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  • Women and Childbirth  By : malo
    Women in our society, their importance, also with their health; how women differ in men health-wise; women's pregnancy and how it affects her physically; right way to get back in shape;use of weight loss pills after pregnancy; woman's health and its importance during and after childbirth.
  • Weight Loss For Food Lovers  By : Colin Johnson
    Like most of us, you probably love food! Eating less to lose weight is probably not a happy thought for you. But wait.. it doesn't have to hurt so much! Follow these suggestions: you'll be amazed at how painless it can all be and you'll be delighted with your new sleek and slender figure!
  • Sexual Health and Weight Loss  By : cathy
    Weight Loss is not about vanity. Its about living a healthy lifestyle and improving the sexual health of both men and women.
  • Positive Aspects Of Liquid Vitamins and Minerals  By : JD Stratis..
    What are the Positive Aspects Of Liquid Vitamins and Minerals? Firstly they get into our body via the food we consume and the liquids we drink. Alternatively, we can ingest vitamins in capsule and tablet form to add the vitamins and minerals to our diet we require. There are various forms of ingesting supplements and one of the newer ways is ingesting it in its liquid grade. Are liquid vitamins and supplements more useful to our bodies than in tablet or capsule form? Let's see.
  • Ephedra Weight Loss Pills  By : Todd Massey
    The reputation of diet pills with ephedra is still remarkable. Millions of consumers each year persist in the effort to look for ephedra products that have not been available for years. Products like Stacker 2 with ephedra, Xenadrine RFA-1, or Hydroxycut with ephedra, and of course Metabolife 356 the company that made it has gone bankrupt due to the large amount of lawsuits.
  • Achievable Exercise Tips For Weight Loss  By : Colin Johnson
    Everyone knows that in order to lose weight, we need to eat sensibly and exercise regularly. It's so easy to say, but why does it seem so hard to do? I put it to you that exercising effectively is all about attitude. If you could just understand how simple it is to incorporate exercise into your daily routine, you could make a decision now to just do it. That decision would lead to weight loss, and weight loss would change your life.
  • Say Goodbye To Belly Fat  By : Betsy Rota
    The best way to get rid of belly fat is to eat right and exercise regularly, no secret there. Researchers tell us that the best way to get rid of belly fat is to combine weight lifting with a good diet and weight loss pills.
  • The Not So Shocking Truth Of Why Diets Fail  By : Steve Gray..
    Any casual walk in public these days will make it it very apparent why there is such a huge demand for diets in America. Did you know that over 60% of Americans are over weight and over 30% are obese? With numbers like those, more and more people are looking for a viable and sustainable answer for weight loss.
  • What To Expect From A Weight Loss Program  By : Tom Dahne
    It is difficult to define a weight loss program because there are so many different programs to choose from. Not everybody is the same and there is not a person that has the same metabolism, body structure and physique. If this was the case, there would be one program that worked for everyone and was the best weight loss program available.
  • Hypothyroidism And Weight Loss  By : Steve Simpson
    If there's one term that gets thrown around the most these days I'm quite sure it would be weight loss. It doesn't seem to matter where you look, whether it be in the latest magazine or in the advertisement on the TV, it seems everyone wants to help you lose weight. With such bold claims as "the quickest way to lose weight", " lose your gut now" and how about " revolutionary weight-loss method". Unfortunately it takes a little more than a glossy magazine page to get the results you need.
  • Why Celebrity Diets Don't Work For Non-Celebrities  By : cathy
    Obesity and being overweight are also issues that confront Hollywood celebrities. Being overweight is not just a matter of not being in top physical form. For famous actors and singers, it can even cause the loss of an acting job or a recording contract. Aside from a discussion about celebrity diets, the article also cites some of the reasons why these fads do not work for “regular” people. The article also presents alternative means to lose weight such as the use of a weight loss pill.
  • Include Good Eating Habits In Your Diet  By : Jeff Foster...
    For the most part, discussion dieting and one's diet is centered around what to and, of course, what not to eat. This type of discussing is worthy, but many times it only circles around the root point of diet and dieting. There needs to be discussion about eating habits along with any strategy concerning diet and dieting.
  • Obesity - Today's Weight Epidemic Better Grab Your Attention!  By : Tammy Foster..
    Obesity today has grown in numbers and continues to grow at an alarming rate, especially in the modern day western worlds.
  • Why Having A Weight Loss Plan Make Sense  By : cathy
    The articles tackles the issue of obesity and being overweight, which are now considered as modern health epidemics in the United States. The article also cites some practical advice on how to lose weight and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  • Your Hidden Weapons of Fat Destruction:  By : Shane Ellison
    Everyone possesses simple and effective means to control weight and maintain fitness. All it takes is a bit of careful planning, healthy diet and mental resolution to get fit and remain healthy.
  • Winning the Diet Wars  By :
    The Different kinds of diet and how it works for the individual's need
  • Foods To Help You Lose Weight  By : aseya
    The article deals with the need to control obesity and being overweight through information about how to make the proper food choices. The article identifies some specific types of food that help a person to lose weight. These food types also have medicinal properties that can help a weight watcher get rid of other ailments.
  • Substitution and Balance: The Key to Controlled Weight  By : naix
    The key to losing and maintaining the right weight is substituting unhealthy foods with healthy ones. People can improve their health and quality of life by working out and eating the right kinds of food. This kind of routine may bring physical, social, and emotional benefits to people who practice them.
  • Go Natural... Load Up on Fruits to Lose Those Extra Pounds  By : kaye
    This article partially discusses obesity or being overweight and the various factors that cause it. It also mentions a natural way of losing weight through a method called fruit-dieting. It also discusses the advantages of this type of program and the disadvantages of using weight-reducing medications.
  • The Pill: One Way to Transform Yourself from Flabby to Fabulous  By : Zuske Sagara
    Weight loss pills are more effective when used in conjunction with a good diet and exercise regimen.
  • Weight Loss Tips  By : surfsieve
    Weight loss is something that concerns everyone as less work and easy lifestyle is making every one overweight. Losing weight is not tough, but losing weight systematically is something which takes time and proper care. There could be many side effects if someone loses weight in a hurry. According to a study, it’s proved that about 65 kg weight is enough for a person of height 5 feet and 8 inches tall.
  • Sauna Belt - Melt Belt - Slimming Belt: a Review of Miracle Weight Loss Devices  By : cindy romero
    A review of weight loss devices in general and Sauna Belt, melt Belt and Slimming Belt in particular.
  • Herbs and Herbal Treatments  By : Kris Boldvin
    Many herbs have a long history of use and of claimed health benefits. However, some herbs have caused health problems for users. This fact sheet contains points you should consider for your safety if you use, or are thinking about using, herbs for health purposes. It does not discuss whether herbs work for specific diseases and conditions...
  • The Skinny on Crash Diets  By : mjb
    It is about the concept of crash diets, how they make us lose weight, and what its effects on the body are.
  • How To Lose Weight Fast Without Starving Yourself  By : Alexander Holt
    According to statistics, more than 60% of adult Americans are overweight or obese. Because of a large number of different methods claiming to be able to help you lose weight, people often tend to get confused as to which is the best method for them. If you are trying to figure out what is the best way to lose weight, here are some facts that may help you.
  • A Pill-A-Day Approach to Weight Loss  By : Zuske Sagara
    Weight loss pills are demanded from all over for its power to reduce weight fast. There are two types of these pills, but these types of weight loss pills are effective depending on the user itself. By having a healthy weight loss diet program, one can lose weight even without the use of such weight loss pills.
  • Why You Should Consider Gastric Bypass Surgery  By : Marcus Landauer
    Losing excess weight can transform your life on the physical, social and emotional levels. However, in some cases, weight loss surgery is the only way to shed those unwanted pounds. One of the most effective surgical procedures is gastric bypass surgery can produce amazing results.
  • Slimming Tricks: Losing Weight With and Without the Sweat  By : Zuske Sagara
    To stay slim and healthy need not to be expensive or take a lot of effort. There are simple ways to stay slim and loose weight without destroying your budget.
  • Healthy Weight Loss Program  By : Malega Michael
    Informative article for Healthy Weight Loss Program, tips, ideas, recommendations that is all about weight loss. To learn more on this topic, please check our web site that has other related information on Healthy Weight Loss Program…
  • Acomplia - A Weight Loss Drug To Cure Obesity  By : Ajay1
    Acomplia rimonabant is a weight loss drug. Many people who buy Acomplia dub it ‘miracle drug’. If you buy Rimonabant, it will make the horrible hunger pangs more manageable and you feel hungry less often. The efficacy and safety of Acomplia is tested in the clinical trials. If you buy Acomplia, you may experience certain side effects. However not many people who buy Acomplia have experienced any side effects.

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