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  • Judgment Recovery Services in Texas - Who Buys Judgments?
    Companies who buy judgments, and pay you cash today, are limited in number. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of companies who will “purchase” your judgment on a “future pay” basis. In a true judgment sale, you get paid in cash when you assign the judgment. In a “future pay” sale or assignment, you do not get paid when you assign the judgment.
  • Judgment Recovery Experts - Researching Debtor Assets to Collect Your Judgment
    Judgment collection hinges upon locating debtor assets. Debtors who allow a judgment to be taken against them likely either: 1) do not have money to pay attorney, 2)ignore lawsuit and judgment,or 3)are deadbeat debtors determined not to pay.
  • Judgment Recovery Experts - Judgment Writs of Execution
    A court judgment does not mean the debtor will pay you. However, there are a variety of court orders which can be obtained post-judgment to motivate the debtor to pay you.
  • Judgment Recovery Texas - Is an Offer to “Buy” Your Judgment Legitimate?
    You won the judgment over two years ago but unfortunately still have not been paid! You Google “buy my judgment” and “sell my judgment” and it appears there are thousands of companies anxious to pay you cash for your judgment. A cursory reading of these sites indicates they will purchase your judgment for cash.
  • Judgment Recovery Texas - Does a Judgment Force the Debtor to Pay?
    No, the judgment in itself does not force the debtor to pay. However, the judgment can be used to make the debtor pay. Extracting money from the debtor requires knowledge of debtor assets and the technical process to motivate the debtor to pay.
  • Judgment Recovery Services in Texas - Collecting Your Judgment
    You have won a court judgment that the debtor owes you money. The National Judgment Recovery Center divides the collection process into steps like abstraction of judgment, research upon judgment and debtor assets and engaging counsel at the court.
  • Judgment Recovery Texas - Selling Your Judgment!
    Selling your judgment is an option worth considering. Regrettable, about 80% of court judgments are never collected. Reasons for the low collection rate include the skillfulness of sneaky debtors who are professionals at not paying.
  • Judgment Recovery Texas - Does the Court Help Collect the Judgment?
    Yes and no. The court can help to collect your judgment. However, the court will not proactively take action to collect your judgment for you. As the winner in court and holder of the judgment, you must find a means for the debtor to pay you and then the court will help to enforce your collection effort.
  • Judgment Recovery Texas - What is a Court Judgment?
    A court judgment is an official pronouncement of a court of law. Judgments are issued by many types of courts, and for many types of issues. A court judgment is not an order compelling a party to act. It is the courts decision regarding factual information, statutes and legal precedence.
  • Judgment Recovery Texas - How do You Get a Court Judgment?
    Judgments are decisions of a court regarding matters of fact and law. In layman’s terms, you ask the court to settle your dispute by filing a request termed a petition. The petition is simply the legal document that tells the court why you believe they have jurisdiction to consider the matter, and why you have been wronged.

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