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10 Baby Yoda gifts you can find on Etsy

11.23.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
Baby Yoda has taken over the internet, but there's a noticeable dearth of Baby Yoda merch out there.  Disney announced recently that Baby Yoda merch will arrive soon, according to CNBC. (A few T-shirts are already listed on Amazon.) The items will presumably launch in time for the holidays, but what if you wanted to acquire a Baby Yoda gift like, yesterday? That's where Etsy can fill in the gaps. At the time of writing, there were over two thousand results for a "Baby Yoda" search on Etsy, which means a true wealth of cute, odd, and occasionally frightening Baby Yoda merch to comb through. Admittedly, many results are for Yoda hats for babies, but still. Never a bad idea to look at those, either.  Read more... More about Holidays, Star Wars, Gift Guide 2019, Baby Yoda, and Culture

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