That the power consumption of the organization emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere and one of the main global warming.rnrnIn addition to the evening of March 27 the lights out, the World Wildlife Fund has urged the public to join “carbon life Week” from March 22 to March 26 every day, take a practical lower working life Carbon, energy and resources.rnrnMore than a thousand lights tonight global landmarkrnrnTo respond positively to environmental protection and climate change, including the Imperial Palace in Beijing, the Egyptian pyramids and the Eiffel Tower in France, including the world famous attractions in more than 27 local time, 8:30 off the evening light.rnrnSydney’s landmark Harbour Bridge, Opera House and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the fountain will join “Earth Hour” global public goods.rnrnIn London, Big Ben, Parliament House, St. Paul’s Cathedral, “London Eye” Ferris wheel and tourist attractions such as Old Trafford tonight will be plunged into darkness.rnrnThe United States more than 30 autonomous regions announced its participation in state and local “Earth Hour” campaign, then, including Mount Rushmore, the Empire State Building, Golden Gate Bridge and the Seattle Space Needle and other well-known landscape architect to turn off the lights.rnrnBird’s Nest and Water Cube in Beijing, Shanghai, Oriental Pearl, Hong Kong Victoria Harbour side of the hotel and office buildings, world’s tallest building Burj Dubai, Germany, the Brandenburg Gate, India’s Bollywood, and Tokyo, Japan Tower … …, to join the global “Earth Hour” a landmark in global public goods will be more than 1,200 buildings.rnrnBut the Thai capital since anti-government “red shirt” claims will be held on 27 more large-scale protests in Bangkok, said the authorities for security reasons, will carry out military orders, stop lights for one hour activity.

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