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  • Importance of Infection Control in Hospital
    Infection Control is a set of rules and guidelines which are in place in every hospital, clinic and health care facility. While the heath care and medical staff is required to religiously follow the guidelines, it is important for all of us to follow them as it is only beneficial.
  • HVAC Solutions For Hospitals And Clinics
    Utopia is a fast growing healthcare products company in Singapore that offers excellent services for clean room products, Hospital Ahu & Hvac Equipments, healthcare equipments, clean room laundry services and Cleanroom Construction Materials with affordable cost and effective quality.
  • Important of Surgical Room Sterilization
    With an increasing number of surgical proceedings mammal booked concerning the nation, the need for standardized and functional sterilization events has grown dramatically. Sterilization is indispensable to prevent instrument contamination and surgical site infections that are caused by contamination.
  • Why Infection Control is So Important in Hospital
    A clean environment is not only a healthy place for healing but is also a healthy place for working. Infection control is so important in the medical field that it has become a separate sub discipline of epidemiology, at least in theory. Sadly, many people are unaware of its importance and neglect the basic rules of preventing infections.
  • All Things About Cleanroom Products and Supplies
    Cleanroom are utilized for some diverse methods extending from the generation of solutions to making microchips. In spite of the fact that the clean rooms seem to be like ordinary rooms with peculiarities like dividers and doors, they are really truly distinctive.
  • Things Know About for Choosing Best HVAC Equipment
    This is concerning account of fitting HVAC maintenance guarantee the home in which it is utilized as a allocation of is dependably suitably ventilated as there are lesser possibilities of a psychoanalysis.One of the unmovable HVAC maintenance measures incorporates guaranteeing that the channel is tidy dependably.
  • Environment for Isolation Room in Hospital
    Utopia-Aire Isolation Room is a specially constructed place in a hospital expected for housing patients behind an infectious disease in order to prevent the press to the lead of the illness in the hospital. Whereas the set sights on of a tidy room is to set against the outside from the obliging, the hatred room is meant the tallying showing off round to make detached the satisfying to gain from the uncovered.
  • Temperature and Humidity Control Chamber and Test Chamber
    Utopia produces one of the best temperature and humidity rule chamber and test chamber. These chambers are typically used to ensure that the seize temperature and humidity are maintained in severe environments such as tidy rooms. Temperature run must be fast and accurate within the desirable temperature range.
  • Infection Control and Bio-Decontamination Services in Singapore
    Utopia provides services to control infection and decontamination through the use of several featured products. The Oxypharm is a 100% automated surfaces bio disinfection device that is safe to use with its non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-corrosive and non-oxidising characteristics.
  • Internal Environment Control Equipments Manufacturer
    Utopia-Aire Pte Ltd is the manufacturer and supplier of internal environment control equipments and they provide a wide range of equipments to control the internal environments in which people work. There are several damaging contaminants which can infiltrate critical areas in many ways.
  • The Quality Cleanroom Products
    Cleanroom is a place of high level quality control that intends to enhance the quality of products by limiting the exposure of the products to unwanted particles in the air. Cleanroom in Pharmaceuticals refers to the purity of the air in the room where pharmaceutical products are manufactured or packaged.
  • Cleanroom Furnitures in Singapore
    A cleanroom environment is not compatible with all types of industrial furniture. The level of contamination must be controlled, meaning that dust and airborne microbes must be limited. Incoming air is filtered to exclude dust and the internal air is re-circulated through filters to remove contaminants generated internally. Furniture used in a cleanroom must be easy to clean and generate a minimal number of particles.
  • Hvac Equipment Manufacturer in Singapore
    A cleanroom is a space in which the level of environmental contaminants is controlled. They can mostly be found in manufacturing and scientific research facilities where the environment needs to have a measurably low level of airborne particles, chemicals and bacteria.
  • Importance of infection control
    Infection Control is the science of dealing with infections. It is a discipline which deals with understanding the various types of infections, how they spread and what can be done to curb their spread.
  • Procedures for Clean Room Maintenance
    Most of us have heard of the concept of clean room as we know it should be a sterile environment where nothing gets in and get contaminated. We assume that the most covert top secret stuff like inventing super killer diseases for World War 3 can take place inside that environment.
  • Clean Room Environments and Products Manufacturing
    Cleanrooms are sterile places where particular products are manufactured but not like most manufacturing environments, a cleanroom has to be monitored all the time and maintained for precaution against the airborne particles from the room. If the presence of airborne particles is high, then the cleanroom should be compromised and the production will then have to be halted.
  • Cleanroom Chairs And Furnitures Supplier In Singapore
    Utopia is a fast growing company in Singapore that offers excellent services for cleanroom products, healthcare equipments, cleanroom laundry services, Cleanroom Chairs And Furnitures with affordable prices.
  • Clean Room Construction Materials Supplier in Singapore
    Modular construction is around for years and many businesses have used modulars for their offices, shops, etc as a cost efficient tool to maximize their space. The usage of modular construction in clean rooms is a great option which offers many features as the traditional construction fails in that.
  • Leading Clean Room Products Manufacturers In Singapore
    Clean room environments are controlled work areas that are designed to protect products from contamination. Clean rooms are an integral part of organizations, manufacturing high-end products like silicon chips, hard drives, satellites etc.
  • Quality Of Cleanroom Equipments Manufacturer In Singapore
    Utopia Group was started as a one man operation which is called as Utopia Aire Pte Ltd. The person behind the initialization of the company has lead to the transformation of the Group as a major national organization and also in the regional areas with more than 100 staffs.
  • Best Cleanroom Products Manufactures In Singapore
    Utopia Group of Companies had a simple opening in the year 1980 as the predecessor Utopia Aire Pte Ltd was started as a one man operation. The person who initialized the company has developed and transformed the Group into a major national organization as well as in the regional area with more than 100 staffs.
  • Clean Room Products Suppliers In Singapore
    An increase in the number of industries operating critical and controlled internal environments continues which has now spread even to the small and medium scale companies. So the levels of contamination have to be monitored very closely to achieve quality results.Various sources for contamination can be water, air, surfaces and personnel.
  • Pail Filling System In Singapore
    Feige Filling understands the importance of trade fairs and regularly takes part in such events to promote its products. One such trade fair that Feige Filling has been actively taking part is the Interpack trade fair. Interpack is a trade fair that is held every three years for processes and packaging.
  • Biofit Clean Room Chairs Distributing Company In Singapore
    Utopia has the pleasure of distributing clean room chairs that is manufactured by BioFit. BioFit is a company that devotes a lot of time and effort to the design and quality of all its products. BioFit products are catered specifically for the laboratory and healthcare industries.
  • Infectious Diseases Treatment Room In Singapore
    The acronym for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome is MERS. MERS is categorized as a type of respiratory disease that is relatively new and is reported to have been able to spread to another person.
  • Utopia Airborne Bacterial Sampler Is Very Portable
    Utopia-Aire Pte Ltd is a member of the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF). The Singapore Manufacturers' Association was founded in the year 1932. It changed its name to Singapore Confederation of Industries in the year 1996 and later changed its name again to the Singapore Manufacturing Federation in the year 2003.
  • Benefits Of Isolation Booth And Isolation Bed
    Utopia emergency isolation booth provides an outdoor area with isolation capabilities during an emergency event. This isolation booth can be used to treat patients who may be at risk of spreading infectious diseases. Such booths can be setup in a short period of time within 2 hours and are able to extend medical care or treatment facilities during any emergency where the hospital capacity has reached its limit.
  • Best Temperature And Humidity Control Chamber Manufacturing In Singapore
    Utopia produces one of the best temperature and humidity control chamber and test chamber. These chambers are typically used to ensure that the appropriate temperature and humidity are maintained in critical environments such as clean rooms.
  • Infectious Diseases Treatment Room Singapore
    Utopia-Aire Isolation Room is a specially constructed area in a hospital designed for housing patients with an infectious disease in order to prevent the spread of the disease in the hospital.
  • Important Facts About Infection and Decontamination
    Utopia provides services to control infection and decontamination through the use of several featured products. The Oxypharm is a 100% automated surfaces bio disinfection device that is safe to use with its non-toxic, non-allergenic, non-corrosive and non-oxidising characteristics.

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