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  • Differences Between Buying A Mobile Home Park Versus An RV Park  By : Andy J Williams
    When considering the purchase of a mobile home park as compared to an RV park there are many factors to consider. While mobile home parks and RV parks are often sold by the same brokers and are combined in one facility, they are not the same and both require different amounts and types of management. The following comparisons are for Overnight/Destination RV parks as compared to the typical mobile home park in which the lots are rented out on a monthly basis. In many cases, the seasonal or extended stay RV parks will have more of the qualities of the typical mobile home park rather than those of the Overnight/Destination type RV parks. Length of Stay: Mobile Home owners are in the park permanently or at least until they sell their home and move somewhere else. RVer's are in the park for usually a week or less. The longer a home or resident stays in the park, the more likely it will have the qualities of a mobile home park and the less time a home or resident stays in the park, the more likely it will resemble the operations of an RV park. Management: This is probably...
  • Keep Your Work Mobile And Make Your Life Easier With A Laptop  By : Andy J Williams
    My Acer laptop computer has changed my life. In fact, I can say quite honestly that it has revolutionalized the way that I work. It has made me much more productive and efficient overall. How, you might ask? As a writer, I need to remove myself from the distractions at home. And I would much prefer to work in the quiet, soothing atmosphere of a coffee shop. But doing so in the past meant recording everything with pen and paper and then retyping it upon my return home. What a waste of time. But now, my life has changed.
  • New Trends In Mobile Office Technology  By : Andy J Williams
    There was time when people use to go to their office in the traditional way, work for 8 hours and return back home to spend time with their family. Time has changed and so does the ways of working. People still go to their offices to manage daily business transactions, but today they manage their business with the help of new technology which is also moving with great speed. One has to agree on the fact that introduction of digital communication medium has made great twist-n-turns in keeping us connected to our counterparts every time. Digital communication has simplified things to such an extent that we now have a mobile phone such as a sophisticated Blackberry, which helps the user stay connected to his/her emails along with scheduled appointments. Since all the mobile companies offer internet connection through their own mobile network, Mobile phone users can browse through their blackberry handsets to catch up on their emails and web browser to explore through the web pages. Things are still evolving around the time factor as many companies heads their focus on the term On-Time Delivery, which makes them to push hard to achieve the desired results. Similarly, majority of people...
  • Beijing Olympics Last Minute Travel Tips  By : Andy J Williams
    If you are lucky enough to be going to the Beijing Olympics in China you might need some last minute travel tips to think about before you go. For many people it will be a strange experience as the culture and language is so different to the Western eye. With the Beijing Olympics being so important to the Chinese, a lot of things are changing quite quickly if only temporary. All the industry around Beijing is being closed down to get rid of the air pollution whilst the games are on, although with a lower profile the Para-Olympics may not have the same courtesy. Firstly, getting in, the Chinese ban anything that is detrimental to the Chinese Government, Society, Culture and all other things Chinese. This means that you should be careful of any books, magazines and possibly even music you bring in.
  • Mobile Terminals - The Most Important Event And Exhibition Item  By : Andy J Williams
    Mobile terminals have been considered as a must for any exhibitor in the last few years. There are many reasons why people are willing to us this machine to increase their sales on the actual day of the exhibition or event. Some exhibit organizers do not remember that this kind of event is a potential opportunity to increase a number of long term clients or just one off buyers. The truth is, there are many visitors that are willing to purchase or sign up for your service without taking days to think about it. Especially if your company is established, organizing event can remind people about your brand and convince them to invest their money. Mobile terminals have many benefits that can make your life easier. They are fully mobile and portable. They work with any wireless broadband connection and they have a long life battery to make sure the highest possible services will be provided. If you are planning an exhibition or event for on international scale, you can feel safe as they support all international card types for Chip and Pin as well as the signature verification. These terminals are easy to use, fast and light for the...
  • Organisation Tips For The Mobile Executive  By : Andy J Williams
    Despite the fact that everyone sighs "How glamorous!", the life of the business traveller can actually be hell! Fighting international datelines, jetlag, airline food, hotel pillows filled with rocks, and the constant packing can turn an efficient, organised corporate commando into a bumbling mess. The situation can be similar for those whose car has to occasionally transform into a mobile office. The Road Warrior is a special breed: always on the move, always doin' it hard. (Although other people in your organisation may think you're doing it easy, always out of the office having a great time.) And yet the wise and experienced business traveller will, through trial and error, have developed a system to smooth the path. Hopefully. If you haven't, I offer this advice which will easily work for you.regardless of how your current organisation skills are. The Packing It's easy when you know how. Those who travel regularly for business can make life easier with a series of checklists. Make a comprehensive list of the items you know you'll always need, have it typed up and photocopied, and each time you head off, use it to facilitate the packing. Your basic list will include toiletries, underdaks,...
  • Commercial Property Types-Which One Is The Best?  By : Andy J Williams
    What commercial property types should you buy? You should consider the pros & cons of each property type, as well as, have a good understanding of your investment objectives and your experience. These factors will help lead you to your ideal commercial property. Listed below are the most common commercial property types. Apartments/Multi-family Apartments or multi-family buildings are usually the first choice for new commercial investors. Apartment management and financing is very similar to residential, and so new investors feel more comfortable with them. The main disadvantage with apartments, is that they are management intensive. In order for an apartment to be considered commercial property, it must have 5 or more units. There are numerous sub-types of apartments:
  • Varadero Hotels, The Perfect Getaway For Your Cuba Vacations  By : Andy J Williams
    Are you looking for a vacation that offers warm weather, stunning beaches and gorgeous blue waters? If your answer is yes, then you should try Varadero Beach, a popular destination among tourist hot-spots in Cuba and the primary beach resort area of this Caribbean island. Varadero hotels are a pretty good option to take into consideration for your family vacations, romantic getaways, seniors, youngsters, and groups of friends. There are choices for everyone at Varadero hotels. Varadero tempts many travelers with its warm and transparent waters and its white and fine sands. Whether you want to experience thrilling water sports or just lounge on the sunny beach, there's plenty opportunity to explore and relax. If you are seeking a unique travel experience that blends fun and adventure, wonderful relaxation with stunning sights and amazing resort accommodations, consider putting Varadero hotels on your list of holiday plans. This popular tourist city features some of the best Cuba hotels. The dazzling 20 kilometer beach is home today to some of the most sophisticated all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. If you decide to go, I suggest sticking to the newer four- and five-star hotels. Just to mention a few: the 5 star Plus Paradisus Varadero...
  • 3 Increase Mobile Broadband Download Limit To 15GB!  By : Andy J Williams
    3 are certainly getting serious about Mobile Broadband. Today they've more than doubled the monthly download limit from 7GB to a whopping 15GB and even better - they've slashed the monthly price of their 18 month Broadband Max package for existing customers by 50%. This is by far the largest download allowance out there at the moment, storming ahead of T-Mobile's 10GB download limit. This means that for existing 3 customers, this deal is available for £15 per month. And even if you aren't an existing customer, the deal is still very reasonable at £30 per month.
  • Mobile Pallet Racks  By : Andy J Williams
    Pallet racks can usually be simply defined as multi-level structured units used to hold stacks of heavy pallets that are a popular means of storage for literally any industry. With storage space getting more and more expensive, optimum space utilization has become a necessity. This is why pallet racks have been modified to mobile pallet racks. As the number of aisles can be reduced to a minimum, mobile pallet racking system saves a considerable amount of the space. Also, the direct accessibility to each pallet is an added advantage with this type of system. Mobile pallet racks are often used in freezer and cold stores, where the space utilization is the most important factor.
  • Nokia N95 - Good, Better, Best  By : Andy J Williams
    Buying a good mobile handset is like staying in an elite hotel, where if the experience is remarkable, you would not mind to pay that high premium. The latest super star in the world of mobile phones- the Nokia N95 is one such mobile that offers you an experience 'par - excellence'. Whatever is the requirement- business, personal or entertainment, the Nokia N95 effortlessly caters to all these needs. The dual sliding beauty, the Nokia N95 is a smartphone that has been optimized to offers a host of multimedia features. Powered by 3G technology, this is the first device in the Nokia N series portfolio that has the HSDPA technology. But the offering is done in a compact yet impressive manner. The handset is slim and can be easily carried or slid under the pockets. On sliding the Nokia N95 upwards, the well laid out keypad is revealed. Each row of keys is on its own ridge and there is good tactile feedback. While, the multimedia functionalities are exposed when the Nokia N95 is slid downwards. Further, the responsive and user friendly 5-way navigation key makes browsing easy. The little device comes with a host of features to liven a...
  • How To Use Mobile Marketing Within Your Business  By : Andy J Williams
    The number of people who are using their cell phones for activities other than calling has skyrocketed in the past five years. These phones can help people find information quickly without having to be sitting in front of a computer. A good example of how people go online can be seen simply by looking at doctors. The number of doctors using smart phones has increased to 64%, according to Medical Marketing and Media. This number increased 20% just from 2008 to 2009. More and more doctors are using this as a method to find information and this simply supplements the time spent in front of the computer. This same trend is happening in business as well. People are living busier lives than ever and these phones can be a way to find information at that moment.
  • Northern Mombasa Kenya Coast Hotels- 10 Budget Kenya Coast Hotels-Cheap Beach Accommodation  By : Andy J Williams
    Budget and mid range 1. Kanamai Conference centre This is a quiet Christian conference centre with a tranquil, laid-back atmosphere. Alcohol is prohibited, but there's a cafeteria serving breakfast meals or you can join in with prayer and fasting (Kshs 200) All the rooms are simple but comfortable, and the self catering cottages are particularly immaculate. It's at the southern end of the track, signposted just before Majengo Township. Prices at the Kenya coast cottages are Kshs 700 for a dorm and Kshs 1800/3000 for s/d cottages go for Kshs 1800-2700. 2. Continental Beach Cottages Next door to the very faded Whispering palms Hotels. Continental is a quiet little place with a beach bar. The cottages are neat and well looked after, with kitchens and palm gardens facing onto the beach. Prices at the Kenya coast hotel are B&B/full board per person Kshs 950/1450 cottages Kshs 1700-3850: 3. Kilifi Creek The beach on either side of the creek is very pleasant and doesn't suffer the same seaweed problems as the beaches further south, but most of the frontage is private property. Hotels and local boatmen can arrange sailing trips around the creek for about Kshs 500 per person.
  • Many Uses For Tarps In Hotels  By : Andy J Williams
    Tarps can be an invaluable resource, not just at home or at industrial job sites, but also in the hotel business. They have many uses, from jobs big and small, and are often an inexpensive way to get the job done. Tarps can be as cheap as pennies on the dollar, or can be an expensive item to invest in, but either way they are a vital part of everyday business in the hotel industry. If work is being done that might get messy, a tarp should be considered. Painters that might be re-painting a wall or ceiling will need to put a tarp down to cover anything that might become marred by paint drips or spills, which will ultimately be a costly replacement for the hotel and be an eyesore to guests. Tarps can also be used to cover such equipment when not in use, or any equipment that shouldn't get wet if it has to stay outside, which sometimes becomes the case when indoor storage is simply not available. Hotels often use equipment like ladders, or lawn and garden equipment, which can become rusty and dangerous should it get wet, meaning the hotel would need to spend the...
  • Managing A Mobile Pressure Washing Business  By : Andy J Williams
    Most people consider service businesses to be the very easiest to manage, but this is not always true, for instance take the mobile pressure washing industry sector. It might seem easy to manage, but it's not. You have various high pressure power washing rigs all over the city with different crews doing different kinds of jobs. It's extremely hard to manage people that you cannot see and know if they are on time, or ahead of schedule so that you can either slip in a new job or reschedule a job that cannot be completed on time, and perhaps bring in another rig to fill the gap, without throwing the entire schedule into chaos.
  • Should Mobile Oil Change Businesses Participate In Oil Company Partnership?  By : Andy J Williams
    Most oil companies offer special programs for small businesses that are selling their products. Some of these programs are really worthy of a second look. There are some oil companies that will give you no-interest loans if you promise to sell their brand under contract and project a certain level of sales with this exclusivity agreement. Others will grant you money now and make it up in oil sales later. This can certainly help a small business person get started in a tough economy, especially when credit is tight.
  • What Is A Mobile Closet  By : Andy J Williams
    A closet is normally meant for storing items out if sight. In a home, the closet might also play a role as part of the overall interior decoration. The closet doors would normally be designed to blend in or enhance the surroundings. Customized closets can also be built to fully utilize free space meant for storage. Nowadays, master bedrooms would be equipped with walk-in closets as part of the room design. Home closets are usually part of a built-in set or are not that convenient to relocate. That is not the case with mobile closets.
  • Managing A Mobile Neighborhood Watch Program  By : Andy J Williams
    It is difficult to put together a nonprofit group, especially a neighborhood watch program where volunteers are needed to not only look out but to be proactive, and take shifts around the community to deter crime. It is also difficult that there are varying degrees of interest and commitment amongst the members. Still, everyone is working for free, and no one is getting paid, so sometimes neighborhood watch programs start co
  • Mobile Marketing In The US Is Finally Catching Up To Europe And Asia  By : Andy J Williams
    Mobile marketing is marketing directly to consumers through SMS messaging, leveraging the growing number of mobile phone owners and users. Mobile (or text) marketing is predicted to be the next major global technology phenomenon, and to a certain extent it is already used across Europe and Asia by businesses of all sizes to deliver targeted marketing messages on a wholesale scale. Mobile marketing business consultants and service providers already have access to the frameworks for dealing with SMS text marketing, yet still the US market remains behind much of the rest of the world in mobile SMS marketing.
  • Decorating Ideas For Mobile Homes  By : Andy J Williams
    Decorating decisions for a mobile home are not that much different than for a standard home. Although mobile homes come with many "built-in" features, most people find these are easy to modify or even remove and replace. One of the challenges people who purchase older mobile homes face is dealing with the wood panel style walls. Some folks simply paint the panels a lighter color, while others wish to get rid of the paneled look altogether. However, removing the panel-textured surface is time consuming and difficult for a do-it-yourselfer. Many people have been delighted with the results of either covering the paneling with wallpaper or painting it. In either case, you need to be sure to prepare the surface properly. You'll need to fill in the grooves between the panels with putty or caulking, and make sure that you use the proper primer before painting or papering. Whichever you choose, giving the walls of your mobile home a new look yields a dramatic result in its overall look.
  • The Power Of Hotel Branding - Brand Names  By : Andy J Williams
    Traditionally, a brand is thought to evoke, in the customer's mind, a Certain personality, presence, and product or service performance. A brand may be defined as a 'name, sign, symbol or design, or combination of these, intended to identify the products of an organization and distinguish them from those of competitors. This is also referred to as a logo when used in the product's promotion. The brand mark is the element of the brand identity, consisting of the design or symbol. The brand name refers to the words, such as the name Nike, and the brand mark represented by the swoosh symbol.
  • Callback Service - Simplifying VoIP Connectivity  By : Andy J Williams
    Callback service in the literal sense would mean making of low cost calls to international numbers through a third party. In this system customers are provided with a calling card at a very feasible price rate. The user remains motivated with the excellent features of this calling card. The system functions by means of an access number. It is the service provider that gives the number to the customer. The users are thus connected to VoIP network with these easy calling facilities. The users of this service can enjoy the offers of low international callback service. The presence of the virtual cards also enable people to avail the high quality callback service that assures excellent voice quality from any country. These calling cards can be brought from any place and thus the connectivity can be established easily. The system actually functions based on an access number that is provided by the service provider to the customers. It simplifies availing of connectivity especially for travelers. The method has eased establishing connectivity for multinational companies as well. International callers can make calls at cheap rates with this service in hand. It is possible for people to make calls from their hotel phone,...
  • Choosing A Hotel Whilst On Business  By : Andy J Williams
    Traveling on business can be a bit of a drain on resources so you might need to choose the correct hotel. The business traveler needs to keep the following in mind if he doesn't know how to choose a hotel. A hotel located near an airport is ideal for efficient, business-prone travelers. While not as scenic, it's easier to meet a business entourage, do some catch-up work in the business center, and fly out in a hurry. These hotels must have some type of internet access to be business-friendly. Wireless hotspots, direct room modem access, or free terminals in the business center are not just amenities anymore; they're becoming adopted as necessities.
  • Can Six Sigma Work For Mobile Workforces?  By : Andy J Williams
    Six Sigma aims to provide customer satisfaction and to achieve the best bottom line results. Having worked with the shop floor and other areas of the businesses, the question that arises is - can Six Sigma work for mobile workforces? Misconceptions of Six Sigma Implementation for Mobile Workforces Though it contradicts the underlying fact that sales and services are the workforces that mainly come into contact with the customer and understands their needs and demands to increase sales. Using Six Sigma has proven to be a challenge. Six Sigma focuses on providing customers with what they demand or care about, which is called as the key outcomes or the critical Ys.
  • Cuba Hotel Awards - A Way Through Excellence  By : Andy J Williams
    Looking for more than good-value hotels in Cuba? Discover a selection of Cuba hotels that have received several prizes and awards, granted by international tour operators and tourism specialists. These leading facilities could be a fine choice for your perfect Cuba holiday or vacation if you trust well-known experts' criteria. One of the most prestigious lists of the best hotels worldwide is The Gold List of Condé Nast Traveler. This annual list includes a selection of the hotels around the world that have the best service, rooms, food, ambiance and design, location and leisure facilities. The Saratoga hotel, an Old Havana hotel, received a high rating in the readers' travel awards 2006 survey, since it was at 24 in the hot list 2006 of the 60 best new hotels in the world within the category "Best for Ambiance/Design". You can find this distinguished facility in a prime location opposite the Capitol at Havana City. Art lovers will appreciate the Cuban art in all the public spaces of the property and the "mélange" of colonial and contemporary styles at bedrooms and lounges.
  • Moving On With Satellite Television In The Recreational Vehicle  By : Andy J Williams
    If your family owns a really nice Recreational vehicle and you love to travel, it is really no wonder when you can take everything you need with you. Traveling in the recreational vehicles that are available today is just like having a mobile hotel. You can enjoy all the advantages of a home, only it is on wheels.
  • 3 Reasons To Book Hotel Reservations Online  By : Andy J Williams
    The Internet is a massive platform full of useful tools for millions of people. With the boom of the World Wide Web and the explosion of web-based services catering to various consumer needs, it comes as no surprise that even booking hotels is something you can do online. Some say nothing beats calling the front desk and getting your room personally reserved, or going to an actual booking agency. Still, there are certain advantages to getting room reservations through the Internet. Here are some things you can think about the next time you're considering whether to call the receptionist or to book online. #1 Convenience
  • The World Of Mobile Marketing  By : Andy J Williams
    The word Mobile Marketing can be explained in two meanings. Traditionally, this word is associated with a type of advertising through moving item such as the advertisements seen on the taxis, buses, blimps and so on. However, in the recent times, this term is associated with marketing through cell phones. In this kind of, ads are delivered through text messages or the calls from prompt senders.
  • Mobile Marketing For Your Business  By : Andy J Williams
    A large number of people, who are utilising their mobile phones for activities apart from calling, have been largely benefited in the recent years. The mobile phones can help people to find any kind of information without having to sit on computer or internet. A good instance of how individuals go online can be seen just by looking at the doctors. According to the Medical Marketing and Media, the number of doctors making use of smart phones has amplified to 64%. This number escalated 20% just in the period of one year. An increasing number of doctors are using mobile marketing to search information and this plainly complements the time spent on computer. The same tendency can also be well observed in business. Today, people are spending busier lives and these cell phones can be an ideal way to quickly locate information on any type of subject.
  • Mobile Home Rental Dealers  By : Andy J Williams
    Mobile homes can be rented through several dealers operating throughout the world. People with mobile home requirements can rent them out through mobile home rental dealers, whether they would like to live in individual mobile homes or in mobile home community parks. Typically, mobile home dealers work locally. They get their leads about mobile homes on rent from landowners and owners of the mobile homes themselves. They have small offices out of which they work. People wishing to rent a mobile home approach them with their specifications. Dealers show them mobile homes in the area that are available for rent. Most dealers provide mobile homes for a minimum period of at least one week. Maximum periods may depend on the discretion of the tenant and the landowner. Weekends and holiday seasons are busy times for mobile home rental dealers, as there are many mobile home requirements during these periods. Hence, some mobile home rental dealers also provide weekend packages that are quite akin to hotel lodging places.

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