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  • Your Power in the Present Moment - Awake to the Now  By : Robert Thomson
    The world is sleeping. Life passes us by as we inhabit our self-made dreamscapes and reject the truth of the present moment. The time has come to awake and embody the greatness that is our birthright.
  • Your First Psychic Reading: What Can You Expect?  By : Meg Tallon..
    You are considering taking a leap into the realm of a psychic reading. If you have not had a reading before you may have a number of questions. This article will help you understand what to expect and how to find the best psychic for you.
  • You Say Halloween - We Say Samhain  By : Denise Biance
    Many of the foremost common religious and secular holidays have their roots in Pagan or Wiccan festivals. By absorbing the fundamental beliefs of the celebration and reworking them to adapt to their non secular doctrine, spiritual leaders hoped to lure away the followers of the Earth primarily based religions and convert them.
    Traditionally, Samhain is that the ending of the Pagan and Wiccan year. The final harvests are brought in and also the finally preparations for winter have been made. Animals are slaughtered and their meat preserved. The death of a few insures life for others through the coming winter months.
  • You Have a Practical, Spiritual  By : Robert Thomson
    Everyone wants to know their life purpose and to use it to express their potential. There are the three aspects of one's life purpose that should be taken into account to make sure that you have a fulfilling life.
  • You Can Build or Destroy – Which Do You Choose?  By : Mark Arens
    Ouch … that hurts --- and I can only imagine how our words of “destruction” pierce the heart of our Father in Heaven when one of His children is destroying another with their words. If we were all honest, we would realize that at times we choose to destroy others with our words even if we aren’t really thinking that is what we are doing.
  • You Are a Masterpiece!  By : Mark Arens
    You are a perfect child of God. You may not believe it, and some of you may not feel so perfect – yet! But hang in there, God’s not done with you – He will continually show you who you are in His eyes as you keep your eyes focused on Him!
  • Yantra Mantra Tantra  By : Robert Thomson
    Find out about the three techniques which have been and which will keep on driving the universe. These are Yantra (Device), Mantra ( Voice commands) and Tantra ( System). Let's take a close look at the mechanism of these three techniques as well as their horizons.
  • Widespread Benefits Regarding Love Marriage Problem Solutions In Any Country One Wants  By : LOVEVASHIKARAN
    In the modern day scenario, it is hardly believable to find that people are having a good amount of trust for the vashikaran mantras.
  • Why Nature Gifts Us With So Much Magick  By : Zahir Karbani
    Recently, the number of miraculous magickal items gifted to adepts by Nature has been on the increase. So what is our relationship with faeries and nature spirits, and why is this so important? To understand this, we need to look at our place in the scheme of creation.
  • Why is Quartz Crystal Silica Wand So Important for Your Healthiness?  By : Rakesh Bairathi
    At the point when gas and bubbles obtain caught in quartz, it is called smooth quartz. At the point when quartz has bits of blue asbestos or Crocidolite, it is popular as Chatoyant quartz.
  • Who Is God?  By : Bawa Muhaiyaddeen
    Man is not really this external form, this body. The inner form of man is the qualities of God...Within that form is the shadowless soul, which came as a ray from God…It has no form or shadow…Everything has a shadow, but not the soul. God has no shadow, truth has no shadow, and wisdom has no shadow.
  • Who Are The Spiritual  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    As humanity in our quest to be more spiritual; we have not performed well. We create institutions and teachers to teach us the ways of spirituality and we get down on our knees to beg for it and we reject it when it comes to us. Is this being spiritual?
  • Who Are The People Of The Next Emanation  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    There are many people whom I have talked to who want change, and are ready for it. But I have met very few who are willing to change. Our belief systems are intrinsic to the stability of our ego no matter how difficult or impossible our circumstances see to be.
  • When is Best Time for You - Know With 2012 Horoscope  By : chaman goyal
    Read out your 2012 horoscope to know what is new for you in the year 2012. You can know a person’s nature with birthday horoscope. Find best love match with love horoscope and also read career horoscope to know your career prediction. Know your personal forecasts with numerology.
  • When Did You Stop Thinking For Yourself  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    If you take pride in being normal and thinking like everyone else; what do you have to be proud of?
  • What’s in your heart?  By : gatlouisville
    All the commandments which I command you this day you shall be watchful to do, that you may live and multiply and go in and possess the land which the Lord swore to give to your fathers.
  • What's Colitis?  By : Denise Biance
    Many folks are affected every day by a horrible disease that unless treated could make them unable to even leave their home. It is vital to not only manage colitis however to also know that not one treatment fits all. Colitis will be attributed to many factors like heredity, stress and a few have even said non secular issues. The actual fact remains that each year several Colitis sufferers never get their condition managed because they merely believe they're doomed to a suffering.
  • What You Think Determines Your Life - Law of Attraction Classics: Ralph Waldo Trine  By : Dr. Robert C. Worstell
    Like attracts like - as Ralph Waldo Trine says in his classic, In Tune With the Infinite, there are simple ways to use the Law of Attraction throughout your life in order to get in tune with the Infinite as a source of abundance. It takes your own thoughts to do so - and what you think is what you become, and what manifests around you. But it starts with understanding your connection to the Universal...
  • What Would I Give To The World  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    All human experiences are only part of a greater picture (experience) that we are mostly unaware of, and it is by choice. It is the lack of awareness of our role in all experiences which gives us the illusion of separation from the thought manifested. Life's experiences will go on forever and never be fully experienced until the illusion is revealed and all things are known as one experience or the experience of one.
  • What Is The Next Step In Evolution  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    What comes after New Age; are we done with religion and what is our next step in evolution?
  • What is Spirituality  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    What is this illusive thing that people go looking for called Spirituality? By our very nature we are already spiritual and everything that we do is spiritual; we do not have to go looking for it.
  • What Is Spiritual Wisdom  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    Wisdom is knowledge applied, so spiritual wisdom is spirituality applied; it is that simple. New Age Spiritual Wisdom is the knowledge of New Age spirituality applied to your everyday physical life.
  • What is Oneness or Advaita?  By : Nirmala
    Advaita means nondual or not two. This oneness is a fundamental quality of everything. Everything is a part of and made of one substance. Often the question arises, If it is all one thing why don't I experience it that way? This is confusing oneness for the appearance of sameness. Things can appear different without being separate. Just look at your hand for a moment. Your fingers are all different from each other, but are they separate? They all arise from the same hand.
  • What Is It That Motivates You  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    Motivation is a call to action; a thought that says it's time to move on an idea. It is the mind that makes the call; it's time to create an experience or demonstrate physically a thought in action. And the physical world is the playground for thoughts manifested into experience.
  • What Is Deeksha (Oneness Blessing)?  By : Bryan J. Johnson
    Deeksha or oneness blessing is given in the spirit and compassion of the Deeksha giver. Deeksha in saskrit means initiation or benediction. Everything that the physical world embodies, when perceived by the five senses, testifies to the fact we are in constant state of separation with self. The physical world
  • What Happened to Your World And How Do You Change It  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    Man came to this world naked, with only his mind and body to experience the physical life. At first it was just a matter of surviving harsh environments on five different continents by five different races. Then it became more, much more.
  • What Does It Take To Succeed In A World Of Faith?  By : Jordan Bishop
    Discovering a real stability between cold hard facts and blind religion might be hard. This gray area is where genuine success exists for all parts of your life.
  • What Does It Take To Succeed In A World Of Faith?  By : Jordan Bishop
    Finding a real balance between cold hard facts and blind faith can be hard. This grey space is the place true success lies for all areas of your being.
  • What Comes After The End  By : Roy E. Klienwachter
    A new beginning always comes after an ending. We are on the threshold of a new awareness in human evolution. All the periods we have gone through have brought us to this place in time. Currently we are experiencing the ending of religion and the industrial revolution. They have taken us as far as they can.
  • What Can An Aura Camera Do For You?  By : David T.
    Aura cameras produce aura readings through the use of biofeedback technology. The camera itself merely takes the photograph of the person having the reading, aligning it in the frame such that the biofeedback results can be displayed around the person, demonstrating the shape, size, colors, and other variations in any given individual's aura.

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