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  • The Value of Your Network and Networking  By : Ken Keis
    A Network is a group or system of related or connected parts. The action form of Network is Networking ó the exchange of information or services among individuals, groups, or institutions. Both the Network and Networking are important.
  • The Power Of Emotion Based Thought  By : Mike Hooker
    The saying goes that thoughts are things and will bring to you all of the things you desire. This article explains that although thoughts are powerful they can be made even more so by combining them with strong emotions. Read on to discover the power of emotion based thoughts
  • Relax - It's Safe For You to Prosper!  By : Robert Thomson
    Though perhaps elusive at the conscious level, a very real fear of change is the main factor keeping many people in a state of poverty and struggle. Once this fear is found and addressed, prosperity can be released like water through a floodgate.
  • Finding Your Genius - Different Kinds of Intelligence  By : Robert Thomson
    Mainstream society tends to define intelligence through very limited parameters. From pre-school through the collegiate level a person's intellectual worth is quite inaccurately determined solely by his or her ability to work with numbers, remember details, and handle language skills.
  • The Power of Leverage  By : Ken Keis
    Almost all successful individuals understand the power of leverage. And that success in any endeavor is accelerated by using leverage.
  • Beyond Horseshoes and Grenades - Close Counts With Law of Attraction!  By : Robert Thomson
    When practicing the law of attraction you can gain considerable power through celebrating how close you came to your goal. Instead of focusing on what you missed, be grateful for the progress you made and you'll empower yourself to receive miracles in the near future.
  • Manifest Your Desires - Or Something Even Better  By : Robert Thomson
    Learning to manifest your ideal life is wonderful, but there is an important step that many people leave out. They forget to leave room for the universe to bring them something even better than what they are asking for!
  • The Power Of Creative Visualization  By : Mike Hooker
    When you are looking to change your world and attract a happier more successful life, apart from knowing the details of what you want, it is critical that you learn the techniques of creative visualization
  • Know What You Want  By : Mike Hooker
    When anyone is trying to manifest an abundant life, it is of the upmost importance to be clear in your mind as to what in fact you want out of life. This article explains why this is so important and outlines 8 principles that if followed will help in defining what you really want from life.
  • Finding The Opportunity In Adversity  By : Kozen Huseyin
    Even in the worst parts of life, when all seems down, and nothing can work out, there is a way. There is opportunity even in the worst, and finding it is like striking gold. Suddenly sad faces become happy. Poverty transforms is struck off and success happens.
  • Your Credibility Level is Important -- Only if You Want to be Successful.  By : Ken Keis
    In todayís self-absorbed and self-centered societies, somehow we have missed one of the most important characteristics required for true success: a personís credibility level.

    But to do something about it, we need to understand this concept and the impact it is having on us and others.
  • Secret of Law of Attraction Can Propel You to Success!  By : John Carlson Lee
    If you're really determined to achieve your deepest desires, a powerful force, i.e. the Secret, will enable you to reach them amidst every obstacle that comes in the way. When you use Secret of Law of Attraction, you will become happier and more content as well as progress with your career, make new friends and have anything else you want in life, as detailed in the Law of Attraction video.
  • Law of Attraction - Ask and Thou Shall Receive?  By : John Carlson Lee
    Laws of Attraction teach you that your attitude will determine a lot. Take heart that no matter what situation you are in right now, you will come out the other end winning!
  • The Real Laws of Attraction: Why Positive Affirmations Donít Work!  By : Ken Keis
    In the past couple of years, several books on the subject of Attraction have been published. But recently some new thinking has been put forth to refute some of the past motivational dogma.

    Do you know individuals who donít achieve the levels they would like to or that every time they take a step forward, they seem to take a step back? I will outline a couple reasons why that might be happening
  • Are You Living Your Purpose?  By : Ken Keis
    As each of you read this article, take a moment to reflect on your life. What do you see? Do you see someone who has embraced life to its fullest?

    In conversations with friends, colleagues, and new acquaintances, I still come across many who are searching for their personal purpose or life direction. Especially the baby boomers, who, I have observed, want to move from success to significance in their lives. It is not as if their life is traumatized or currently unsatisfactory but clarity around their personal purpose seems to elude them
  • The Case for Courage  By : Ken Keis
    The current condition and state of our lives have been strongly influenced by our choices. Those choices -- consciously or unconsciously -- were directed by our level of courage/confidence.

    Without courage, what are we giving up, missing, avoiding, not resolving, not doing, not starting, not embracing, or not changing?
  • Self-Worth - Your Success Depends On It  By : Ken Keis
    Even though our society seems to be restrained in discussions about Self-Worth, it needs to be included as part of everybodyís success plans and strategies. It already affects all of us -- in a negative, neutral, or positive way -- so letís include Self-Worth as part of our awareness program.
  • The Power of Vision  By : Ken Keis
    How do you feel about your future? Recently, Iíve been consulting for a couple of non-profit organizations. Both are at various stages of panic and demise, hence my involvement as an advisor. Both organizations lack leadership -- but more important, neither organization has a clear picture (vision) of the future; without a vision, they are perishing.

    So the question has to be asked: why do organizations perish without a vision?
  • The Case for Commitment  By : Ken Keis
    One of the critical characteristics to anyoneís success is his or her commitment level. Commitment is defined as an obligation or pledge given in trust. Unfortunately, our society and world today seeks self-gratification; thus discomfort of any kind is a reason for breaking commitments.
  • The Power of Values Clarification  By : Ken Keis
    In addition to vision and purpose, the clarification of your values is critical to your success.

    Values are different than vision and purpose; they are best described as behavioral needs and standards that work to support your vision and purpose. They are simply another layer of the same onion.

    Not only is values clarification important to interacting and working with others, it has the greatest impact for you, personally and internally
  • Need advice for accident claims  By : JessicaThomson
    In most cases it is observed that the injury claims are alleged due to the accidents at work. You can also claim an injury recompense for accidents caused due to fall, trips and slips. Nowadays, you also have the provision to allege public liability compensation. Parents of those children that have met with accident also have a right to aver for injury reimbursements.
  • The Power of Lifelong Learning  By : Ken Keis
    The difference between "who you are now and the person you really want to be" lies in two simple things: your level of knowledge and the application of that knowledge.
  • You're Already More Successful Than You Imagine  By : R.I.Chalmers
    Success, or the lack of it, is often seen as one of the deciding factors of an individual's happiness. Yet, given the subjective nature of the idea of success, perhaps any unhappiness due to lack of success is simply the result of wrong-thinking. Perhaps success is more a case of seeing what you do have and what you have achieved than dwelling on the things that you do not have and that you have not achieved.
  • 5 Es To Success  By : Debra L. Morrison
    Are you paralyzed by your fears? Did you want to break through your fears and take action? Learn the 5 E's To Success and get motivated.
  • The Two Easiest Ways to Make More Time for Your Internet Business  By : MorganLighter
    Stop. Watching. T.V.
  • The umpteen benefits of qxbid auction stores  By : qxmax
    QxBid online auctioneer camp can be a barred and entertaining direct to auctioneer your shipment. everyone dreams of buying an detail for pennies at a rummage sale , exclusively to findlow?
  • The Babe Ruth Self Esteem Formula  By : James DeSantis
    If you have low self esteem, you probably keep reflecting on the things you don't like about yourself, your strike-outs, but if you start counting your home-runs, you just might be surprised.
  • How To Achieve Overnight Success  By : James DeSantis
    Achieving a level of success, a level we can be comfortable with personally, varies with expectations and goals. Often we compare our level of success with that of someone we admire or, in fact, someone we envy. We want what they have. We want to be where they are in life. We want overnight succcess.
  • How to Fall Asleep Quickly  By : LeeDavid
    Thereís an ungodly amount of articles online about how to get out of bed in the morning, since apparently thatís a topic people love to research. But what about actually getting in bed and falling asleep? Surely, to get out of bed, you would have to have gotten in bed at some point in time. And once your in bed, you have to fall asleep. Otherwise you wouldnít be able to wake up at 11am the next day to Google up articles on how to wake up earlier.
  • Getting Constructive Feedback From People  By : LeeDavid
    Iíve always been bitingly blunt to people - sometimes borderline sardonic! - when it comes to giving constructive criticism. In my opinion, dispersing the raw truth is always more important than sugar-coating every detail to make reality seem less bitter.

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