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12 gift ideas for TV lovers who don’t need a 1,000th Funko Pop

10.15.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

We get it, Kevin. You like watching TV. Now, get Ramsay Bolton off my desk.

In recent years, Funko Pop figurines have become the signature clutter of TV and movie fanatics everywhere. From tiny Tina Belchers to mini Marty McFlys, a diverse array of thousands of Funko Pop characters are available for purchase. 

But, let's get real. Everyone who owns Funko Pops already has too many and—considering distant relatives regularly treat them as easy stocking stuffers—they've become a pretty clichéd gift. 

Sure, that's a bummer. But, have no fear! We understand the sentiment behind the Funko Pop purchase and we're more than happy to help you send the same message minus the monotony.  Read more...

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