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15 of 2018’s most exceptional memes

12.26.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

In a less than stellar year, memes were a saving grace in 2018.

Like a lighthouse, bringing us to shore, memes truly rescued us from the dark abyss of the internet bringing us hilarious and utterly absurd content. 

Just take a look at these 15 incredible memes that graced our eyeballs this year, and never forget the sacred power of the meme:

1. Moths

y’all got any fuckin lamps?

— jon (@jonwadec) August 7, 2018

This delightful, surrealist meme, revolved heavily around a moth's love of lamps and lights. In most of these memes, moths are either looking for lamps, fantasizing about them, or embracing them tenderly — despite how deadly they are to moths. Read more...

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