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  • The Truth about Exotic Moths
    Most people do not realize that there are some moths that are just as (or even more) colorful than butterflies. Both the moth and the butterfly are part of the Lepidoptera insect family and many times when you think you are looking at a butterfly, it is really a moth.
  • The Diverse Symbolism of Butterflies
    Butterflies symbolize many different things depending on where you live in the world. While some cultures view butterflies as a symbolism of transformation, love, or wisdom, other cultures view them with suspicion and apprehension - butterflies to them are omens of a less desirable nature.
  • Is Real Butterfly Art Underused in Hospital Décor?
    A peaceful and serene environment for patients in hospitals is an absolute necessity. Butterflies are an iconic symbol of new beginnings. Where could one possibly hope to better employ this symbol than in a hospital where hundreds and thousands of people recover from life changing experiences?
  • Real Butterfly Themed Wedding
    Real butterflies are a unique way to add some elegance to any wedding. Real butterflies can be used for hair pieces, wedding party gift, and flower accents.
  • Deciding on Which Butterfly Jewelry is right for you
    Description of different Butterfly Jewelry

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