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  • Contract Phones - A Contract Worth A Free Phone  By : Andy J Williams
    The competition in the mobile industry has grown many times in recent past. Both the manufacturer and the service provider have stiff competition in which they have to survive. They keep coming up with new strategies to capture bigger and better markets. Contract phones is a new concept that resulted as a collaborated effort of manufacturers and service providers. It has many advantages over other phone deals that pulls the users towards it. The basic idea of a contract phone is to give user a heavy discount on the marked price of the phone and in return make the user use a particular service for a fixed amount of time. It attracts the user as the initial cost of the phone is very low and the user can even go for better and more expensive models. The only disadvantage that user faces is the fact that service provider cannot be switched in between the contract. Manufacturer gets the advantage in the form of large number of handsets that are being sold as a part of this deal. Finally we have service provider which get the users in contract to use its services for a particular period of time. The reduced...
  • Make Your Life Interesting With Mobile Phones  By : Andy J Williams
    In the previous days, pigeons were used for the purpose of communication. Then came the era of telephones. But now with the arrival of new technology, mobile phones have replaced the previous sources of communication. Mobile is the best way to stay connected with our loved one's at any moment of time. A mobile phone is basically a long-range electronic device that is used for the purpose of communication as well as entertainment. The mobile gadgets play crucial role in our day to day lives. These act as personal assistants, cameras, gaming consoles etc. There is nothing wrong in saying that mobile phones are multifunctional devices. Earlier, the mobiles used were very bulky and less capable of performing huge functions. In those days, mobiles were less common and costly. But today, they are not much expensive and can be purchased by a common man. Not only this, the mobile phones are also endowed with an ample variety of functions including facility of sending and receiving photos and files, Internet access, GPS technology, USB port, EDGE, Bluetooth, WLAN and many other. Nobody can deny the fact that today with the invention of mobile phones, life has become more easier and comfortable....
  • Cheap Mobile Phones - Affordable For Every User  By : Andy J Williams
    The latest handsets with their all-round features have made life easier. There are many comforts which a mobile phone has added to one's life. Now one can browse through Internet for checking mails or searching to get desired information on the way. People can read their office work sheets while driving too. With the advent of camera phones, individuals are now capable to capture their favourite moments in stunning photos. The mobile phones are becoming more stylish with their design and elegant finishing. They are not the devices meant for talking only but global connecting mediums which everybody wants. In the wake of recession and economic crunch, it is deemed quite worthwhile to find out ways so as to suppress your spending. Considering such phenomena, leading manufacturers have come with cheap mobile phones so as to lure the aspirants. These phones have all the features which a user desire for. Companies such as Nokia, Samsung, LG have a strong presence and hold in lower segment of these devices. The gadgets are not only cheap but also have easy to use features which make them favourites at mass level. People can buy these phones from either dealer or can just simply...
  • Maine Oceanfront Bed And Breakfasts  By : Andy J Williams
    Maine has a 5,500 mile coastline that serves as a major attraction for the tourists. White sand ocean beaches cover most of the southern Maine coast that makes the visit to this exquisite locale unforgettable. There is lot of variety in the accommodation available. The tourists are bowled over by the experience of bed and breakfast overlooking one of the many coves dotting the coastline. There are hotels along the coast that invite the visitor to catch a glimpse of the sweeping view of the ocean from atrium windows. These hotels offer visitors an atmosphere of comfortable elegance and serenity within acres of gardens, lawns and woods surrounded by the wild ocean. Maine offers quiet villages lining the coast to various lakeside golf courses to picturesque mountain passes. All the four seasons are distinct and are full of resplendent colors, holding the visitor captive to the unfolding beauty. The colorful wild flowers of spring and the bright sunlit hillsides show the summer in all its glory. The pristine white of the snow-covered landscapes portrays the scenic beauty of winter, which can be enjoyed to the fullest by availing of the skiing and snow mobile facilities provided by the hotels, as part...
  • Free Laptop With Mobile Broadband - Connect From Anywhere  By : Andy J Williams
    Fast accessing of internet has made people to do various works on it. Provision of mobile broadband has increased mobility of people. Now one can use high speed internet on the go. Previously one has to take the LAN wire to ones laptop or PC for accessing internet but after the advent of 3G it became possible for providers to give high speed internet wirelessly. Now mobile broadband speed has went upto 7.2 mbps. Thus one can access every online work very fast. Some companies have come up to provide a laptop with every mobile broadband connection which will give users dual benefit of money invested. With the help of laptop one can do many things like surfing on web, making online payments, downloading applications, chatting with friends and playing music or watching movies for entertainment purposes. One can also use it to do various office works like making documents or presentations for business. There are about endless possibilities one can do on laptop. So, if one is getting Free Laptop with Broadband, it will be like having two works done by a single effort. Thus individuals with PCs can get this offer for bettering the internet access with mobility. Students...
  • Mobile Broadband Benefits, Drawbacks And Features  By : Andy J Williams
    Oh what's this? Have you ever heard about mobile broadband, and if so, do you believe in it? Well, let us take a look at the term? To be frank, it has nothing to do with your handset. It is all about creating more time and comfort to laptop users. This is in fact, a reward to the executives, business persons and even scholars. Surfing becomes incredibly easy with the use of a simple plug. It can be a very-solid USB or a simple modem. Features Discussing the features is not at all a set of hurdles, if you have seen a mobile broadband. This resolution works well for explorers waiting for the night in hotels. Though many hotels and Hi-Fi inns claim they are outstanding in providing internet along with various amenities, complaints are many. Mobile Broadband is accurate and there are no splits in between. Broadband tempos will be on hand connecting 1.4Mb/s and 7.2Mb/s. However, this is possible only in certain states. Even the city you are staying will be a major reason for the mobile broadband speed. The prices initially were too high and probably unacceptable to many users. But conversely, the competition is...
  • SIM Free Phones - Get Ready For A New Revolution In Mobile Industry  By : Andy J Williams
    Mobile manufacturers keep coming up with new and innovative ideas to have more control over the market. It is the only way if one wants to survive the cut throat competition prevalent in the mobile industry. This time they have come up with a new concept of SIM free phones. As the name suggests, these handsets come without any SIM card. One might wonder that mobiles without SIM is not a good idea or in fact will not be as successful as SIM attached mobiles. But, it is not the case. Actually such views gain momentum due to the lack of information available. So, it is always better to understand what a particular product provides. Sim free mobile phones have a number of advantages that are uniquely available with them only. The whole concept of SIM free phones revolve around the fact that user need not buy a particular SIM and become entangled in the services provided by that particular service provider only. In fact the biggest advantage of such a mobile is that service providers can be switched at users' will. One of the reasons user might want to switch service can be the poor quality of network provided....
  • See America By Train  By : Andy J Williams
    All aboard! The USA has much more to offer the tourist than guaranteed sunshine and bargain shopping, and there's a relatively unknown way to discover what this country is really all about. Most people think of travelling by car or plane but you should certainly investigate America's wonderful trains - perhaps the last means of luxury transport available to everyone. The 25,000 mile Amtrak rail network takes in almost all states, giving a choice of 500 destinations and access to such tourist essentials as San Francisco, the Rocky Mountains and the Grand Canyon. The Iron Horse Railroads opened up America more than a century ago and some of today's long-distance trains still follow the original pioneering routes. They also use many of the great stations built during the golden age of passenger travel. An impressive example stands in Washington, DC, decorated in gold leaf and restored to its original grandeur with dozens of shops, restaurants and a multi-screen cinema. Chicago's Union Station features a marble and brass waiting room as large as many a cathedral. It's said that Al Capone used to stop by for his daily shoeshine in the shower room below.
  • Avail Cheap Hotel Prices Through Internet Medium  By : Andy J Williams
    These days, life has become very much mobile due to quick mode of transportation, communication, competition and many other facilities. Nowadays, most of us prefer to go on some special tour or picnic in order to relieve their day-to-day exertion and stress. But it is possible whether you are on a business trip or any trip to any destination, two prominent things which make up the bulk of your expenses includes travel and accommodations. Therefore, in order to make out any savings from the tour you have to manage some time for finding cheap hotel rates through a number of sources like magazines or the Internet. The Internet is the most preferred means these days to find out affordable accommodation wherever you are planning to move.
  • Mobile Broadband - Stay Connected  By : Andy J Williams
    In the world of technology where every day an innovation takes place, we too need to upgrade ourselves to cope up with the changing environments or else we will lag behind. The idea of connecting to the world through internet came in to being long back and till date it has undergone conspicuous transformations. Initially which started as a bulky and sometimes troublesome cabled network has now modified in to a wireless, smart and speedy connection. All thanks to the improvisation of the technology. The internet world is again gaining the spotlight for its revolutionary accomplishment in the form of mobile broadband. It is one of the simplest and quickest way of internet access. The idea is that the user can access internet anytime, anywhere without actually been hooked with the bulky cable wires and unwanted sockets. You can either sit at home or in the office, or at a restaurant, bus stop, lounge, shopping complex etc and work on internet.
  • Sneaky Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse! These Will Bring Out The Truth Extremely Fast  By : Andy J Williams
    If your spouse has decided to forget about his/her promises made at the altar and is cheating with another person behind your loyal back then it could be time to employ some sneaky tactics to catch your wayward spouse. These 4 sneaky ways will certainly help you to catch your cheating spouse and give him/her a taste of his/her own medicine.
  • Most Effective Sneaky Ways To Catch A Cheating Spouse! Consider Your Problem Solved  By : Andy J Williams
    If your sneaky spouse has been sneaking away to secretly have steamy sessions with another person then you will require sneaky ways to catch up with your sneaky spouse. Use these 4 tips and sneakily sneak up to your sneaky spouse. The 1st tip is to get spy-ware installed in your spouse's computer and mobile phone, without him/her realizing it.
  • Jeff Herring's Inspirational Story - Lessons On How To Succeed In Times Of Crisis  By : Andy J Williams
    I am really inspired by Jeff Herring's life story of how he came to be tops in the field of online article marketing. Regardless of how we perceive the state of the economy right now and regardless of our beliefs (spiritual or otherwise) we cannot go wrong by following his inspirational example. Although I cannot tell his story as well as he, my goal with this short article is to help spread it way beyond the article marketing crowd because I feel his story is a pattern, a metaphor and an example for all of us to follow during these turbulent times on earth. About three years ago, Jeff was in a totally different situation. He was going through a divorce and his wife and kids had moved to Atlanta, hundreds of miles away from where he had a thriving marriage and family counseling practice in Tallahassee, Florida. To be with his two kids each weekend, he drove a thousand miles, while closing down his practice in Tallahassee and setting up a new livelihood for himself in Atlanta. Then two years ago on Christmas Eve he found himself in Atlanta with just enough money either to pay for an inexpensive...
  • Fantastic New Wireless Technology Explodes Across The Planet  By : Andy J Williams
    Bluetooth does not describe a dental condition in which a patient has blue teeth. The term "Bluetooth" signifies a special new technology, a technology of the 21st Century. The devices with Bluetooth technology allow the user of such devices to conduct 2-way transmissions over short distances. Usually the distance between the communicating Bluetooth devices runs no more than 150 feet. . The individual who has access to two or more devices with Bluetooth technology has the ability to carryout such short-range communications. One big advantage to having access to some of the devices with the Bluetooth technology is the opportunity one gains to conduct a "conversation" between mobile and stationary technological items. The Bluetooth car kit underlines the plus side of having access to the Bluetooth technology. The Bluetooth car kit sets the stage for a "conversation" between a mobile and a stationary electrical gadget. For example, the Bluetooth car kit permits a cell phone in the garage to communicate with a home computer. Thanks to Bluetooth, a car driver with a cell phone could sit inside a car and send a message to a home computer. By the same token, Bluetooth technology could allow a car to send a message to...
  • Solar Power For RV - How To Use The Sun To Power Your RV  By : Andy J Williams
    An RV is a lot of fun. Being able to see the country in at your own pace in comfort, It is almost like a mobile motel room which has all the modern equipment you could use while you are traveling. Some of the equipment that you use such as DVD players, stereos and other high end equipment can consume a lot of power which will require you to park and recharge the on board battery. This is where solar power for your RV can help. Imagine travel ling through the countryside powering all of your equipment in your RV through the rays of the sun, without worrying about how much charge is left in the battery? would that not make life easier and make your vacation more enjoyable? Well now you can get your RV power needs through an up top solar panel installed onto your roof. The solar panel will absorb the heat from the sun that beats down during the day and power your RV at night. This will completely eliminate battery recharge stops. Ask your RV dealer if it is indeed possible to install a solar panel on the top of your RV, this will make...
  • Cheap Homes - The Non-Traditional  By : Andy J Williams
    Looking for a cheap home? You may want to consider the options below. Keep in mind that they may be just temporary. Years ago I used my own home as a boarding house, for example, in order to quickly pay off the mortgage. On the other hand, maybe you have no interest in living with others, or building a home. That's okay - you may still find some clues here as to how to save on your next home anyhow. Building Your Own Home There are several large companies that sell house kits. These come with the complete plans and materials delivered to your site. You could build it yourself, but the general idea is to be your own general contractor. You might get a nice house for 30% less this way. Build In Stages A friend of mine grew up in a basement as his father slowly built the house overhead through the years. Paying cash as you go to build your own home sounds like a way to save a lot of interest, certainly, but it has it's problems too. In this case, it mean no windows for years. The biggest problem now, is that regulations won't allow you...
  • Differences Between Buying A Mobile Home Park Versus An RV Park  By : Andy J Williams
    When considering the purchase of a mobile home park as compared to an RV park there are many factors to consider. While mobile home parks and RV parks are often sold by the same brokers and are combined in one facility, they are not the same and both require different amounts and types of management. The following comparisons are for Overnight/Destination RV parks as compared to the typical mobile home park in which the lots are rented out on a monthly basis. In many cases, the seasonal or extended stay RV parks will have more of the qualities of the typical mobile home park rather than those of the Overnight/Destination type RV parks. Length of Stay: Mobile Home owners are in the park permanently or at least until they sell their home and move somewhere else. RVer's are in the park for usually a week or less. The longer a home or resident stays in the park, the more likely it will have the qualities of a mobile home park and the less time a home or resident stays in the park, the more likely it will resemble the operations of an RV park. Management: This is probably...
  • Keep Your Work Mobile And Make Your Life Easier With A Laptop  By : Andy J Williams
    My Acer laptop computer has changed my life. In fact, I can say quite honestly that it has revolutionalized the way that I work. It has made me much more productive and efficient overall. How, you might ask? As a writer, I need to remove myself from the distractions at home. And I would much prefer to work in the quiet, soothing atmosphere of a coffee shop. But doing so in the past meant recording everything with pen and paper and then retyping it upon my return home. What a waste of time. But now, my life has changed.
  • New Trends In Mobile Office Technology  By : Andy J Williams
    There was time when people use to go to their office in the traditional way, work for 8 hours and return back home to spend time with their family. Time has changed and so does the ways of working. People still go to their offices to manage daily business transactions, but today they manage their business with the help of new technology which is also moving with great speed. One has to agree on the fact that introduction of digital communication medium has made great twist-n-turns in keeping us connected to our counterparts every time. Digital communication has simplified things to such an extent that we now have a mobile phone such as a sophisticated Blackberry, which helps the user stay connected to his/her emails along with scheduled appointments. Since all the mobile companies offer internet connection through their own mobile network, Mobile phone users can browse through their blackberry handsets to catch up on their emails and web browser to explore through the web pages. Things are still evolving around the time factor as many companies heads their focus on the term On-Time Delivery, which makes them to push hard to achieve the desired results. Similarly, majority of people...
  • Beijing Olympics Last Minute Travel Tips  By : Andy J Williams
    If you are lucky enough to be going to the Beijing Olympics in China you might need some last minute travel tips to think about before you go. For many people it will be a strange experience as the culture and language is so different to the Western eye. With the Beijing Olympics being so important to the Chinese, a lot of things are changing quite quickly if only temporary. All the industry around Beijing is being closed down to get rid of the air pollution whilst the games are on, although with a lower profile the Para-Olympics may not have the same courtesy. Firstly, getting in, the Chinese ban anything that is detrimental to the Chinese Government, Society, Culture and all other things Chinese. This means that you should be careful of any books, magazines and possibly even music you bring in.
  • Mobile Terminals - The Most Important Event And Exhibition Item  By : Andy J Williams
    Mobile terminals have been considered as a must for any exhibitor in the last few years. There are many reasons why people are willing to us this machine to increase their sales on the actual day of the exhibition or event. Some exhibit organizers do not remember that this kind of event is a potential opportunity to increase a number of long term clients or just one off buyers. The truth is, there are many visitors that are willing to purchase or sign up for your service without taking days to think about it. Especially if your company is established, organizing event can remind people about your brand and convince them to invest their money. Mobile terminals have many benefits that can make your life easier. They are fully mobile and portable. They work with any wireless broadband connection and they have a long life battery to make sure the highest possible services will be provided. If you are planning an exhibition or event for on international scale, you can feel safe as they support all international card types for Chip and Pin as well as the signature verification. These terminals are easy to use, fast and light for the...
  • Organisation Tips For The Mobile Executive  By : Andy J Williams
    Despite the fact that everyone sighs "How glamorous!", the life of the business traveller can actually be hell! Fighting international datelines, jetlag, airline food, hotel pillows filled with rocks, and the constant packing can turn an efficient, organised corporate commando into a bumbling mess. The situation can be similar for those whose car has to occasionally transform into a mobile office. The Road Warrior is a special breed: always on the move, always doin' it hard. (Although other people in your organisation may think you're doing it easy, always out of the office having a great time.) And yet the wise and experienced business traveller will, through trial and error, have developed a system to smooth the path. Hopefully. If you haven't, I offer this advice which will easily work for you.regardless of how your current organisation skills are. The Packing It's easy when you know how. Those who travel regularly for business can make life easier with a series of checklists. Make a comprehensive list of the items you know you'll always need, have it typed up and photocopied, and each time you head off, use it to facilitate the packing. Your basic list will include toiletries, underdaks,...
  • Commercial Property Types-Which One Is The Best?  By : Andy J Williams
    What commercial property types should you buy? You should consider the pros & cons of each property type, as well as, have a good understanding of your investment objectives and your experience. These factors will help lead you to your ideal commercial property. Listed below are the most common commercial property types. Apartments/Multi-family Apartments or multi-family buildings are usually the first choice for new commercial investors. Apartment management and financing is very similar to residential, and so new investors feel more comfortable with them. The main disadvantage with apartments, is that they are management intensive. In order for an apartment to be considered commercial property, it must have 5 or more units. There are numerous sub-types of apartments:
  • Varadero Hotels, The Perfect Getaway For Your Cuba Vacations  By : Andy J Williams
    Are you looking for a vacation that offers warm weather, stunning beaches and gorgeous blue waters? If your answer is yes, then you should try Varadero Beach, a popular destination among tourist hot-spots in Cuba and the primary beach resort area of this Caribbean island. Varadero hotels are a pretty good option to take into consideration for your family vacations, romantic getaways, seniors, youngsters, and groups of friends. There are choices for everyone at Varadero hotels. Varadero tempts many travelers with its warm and transparent waters and its white and fine sands. Whether you want to experience thrilling water sports or just lounge on the sunny beach, there's plenty opportunity to explore and relax. If you are seeking a unique travel experience that blends fun and adventure, wonderful relaxation with stunning sights and amazing resort accommodations, consider putting Varadero hotels on your list of holiday plans. This popular tourist city features some of the best Cuba hotels. The dazzling 20 kilometer beach is home today to some of the most sophisticated all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. If you decide to go, I suggest sticking to the newer four- and five-star hotels. Just to mention a few: the 5 star Plus Paradisus Varadero...
  • 3 Increase Mobile Broadband Download Limit To 15GB!  By : Andy J Williams
    3 are certainly getting serious about Mobile Broadband. Today they've more than doubled the monthly download limit from 7GB to a whopping 15GB and even better - they've slashed the monthly price of their 18 month Broadband Max package for existing customers by 50%. This is by far the largest download allowance out there at the moment, storming ahead of T-Mobile's 10GB download limit. This means that for existing 3 customers, this deal is available for 15 per month. And even if you aren't an existing customer, the deal is still very reasonable at 30 per month.
  • Mobile Pallet Racks  By : Andy J Williams
    Pallet racks can usually be simply defined as multi-level structured units used to hold stacks of heavy pallets that are a popular means of storage for literally any industry. With storage space getting more and more expensive, optimum space utilization has become a necessity. This is why pallet racks have been modified to mobile pallet racks. As the number of aisles can be reduced to a minimum, mobile pallet racking system saves a considerable amount of the space. Also, the direct accessibility to each pallet is an added advantage with this type of system. Mobile pallet racks are often used in freezer and cold stores, where the space utilization is the most important factor.
  • Nokia N95 - Good, Better, Best  By : Andy J Williams
    Buying a good mobile handset is like staying in an elite hotel, where if the experience is remarkable, you would not mind to pay that high premium. The latest super star in the world of mobile phones- the Nokia N95 is one such mobile that offers you an experience 'par - excellence'. Whatever is the requirement- business, personal or entertainment, the Nokia N95 effortlessly caters to all these needs. The dual sliding beauty, the Nokia N95 is a smartphone that has been optimized to offers a host of multimedia features. Powered by 3G technology, this is the first device in the Nokia N series portfolio that has the HSDPA technology. But the offering is done in a compact yet impressive manner. The handset is slim and can be easily carried or slid under the pockets. On sliding the Nokia N95 upwards, the well laid out keypad is revealed. Each row of keys is on its own ridge and there is good tactile feedback. While, the multimedia functionalities are exposed when the Nokia N95 is slid downwards. Further, the responsive and user friendly 5-way navigation key makes browsing easy. The little device comes with a host of features to liven a...
  • How To Use Mobile Marketing Within Your Business  By : Andy J Williams
    The number of people who are using their cell phones for activities other than calling has skyrocketed in the past five years. These phones can help people find information quickly without having to be sitting in front of a computer. A good example of how people go online can be seen simply by looking at doctors. The number of doctors using smart phones has increased to 64%, according to Medical Marketing and Media. This number increased 20% just from 2008 to 2009. More and more doctors are using this as a method to find information and this simply supplements the time spent in front of the computer. This same trend is happening in business as well. People are living busier lives than ever and these phones can be a way to find information at that moment.
  • Northern Mombasa Kenya Coast Hotels- 10 Budget Kenya Coast Hotels-Cheap Beach Accommodation  By : Andy J Williams
    Budget and mid range 1. Kanamai Conference centre This is a quiet Christian conference centre with a tranquil, laid-back atmosphere. Alcohol is prohibited, but there's a cafeteria serving breakfast meals or you can join in with prayer and fasting (Kshs 200) All the rooms are simple but comfortable, and the self catering cottages are particularly immaculate. It's at the southern end of the track, signposted just before Majengo Township. Prices at the Kenya coast cottages are Kshs 700 for a dorm and Kshs 1800/3000 for s/d cottages go for Kshs 1800-2700. 2. Continental Beach Cottages Next door to the very faded Whispering palms Hotels. Continental is a quiet little place with a beach bar. The cottages are neat and well looked after, with kitchens and palm gardens facing onto the beach. Prices at the Kenya coast hotel are B&B/full board per person Kshs 950/1450 cottages Kshs 1700-3850: 3. Kilifi Creek The beach on either side of the creek is very pleasant and doesn't suffer the same seaweed problems as the beaches further south, but most of the frontage is private property. Hotels and local boatmen can arrange sailing trips around the creek for about Kshs 500 per person.
  • Many Uses For Tarps In Hotels  By : Andy J Williams
    Tarps can be an invaluable resource, not just at home or at industrial job sites, but also in the hotel business. They have many uses, from jobs big and small, and are often an inexpensive way to get the job done. Tarps can be as cheap as pennies on the dollar, or can be an expensive item to invest in, but either way they are a vital part of everyday business in the hotel industry. If work is being done that might get messy, a tarp should be considered. Painters that might be re-painting a wall or ceiling will need to put a tarp down to cover anything that might become marred by paint drips or spills, which will ultimately be a costly replacement for the hotel and be an eyesore to guests. Tarps can also be used to cover such equipment when not in use, or any equipment that shouldn't get wet if it has to stay outside, which sometimes becomes the case when indoor storage is simply not available. Hotels often use equipment like ladders, or lawn and garden equipment, which can become rusty and dangerous should it get wet, meaning the hotel would need to spend the...

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