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  • The Best Coffee Logos Use Warm Colors In Their Brand Marks Why?  By : rita summers
    Some of the best coffee logos have used brown, golden and red colors in their caf brand marks. Find out why some colors work really well for this kind of business while others dont.
  • The Case for Commitment  By : Ken Keis
    One of the critical characteristics to anyones success is his or her commitment level. Commitment is defined as an obligation or pledge given in trust. Unfortunately, our society and world today seeks self-gratification; thus discomfort of any kind is a reason for breaking commitments.
  • The Case for Courage  By : Ken Keis
    The current condition and state of our lives have been strongly influenced by our choices. Those choices -- consciously or unconsciously -- were directed by our level of courage/confidence.

    Without courage, what are we giving up, missing, avoiding, not resolving, not doing, not starting, not embracing, or not changing?
  • The Corners We Don't Mind Cutting  By : Charles Burke
    Statistically, failure is normal. That means one thing: you WILL fail.... unless you do something abnormal. Normal people are all busy taking shortcuts, cutting corners, trying to find an edge that'll make up for their being losers. And as long as you think cutting a corner is okay for you, then you're proclaiming to your inner mind that you truly are a loser.
  • The First Secret of Thirteen in Becoming an Obscenely Wealthy & Successful Individual  By : vipin1
    Western society today has demanded that we all work towards some sort of success. We are bombarded by ads by some of the most beautiful and richest people on the planet simply pushing the fact that they are successful and we should have what they have. Success though often eludes many of us so I want to share the first secret millionaires know of becoming obscenely wealthy and successful.
  • The Magic Of Getting Started  By : Matthew Wong
    Most of the time we start the beginning of the year with dreams, goals and aspirations. One usual occurrence is that most people, by the ending of the first or second month, have completely detoured and forgotten about all they have planned to do.
  • The One And Only Secret To Ultimate Success  By : Nelson Tan Kiat Wee
    It takes a lifetime to carry persist in this secret but it's worth it.
  • The Power Of Creative Visualization  By : Mike Hooker
    When you are looking to change your world and attract a happier more successful life, apart from knowing the details of what you want, it is critical that you learn the techniques of creative visualization
  • The Power Of Emotion Based Thought  By : Mike Hooker
    The saying goes that thoughts are things and will bring to you all of the things you desire. This article explains that although thoughts are powerful they can be made even more so by combining them with strong emotions. Read on to discover the power of emotion based thoughts
  • The Power of Leverage  By : Ken Keis
    Almost all successful individuals understand the power of leverage. And that success in any endeavor is accelerated by using leverage.
  • The Power of Lifelong Learning  By : Ken Keis
    The difference between "who you are now and the person you really want to be" lies in two simple things: your level of knowledge and the application of that knowledge.
  • The Power Of Thinking Positively  By : Mike Hooker
    Much has been written about the power of positive thinking, but what exactly is it? What does it involve? and how do we go about ensuring all of our thoughts are positive. This article goes some way to answering these questions.
  • The Power of Values Clarification  By : Ken Keis
    In addition to vision and purpose, the clarification of your values is critical to your success.

    Values are different than vision and purpose; they are best described as behavioral needs and standards that work to support your vision and purpose. They are simply another layer of the same onion.

    Not only is values clarification important to interacting and working with others, it has the greatest impact for you, personally and internally
  • The Power of Vision  By : Ken Keis
    How do you feel about your future? Recently, Ive been consulting for a couple of non-profit organizations. Both are at various stages of panic and demise, hence my involvement as an advisor. Both organizations lack leadership -- but more important, neither organization has a clear picture (vision) of the future; without a vision, they are perishing.

    So the question has to be asked: why do organizations perish without a vision?
  • The Real Laws of Attraction: Why Positive Affirmations Dont Work!  By : Ken Keis
    In the past couple of years, several books on the subject of Attraction have been published. But recently some new thinking has been put forth to refute some of the past motivational dogma.

    Do you know individuals who dont achieve the levels they would like to or that every time they take a step forward, they seem to take a step back? I will outline a couple reasons why that might be happening
  • The Spiritual Reasons To Achieve Your Goals  By : Michael Anthony McGrath
    Personal Development inspires people to set & achieve goals. In the 21st Century, with its ever increasing pace and competitive mind-set, people believe they have to improve themselves in order to succeed. Many on the spiritual path believe that setting physical goals is against spiritual values. But what if they understood physical goal achievement was really a spiritual exercise would they think differently?
  • The Success Definition  By : Robert Thomson
    Ever heard of the Law of Success? It is one of the ‘11 Forgotten Laws’ that Bob Proctor featured in his work, together with Mary Morrissey. Experts claim that if you want to apply the Law of Attraction in your life, you should be aware of the forgotten laws. People work towards success, an ultimate victory that will give a person happiness and satisfaction. But do you know the success definition?
  • The Two Easiest Ways to Make More Time for Your Internet Business  By : MorganLighter
    Stop. Watching. T.V.
  • The umpteen benefits of qxbid auction stores  By : qxmax
    QxBid online auctioneer camp can be a barred and entertaining direct to auctioneer your shipment. everyone dreams of buying an detail for pennies at a rummage sale , exclusively to findlow?
  • The Universe Does Not Speak English  By : Dr Kavanagh
    According to its official website, Rhonda Byrne's The Secret holds the key to 'unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, youth'. This article poses an important question regarding your success as a human being. Can any of the claims made by the marketers of The Secret and similar 'laws of attraction' products be verified? Or, to put it another way: are they feeding us a lie?
  • The Value of Your Network and Networking  By : Ken Keis
    A Network is a group or system of related or connected parts. The action form of Network is Networking the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions. Both the Network and Networking are important.
  • The Wallace Organization Fan Page Dedicated To Green Power  By : Robert Thomson
    How You Can Save Big Money By Using Solar Power In Your Home and Cars,and Have The Energy Of Tomorrow in Your Home Tody
  • The Wallace Organization Fan Page Dedicated To Success  By : Robert Thomson
    How to make your Greatest Dreams Come True,by being Healthy,Wealthy,Powerfull and Finding Romantic Love
  • The Winning Spirit  By : Juhani Tontti
    Some people seems to be successful all the time. They live in a nice house, drive a new car, buy new electronics, travel to exotic places and are in a good mood. Almost all the time. They can have quite a low education and average salary but they have done it.
  • Tips about choosing salesperson and advertising when opening an underwear shop  By : Sylvia
    We should know something about choosing salesperson and advertising way when you decide to open an underwear shop .
  • Top Leadership Tips That Will Make You a Trustworthy Leader  By : Ava Thompson
    A true business leader is not necessarily a born leader, but is a person who truly make genuine efforts to develop the qualities of integrity, commitment and positivity. This article explain what you should know to achieve successful business leadership. Read on to learn more.
  • Travolta's Law  By : Eric Garner
    Take the advice of one of Hollywood's superstars and see your business or management disasters in a different light.
  • Twice as much  By : Ken Onu
    Devise a plan that enables you to put in twice as much effort. If you do, you double your chances of succeeding.
  • Understanding And Eliminating Fear  By : Mike Hooker
    Fear is probably the biggest hurdle we must overcome if we want to fulfil our dreams. Fears come in many guises and this article goes some way to explain how to recognise them in order to eliminate them
  • Understanding the positive & negative Power of Creating Meaningful Experiences.  By : sudesh1
    Throughout your life, you have both positive and negative experiences. During your day-to-day routine, you continually associate meaning with those experiences. Humans are meaning making machines. We put our own meanings on our life experiences. Many factors contribute to these meanings.

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