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  • Mobile Computing-Indispensable Part of Our Lives Today
    Connectivity with the outside world is given utmost priority today. No matter where one travels, his connection with his friends should not get hampered at any cost. Everyone wants to be connected with their friends, family and work, even when they are in motion. Technology has grown so fast and to such higher levels that keeping an account of them seems absolutely difficult to maintain.
  • Appoint IT Security Personnel to Prevent Data Breaches from Taking Place
    Data Breaching has been a known activity now but still many are unaware about the kind of risks and threats it brings along. Even a small or tiniest data breach can lead to a much larger consequence, which one is unable to imagine at that time.
  • Beware!! Before you Bow Down to Cloud Computing
    The fight continues; the debate over what is better than the other, has been around since a very long time. Initially, it was just a small scuffle between Internet Explorer versus Firefox, then it was between Personal Computer versus Apple's Mac and now, the latest debate is upon computing versus Cloud computing. Of course, not many are aware about it and if you too are one of those, then here is a synopsis.
  • '2011-The Year of Hack- It Made the World Sit and Notice the Hackers' Capability'
    Today, the world is Cyber. Be it searching for a new word meaning, booking tickets, holiday packages or buying the latest gadgets or clothes. Anything that one can imagine under the roof can be bought online today. Undoubtedly, it is a bliss especially for those who are too occupied with their work and home that they are unable to step outside their comfort zones to shop for even the basic necssessities. But with this bliss comes a threat as well. The threat of losing one's important personal data such as banking details and other secured information. The higher you go up the ladder, higher are the possibilities of your falling down. This is the kind of risk every individual is taking who is sharing his personal information on the internet. If one goes by the statistics, 2011 was the year when the world became better versed with the online-digital world. With this came its other consequences as well. Many instances when the security was breached made '2011-The year of hack'.
  • "Need of Cyber Security in Engineering Courses- Include Them to Prevent Theft "
    The world is going digital and the dependency upon the internet and gadgets are increasing by leaps and bounds. From entertainment and shopping to transportation and medicine, everything today revolves around the cyberspace. No doubt it has made the complex lifestyle of individuals simpler and easy but the security that they once had is reducing as every little detail of their important accounts can be accounted upon through the internet itself by the hacker. It is as if one is living under scrutiny, the personal life is no longer personal, its going public. This has increased more by the virtue of social networking sites where students, professionals and others socialize by exchanging or displaying information about themselves. Therefore, schools and colleges are planning to include information and IT security as part of their curriculum as there is a need of cyber security in engineering courses and teach them in detail.
  • Why Ethical Hacking as a Career? The Answer Lies Within You
    So you are one of those who have been intrigued by the word, 'hack' and have been trying to gather as much information about it from everyone around. You must have been asked several times as to why ethical hacking as a career? Right? Agreed, it isn't the most preferred or common job occupation that individuals usually come up with but those who do, need to know a lot about it. Understandably so, it doesn't seem logically when someone combines 'ethical' and 'hacking' together. This is because there is a general conception that hacking cannot be ethical and is associated with illegal activities and penetration. Indeed, hacking typically has been associated or viewed as breaching or overcoming those restrictions that have been done in order to secure and protect individuals' useful or private information. But, ethical hacking is nowhere close or similar to the illegal form of hacking that used to be done earlier by breaking laws to have an access on people's needful information or accounts.

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