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Lighthouse Family Wellness Center is an integrative chiropractic and naturopathic wellness center located in Santa Ana, California – central Orange County. Our naturopathic approach to cure myriad diseases – including diabetes, sciatica, arthritis, headaches and many others – aims to find the root of those diseases. The body’s ability to cure itself through dietary and lifestyle changes is complimented by alternative therapies such as deep laser tissue therapy, spinal decompression, quality supplements and spinal manipulation. Lighthouse Family Wellness Center was founded Dr. Christopher John Fiorentino, DC, CNS, CSCS. The Deep Tissue Laser Therapy we usehelps to treat conditions in deep areas, such as the lower spine. Due to its reduced treatment times and the therapeutic effectiveness, this is now beginning to gain increased recognition. Lower back pain is a very common problem today in the United States. Spinal decompression therapy actually reverses degeneration in the disc by flooding the disc with nutrients. Chiropractic adjustments at Lighthouse Family Wellness Center are done by hand with an activator and with an arthrostim. Studies have shown that people under chiropractic care have a 200 percent stronger immune system than the average person. We have put together a successful program for patients with diabetes, and in several cases we have seen high blood sugar levels return to normal. We have Test Kits that look deep inside the body to determine how certain external factors, such as toxins, could be adversely affecting it.We also treat dogs and cats with our Class 4 Laser. Lighthouse Family Wellness Center – Your Total Wellness Center!
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