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14 weirdly ‘neat’ gifts for whiskey lovers

11.26.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
14 weirdly 'neat' gifts for whiskey loversDo you have a friend who really enjoys their whiskey? Consider getting them some whiskey for the holidays. Or, you can get them one of these way cooler, totally-weird-but-still-extremely-whiskey-y gifts. These gifts arguably say a lot more than heading to the nearest liquor store and picking up a last-minute bottle of Jim Beam.  Whiskey, as a concept, deserves more than the ordinary. And in that "spirit," here are 13 gift ideas (most of which are wonderfully unordinary) for the whiskey lover in your life.

1. The Gambler Cologne

The Gambler cologne
The Gambler cologne

Image: image from outlaw soaps

It might look like a travel-sized whiskey (and whiskey lovers do travel with whiskey), but please, do not try to drink it. This whiskey-scented cologne not only cements your status as a whiskey lover, it lets others in the room know, too. But it's not enough to clear out an area. As the site puts it, it "won't make you smell like a Hell’s Angel eating a bucket of fried chicken" — the trap we all hope to avoid. Read more... More about Gift Ideas, Whiskey, Gift Guide 2019, Holidays 2019, and Culture

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