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  • A Must-Do List To Get Great Discount Hotel Bookings  By : Andy J Williams
    One of the most important things a traveler should think about is the hotel accommodation. In the past, only the rich people and businesspersons are the ones who travel frequently but nowadays, even individuals from the middle class are fond of traveling to different countries. With this, more and more people are looking for ways to get discount hotel bookings. Not all people who want to travel belong to the upper class and in fact, even well to do individuals are in search for cheap hotel accommodations in order to save some of their travel money. In planning for you next vacation, the first thing that you need to do is to know where you are staying. Some people tend to stay with their close relatives or friends who are living in that certain city they plan to visit. However, a hotel accommodation is still the best option when traveling. You can find a lot of discount hotel bookings especially if you plan to go to different exotic Asian destinations. However, it is important to search for these great deals in advance in order to make sure that you will get the best hotel deals. There are certain important things...
  • How To Start Your Own Hotel Or A Resort  By : Andy J Williams
    Starting or Building a Hotel or a Resort is different from other Real Estate Development, due to the amount of capital investment involved, time required to complete the project and the number of specialties and processes involved. Hotel Development involves careful planning and coordination of various aspects, ranging from the Selection of Land (which can either be purchased or leased) to the final Grand Opening of the Hotel. Conducting Market Feasibility study and projecting the financial viability of the project is very important to ensure if the project can really generate expected return on investment (ROI). Formulation a well prepared Business Plan plays a vital role in giving the right direction to the business and also in convincing potential investors, to raise finance from different sources, for Hotel Development, Construction and Operations. Another important aspect is to contemplate, if the hotel can be run and managed on its own, under its own banner, or is it beneficial to have a Franchise or a Hotel Management Agreement/Contract with a reputed Hotel Operator and the benefits/drawbacks associated with it. This is followed by getting the whole Project Team on board and formulating and developing a concept, which uniquely identifies the...
  • Discount Hotel Booking - How To Get A Hotel Room At A Discount Price  By : Andy J Williams
    Planning a trip can be very stressful especially when it comes to being able to meet the budget that you have set. However, you need not get all stressed out just because of that, especially with the right planning and mindset. So how will you be able to straighten out all your travel fans - hassle free and without having to hire a travel agent? Easy, just log on the internet and start researching on the best travel tips starting with cheap airfare and discount hotel booking. For those who are planning to fly over to Asia, you really need not worry about finding cheap accommodations as there are loads of hotels, hostels, even houses for rent that are available in different Asian countries. If you want to get to save more on your bookings, make sure that you plan ahead and continue to keep checking out travel booking websites to keep updated on rates especially if there are any ongoing sales. When it comes to discount hotel booking your best bet is to book ahead of time because accommodations are much cheaper when you do this especially when it comes to hotels. Also, if you don't mind booking on...
  • Habbo Hotel And Online Virtual Worlds  By : Andy J Williams
    Habbo Hotel No longer is the internet the enclave of the academic and business user, now leisure users probably outnumber both, the popularity of online worlds like Habbo reflect this trend. What are 3D Virtual Worlds? 3D virtual worlds are online websites created to visually represent a real environment where users can interact with each other and chat, one such online virtual world is Habbo Hotel. More About Habbo Habbo Hotel is a world where anything goes, users have access to a virtual world that they can personalize and invite others to join them in. As Habbo is a 3d virtual world and is visual in its make up users can even look anyway they please. Habbo users each get a room which is there starting point in the world, they can invite other users to their room to chat and socialize with everyone in their room. Many habbo users embellish their basic rooms to encourage visitors to hang out with them, Habbo furniture and other Habbo products can be purchased using credits and coins that can be bought with money or won in competitions, there are even opportunities to buy these credits and products on sites such as Amazon...
  • Get The Best Travel Accommodations Through Hotel Booking Solutions  By : Andy J Williams
    Hotel booking solutions are gaining popularity due to the increasing number of travelers all over the world. A huge part of this development is urged by the insistent hotel internet marketing that a lot of hotel providers make use of their marketing strategy. Though hotel reservations are now easy and convenient because of the internet, you need to know some important things before booking your hotel accommodation. The most vital factor you need to know is how to acquire the best accommodation that suits your needs. Make sure to know the kind of accommodation you need. This is the first step in getting the best hotel room. Most business travelers prefer a hotel room that is equipped with free breakfast and free internet and Wi-Fi access while people who go on vacation with their family or friends want a hotel that provides free valet parking. On the other hand, travelers who seek leisure and relaxation, a cheap accommodation that provides travel packages and coupons for sightseeing trips or tours to various exotic destinations is a must. Determining the type of room that you want will definitely save you more time, effort and money. You must know how to compare hotel...
  • The Themed Theme Park Experience At Portaventura's Hotel Gold River  By : Andy J Williams
    Portaventura's new hotel complex offers parents and children the chance to travel back in time to the Wild West. Imagine you are on the verge of stepping back more than 200 years to live in Sullivan, the most resplendent city in the Old West. With the sunrise of a day in 1803, the Callaghan family began a family trip to Santa Fe. Half way through their journey they discovered some glittering stones along Gold River, large nuggets of gold! Through blood sweat and tears Lucy Callaghan established a small mining encampment, which drew prospectors from far and wide, seeking their fortune from the far-flung corners of the US. The richness of the town soon created a gold rush. Little by little, the fledgling town became a prosperous city where Victorian grandeur and splendour illuminated the old West. In Sullivan you can explore City Hall, the grand Opera House, or the majestic Lucy's Mansion and even take time out to visit original miners' huts. There's an old railway station and a even a spooky cemetery where some of Sullivan's most infamous and illustrious characters met their maker. The hotel has direct access to the Farwest area of the Park, a supermarket, theatre, rooms...
  • Hotel Or Bed And Breakfast? - The Hotel Review  By : Andy J Williams
    People will conjure up different images in their minds when they think of the word, 'Hotel', or 'Guest House'. To some, 'Hotel' will instantly mean five-star luxury; to others it will remind them of a bland room with thin walls and noises emanating from the couple next door. Some may see a Hotel as being what you stay in, say, in Spain whilst to others it will be a 'Guest House' in Leicester. Each expression might be totally apt and stereotypical, to others nothing could be further from the truth. So, how do you decide on the accommodation you want or are preferable to you? Do you listen to what others say and go by their recommendation, or do you just take potluck? Over the years, the Internet has seen a growth in the number of websites dedicated to 'exposing' the 'hotels from hell', where disgruntled guests rant about the poor service they received from this or that hotel in order to warn off other, unsuspecting punters. Today, the need to post reviews, or read reviews prior to purchasing a product also extends to the various online holiday websites where the companies themselves actively promote users to review their hotels...
  • Four Seasons Westlake Village - Wellness Hotel  By : Andy J Williams
    Located in Westlake Village, California, The Four Seasons Westlake Village offer certain services which include it in the category of a wellness hotel. Rates run from $195* a night for a moderate room to $515* a night for their more exclusive spa packages. A quick look at a few of the basic features or hotel services: * Fitness center * Pool * Golf Course at Sherwood Lake Club (featured a part-3 Nicklous inspired course) * Business center So what makes The Four Seasons Westlake Village a wellness hotel? Besides the great spa services, located nearby is the California Health & Longevity Institute (CHLI). CHLI offers a wide range of health and wellness services concentrating on an all-encompassing approach to wellness and health. The value added by CHLI is the personalized dedication they put on developing wellness programs for individuals and organizations that are long lasting. The Four Season Westlake Village has collaborated with CHLI to offer a destination dedicated to building a healthier lifestyle. CHLI's program is based on science and utilizes cooking workshops in their wellness kitchens to teach guests how they can incorporate healthy cooking into their lives for long lasting benefits. While staying at The Four Seasons, guests have full access to the...
  • Cooper Aerobics Center And Wellness Hotel  By : Andy J Williams
    Cooper Aerobics Center is more than just a wellness hotel, it is a complete wellness corporation. Cooper Aerobics center includes several wellness hotels and centers dedicated to helping people live healthier lifestyles. Their two locations are located Texas; Craig Ranch, McKinney and Preston Road, Dallas. The accommodations at the center in McKinney is called the Cooper Guest lodge and includes amenities such as: * Guest rooms: 62 and twelve one-bedroom or two-bedroom suites * All rooms have private balconies with French doors * Wi-Fi Internet * Free breakfast * Traditional room service * Facilities for childcare * Express check-out * Shuttle service (free) for activities within three miles of the lodge * Several restaurants including: The Colonnade Restaurant and Tyler's Cafe * Six lane heated Olympic pool * Lighted tennis courts * The Cooper Spa * 40,0000 square foot Cooper Fitness Center (free with overnight stay) * Rewards program for corporate executives A quick look at the lodge spa package includes free lunch and dinner, 50-minute Swedish Messages, sessions with personal trainers, a functional profile from a Q&A session with a Cooper Fitness Center trainer. All spa packages differ in services offered depending on the length of stay. Dr. Kenneth Cooper founded the Cooper Institute in 1970 from a two-room office. The center is now...
  • Deluxe Hotel Booking In Delhi - Providing Full Accommodation And Services  By : Andy J Williams
    Visiting India can be a heady experience if the vacation is well-planned. While it is not necessary to have an experience of past visits to the country, a service that provides you information on the country, places to visit, places to stay, how to travel etc will help a lot. One of the most important parts of holidaying is booking the right hotel, because you see, it becomes your home away from home for the duration of your stay. Gathering information about booking the right hotel might need some observation, and some thought. There are plenty of deluxe hotels in Delhi if tag is your criteria, but those that offer equally impressive facilities are lesser in number. The hotels that are excellent and rate high on the hospitality factor are numbered. However an experienced input from a good and reliable operator can help you select the right place. An equally worthy option can be the feedback from a native of India, and Delhi preferably, as the capital is the natural center of India tour. If you already know the right place, then the only thing that you need to do is to get it booked. Usually it is difficult it...
  • London Hotel Near London Eye  By : Andy J Williams
    The London Eye was at first envisaged as an entry into a competition to design a Millennium landmark. So the original name was 'Millennium Wheel'. It is a giant observation wheel giving wonderful wide views of the whole of Greater London. It is one of the foremost tourist attractions of London today. With a height of 135 meters and having a weight of around 2,100 tonnes, it has the capacity to hold around 800 people at one time. There are 32 capsules making up the wheel. As it is such a prominent tourist attraction, there are many hotels in London located near the London Eye. During the period of summer there is a wide variety of hotels deals provided by most of the hotels. The middle range hotels located nearby generally are three stars hotels. One such hotel is Premier Inn County. It is located in the old County Hall along the side of River Thames and London Eye. The rooms come with attached bathrooms and have king sized bed in them. A luxurious five stars hotel in London on the Banks of River Thames is Marriott County Hall. It is located adjoining the Westminster Bridge and overlooks the London Eye. There are attached...
  • Kahler Grand Hotel - Wellness Hotel In Rochester Minnesota  By : Andy J Williams
    The Kahler Grand Hotel in Rochester Minnesota offers many aspects of what is become known as a wellness hotel or healthtel. The Kahler Grand advertises that it can cater to any budget from modest to luxury. This is a welcome feature since a lot of the wellness hotels are a little more luxurious and become unreasonable for those on a tighter or more economically minded travel budget. With accommodations starting at $79 a night, it seems almost any budget could fit this health and wellness destination into their travel itinerary. So what makes The Kahler Grand Hotel a wellness hotel? One major attraction is the Mayo Clinic located close by. Not only can visitors to the Mayo Clinic find luxurious accommodations at the hotel, but also they can benefit from many of the health and wellness programs offered there. The hotel is home of the Healing Touch Health Spa which offers all the normal amenities of a well equipped health spa in addition to a fitness center. Normally just having a spa and indoor fitness center would not constitute a wellness hotel, but the Kahler Grand Hotel offers many services directly through the Mayo Clinic. In addition to health services offered,...
  • County Hotel Is The Best Cheap Bed And Breakfast Or B&B In Russell Square  By : Andy J Williams
    The London County Hotel is a budget bed and breakfast accommodation in the Russell Square area and also very close to the Euston mainline station. County hotel Bloomsbury, a hotel which has become so popular with London tourists with very little to spend on their accommodation in Central London and at the same time looking for property that give or offers very good standard of accommodation. County Hotel's location is one of the reasons why it has become one of the much sought after hotels in the Russell Square and Bloomsbury area. The Russell Square underground station which is just a few minutes walk away from the hotel and the Euston station facilitate journeys to the Heathrow International Airport. The Piccadilly line trains run direct from Russell Square and Euston station to every terminal at Heathrow Airport. The A2 bus which also operates between London Heathrow and Central London has got a stop at Royal National hotel which is not far from the County Hotel Rooms at the County do not have their own shower and toilets but the hotel's accommodation standard is comparable to many of the top hotels in the area. With 175 bedrooms, every room at least has...
  • More About Discounted Hotel Accommodations In Manila  By : Andy J Williams
    Excellent amenities, full-featured accommodations, and quality service on top of all-important competitive rates-all of these can be found in Discount Manila Hotels. With a global economic crisis that has affected practically everyone in every sector, saving some money off those hotel rates is a prime opportunity to get back on track financially. There isn't any doubt that the bottom line for most of these hotels is the competitive rates. These discount hotels are able to slash their prices thanks to a number of factors, which may or may not include peak periods, special events, or specific tie-ups with some of the hotel's related affiliates. What is important is that the hotels can be accessible to more people via the discounted rates. It is also a significant anchor that even discount hotels provide excellent service and have available a versatile range of amenities. You've got your comfortable beds, air conditioning in the room, and ample space for any activities you might be compelled to do.
  • Low Hotel Rates - The Answer For Budget-Conscious Travelers  By : Andy J Williams
    Some people enjoy great vacations while others get pleasure from great discounts while on vacation. There are two things that you need to consider in planning you trip - your airfare and your hotel accommodations. Low hotel rates can help you save money on your vacation. Nowadays, you can find a lot of travel websites that offer low hotel rates and all you need to do is to allocate more time in researching for these websites and find useful information about your preferred destination as well as hotels that offer travel packages and discounts.
  • Are You Looking For Last Minute Hotel Rooms For Your Next Vacation?  By : Andy J Williams
    A luxurious and expensive travel is everyone's dream but unfortunately, not all people can afford five-star hotels and first-class flights. Therefore, most travelers prefer to go for travel packages where they can get affordable airfare and even last minute hotel rooms. You can easily find last minute hotel deals and travel packages through the internet. Nowadays, hotels reserve a lot of their rooms for their online customers. Most of the time, travelers who book online reservations tend to get the most discounted rates than normal clients. Remember that the cost of hotel rooms is not constant and the prices keep on changing depending on the season. There are times when hotels offer last minute hotel rooms in order to fill in their vacant rooms and get additional revenues.
  • Are You Looking For The Best Hotel Rates?  By : Andy J Williams
    Every time you plan for a vacation, two important things always come into your mind when it comes to your expenses - your travel and hotel accommodations. If you want to save money, it is essential to make an effort to find the best hotel rates. People who love to travel can take advantage of the discounts and packages offered by many hotels and airlines.
  • How To Do Online Hotel Booking For Your Great Travel Experience  By : Andy J Williams
    Nowadays, tourism industry all over the world take advantage of the internet and online hotel booking is now becoming more and more popular among travelers. Online booking services provide better ways to book your hotel accommodations for your future travels. You can easily book a hotel reservation from the comforts of your home without the need of going to a travel agency.
  • Last Minute Hotel Deals Can Make Your Holiday More Memorable  By : Andy J Williams
    Most travelers get great deals through booking months before their vacation. On the other hand, there are people who tend to do their travel at the last moment in order to get last minute hotel deals. Experts have different views when it comes to booking your hotel reservations. Some say that it is better to do your reservations in advance while others recommend last minute planning because it comes cheaper. There are people who do not like the idea of booking at the last minute because of the stress it involves. In addition, when it comes to last minute hotel deals, you need to be very flexible in order to take advantage of the great discount. Many travelers are not aware of the fact that last minute deals are the same as booking reservations in advance, with just a single difference - you must be very attentive. It is essential to research online about travel websites that can provide you enough information about hotels that offer last minute deals. Researching should be done frequently because hotel rates and availability changes very quickly.
  • Considerations To Take Into Account Before Getting A Hotel Barge Business Up And Running  By : Andy J Williams
    Thinking of running a hotel barge on the French Canals? Here is some advice to get you up and running before making the plunge. I see questions about this subject in many boating forums. It seems that quite a few people see converted barges, houseboats and ex hotel barges for sale on the french canals and think that it would be a nice idea to supplement canal barge ownership with extra income. I ran a cruising full board Hotel barge for five years with a crew of 3, and loved every minute of it. The hours were long but the rewards were great; and I made many friends. The biggest problem I had was getting my name out into the market place, but there are many specialist travel agents that will promote your Hotel barge for you. Listening to them and what their clients are looking for in a canal barge holiday on a Hotel barge is a good way forward to a profitable relationship. In hindsight, I would advise that you talk to agents even before you start looking at barges for sale. You may find that it will help you decide on which barges for sale that you decide...
  • Hotel Video On Demand (VOD) Technology  By : Andy J Williams
    As the name suggests, it's the technology that allows the guests in hotel rooms to watch videos on demand which may include movies, music or more variety of videos such as documentaries, travel videos etc. In this article we shall take a look at the VOD technology that runs on Internet Protocols or IP in short. This is the latest, efficient and convenient technology as of today.
  • Experiencing Manila Via The Orchid Garden Suites Hotel  By : Andy J Williams
    Rebuilt from magnificent pre-war mansions in Manila, the Orchid Garden Suites Manila is the perfect place for a classy but cheap urban getaway in Manila. This 14-storey boutique hotel is a bargain in its kind with the cheapest accommodations without sacrificing quality and class.
  • Affordable Deals At Cherry Blossoms Hotel Manila  By : Andy J Williams
    Situated in the heart of the bustling Ermita district in Manila is a cheap urban getaway perfect for those tight city escapades and business conferences. The 143-room Cherry Blossoms Hotel Manila combines practicality, affordability and efficiency in an exquisite hotel that won't burn a hole in your pockets.
  • How To Open A Hotel - 5 Things To Consider  By : Andy J Williams
    You've decided that you are interested in starting a hotel, but now what? Many questions emerge when considering starting a hotel: Everything from major questions such as, "Who will be my best customer?" to, "Will we offer the opportunity for guests to book rooms online?"
  • 5 Tips To Choosing The Right Hotel Contact Furniture  By : Andy J Williams
    Too many hotel owners are focused on short term saving rather than long term profits. A bad choice in hotel contract furniture can damage the potential to gain and retain clients, meaning that all the money you spent in building and launching the hotel will be wasted. Although choosing hundreds of pieces of furniture may be a daunting prospect, and durability is one of the main factors in your choice, you cannot afford to sacrifice style just so you save a relatively small amount of money in the present.
  • Hotel Marketing Plan - A 6-Part Sample Outline  By : Andy J Williams
    A hotel marketing plan is your action plan to fill the rooms of your new hotel. A marketing plan focuses on the four Ps (Product, Promotion, Price and Place), but doesn't neglect customer retention and key partnerships. All of these elements should be specific to your hotel's intended customers and the geographic area.
  • Big Island rentals and Big Island vacation rentals  By : rbonetwork
    The Big Island located in Hawaii, is the largest single island in the entire state of Hawaii. The big island is not only the largest island in the United States of America; it is bigger in size than all of the Hawaiian Islands combined.
  • Mission Beach Vacation rentals and Mission Beach rentals  By : rbonetwork
    Mission Beach in San Diego, California is a stretch of beach located between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay. A visit to Mission beach vacation rentals and you are in the heart of the Southern California style and flair.
  • Myrtle Beach rentals and Myrtle Beach Vacation rentals  By : rbonetwork
    Myrtle Beach located in the Southern state of South Carolina is one of the most visited beach destinations in the United States. Myrtle Beach gets over 13 million visitors annually who flock to Myrtle Beach to take in the sun and the surf.
  • La Jolla Rentals and La Jolla Vacation Rentals  By : rbonetwork
    La Jolla located in sunny San Diego is a coastal community which seems to pass itself off as its own small town, when in reality La Jolla is part of San Diego. La Jolla is about 12 miles to the North of San Diego, but it is still officially considered part of San Diego.

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