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  • Impact of using a mandipular advance device on your teeth  By : Avdhesh2 K2
    As part of the test both a hard acrylic splint and a soft MAD were used. The report concluded the use of a soft elastomer MAD was more advantageous.
  • Insomnia at 4am  By : Michael Poole
    If you can't sleep read this
  • Insomnia Herbal Treatment to Improve Sleeping Habits in Adults  By : Caron Allyson
    Aaram capsule as herbal treatment for insomnia is effective in improving sleeping habits in adults and also beneficial for curing problems like mental stress and fatigue.
  • Insomnia in Teenagers How to Help Your Teens Conquer Insomnia  By : Michael Lee
    Sleeplessness or problems sleeping among teenagers may not appear serious at first, but insomnia in teenagers is very much a reality. In a study particularly among US teens, more than 90% reported having problems sleeping at least twice per week within the past year. For some, insomnia seemed chronic and recurrent, beginning from the age of 11.
  • Insomnia On The Mind  By : kristines
    Insomnia is a serious problem, as a lack of sleep can wreak havoc not only on your physical well-being, but also your mental health. Insomnia is a reflection of a person's mental state, though it can also have effects on a person's psychological well-being.
  • Is Falling Asleep at the Wheel that Common?  By : SmithMike
    Dealing with drowsy drivers can be scary, but paying attention on the road and using defensive driving techniques can help. If you see someone who is driving drowsy, whether they are in a tiny convertible or a massive Ford truck, honk your horn and alert them to pay attention to the road; you could save lives.
  • Is Insomnia Causing Your Sleepness Nights?  By : Jerry Cahill
    Have you heard of insomnia? It may be causing you your restless nights.
  • Is There A Distinction Between Snoring And Sleep Apnea?  By : Denise Biance
    Snoring is typically thought of because the sign of sound sleep. There is little question that individuals snore once they are in deep sleep. Snoring truly happens thanks to blocked air passage. It's the sound which is created with vibration of respiratory system. Several individuals from completely different age groups snore whereas sleeping and it's considered funny and embarrassing as well.
  • Less Sleep Can Equal More Weight Gain  By : Peter Kilpton
    It is a fact that Americans and people around the world are sleeping less than they did just a decade ago. In fact, the trend seems to be getting worse. While most of us know that sleep deprivation can rob us of concentration and make us cranky, most do not realize that it can actually lead to weight gain.
  • Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie  By : cathy
    Sleep is an aspect of human life that is universally recognized and accepted, but not always fully understood. Science is still relatively unsure of why the things that happen during sleep actually happen and why they don't happen during the day, but there is extensive research underway to find the answers.
  • Lose Your Sleep, Lose Your Mind  By : alexis
    Sleep deprivation is becoming more and more of a problem, as schedules, pressures, and other things are making it harder and harder to get a full night's rest. People are becoming less and less aware of just how dangerous it is to not get proper sleep, not to mention developing more reliance on coffee to stay alert during the day to avoid the need to close one's eyes.
  • Make These Simple Diet Changes To Stop Snoring  By : Neelima Reddy
    It is really possible to stop snoring by making some simple changes to your daily diet. There are certain foods, which can make you snore and, there are even certain foods, which will help you in stop snoring.
  • Menopause and Sleeplessness  By : Keith Londrie
    Many women when facing menopause have to go through the suffering of sleeplessness or insomnia. Most people believe that insomnia is when you can't sleep and this is true, but it is also not being able to stay asleep. Waking up one or more times every night then finding it almost impossible to get back to the land of nod is also a very normal factor of insomnia.
  • Music Therapy: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD  By : Denise Biance
    Music Therapy is just one in every of a variety of different therapies that may be used alongside the more ancient routes to treat Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).
    In cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), a therapist will help you to accommodate things that can cause the anxiety that results in the obsessions and compulsive behaviour. The proper music has often been used to relax folks and it is doable that, by enjoying music, anxiety levels can be reduced. Through CBT somebody with OCD might be taught to recognise the situations when anxiety levels could rise and to use pre-chosen pieces of music to cut back them.
  • Natural Cure For Snoring - Rapid Snoring Relief Option With No Need For Surgery  By : Jackie Rush
    I'm going to talk about the various types of natural cures for snoring available today. Are you tired of your snoring habit? Are you afraid of the side effects of anti-snoring drugs? If you answered yes to these questions, then you are better off capitalizing on the natural cure for snoring.
  • Natural Cures For Snoring  By : Peter Lenkefi
    Information on Best Natural Cures For Snoring
  • Natural Herbal Sleep Aid Pills that Are Non-Addictive and Safe  By : Dr Nisha
    Sleeplessness is a sleep problem which must be cured naturally by using natural sleep aid pills. Ayurveda provides different herbal sleep aid pills for the treatment of insomnia.
  • Natural Methods To Cure Insomnia And Sleeplessness Using Herbal Sleeping Pills  By : Crispin Davin
    Are you worried about your sleepless nights, you can find the ideal remedy with herbal pills. Aaram capsule is one of the best herbal pills to cure insomnia problem.
  • Natural Sleep Aid Supplements Review - Do These Pills Work?  By : Ramon Parker
    Aaram capsules are the best natural sleep aid supplements for men and women to cure insomnia problem without any kind of side effects.
  • Natural Snoring Solution  By : Peter Lenkefi
    Natural Snoring Solution
  • Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Insomnia And Achieve Peaceful Sleep At Night  By : James Nicolas1
    Aaram capsules are the best natural ways to get rid of insomnia problem. These supplements help to achieve peaceful sleep at night.
  • Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Insomnia And Sleep Disorders Effectively  By : Jorge Martin1
    Several nights of sleeplessness is stated to be a condition called insomnia and it should be treated with safe remedies. Aaram capsule is one of the natural ways to get rid of insomnia.
  • Natural Ways To Treat Sleep Disorders Without Any Side Effects  By : James Nicolas1
    Aaram capsules are the best natural ways to treat sleep disorders problem in men and women. These supplements improve sleep pattern in a safe way.
  • Night Eating Syndrome and Sleep Walking  By : Nishanth Reddy
    Eating while sleeping? Night eating syndrome, also known as sleep-related eating, is considered by medical doctors as a parasomnia. It is known as a sleep disorder type that enables people to eat while seemingly asleep.
  • Night Time Phone Use Linked to Sleep Problems  By : Rachel
    Considering that everyone uses a cell phone nowadays, when you hear a ringing, its usually safe to assume it someone's phone. But be careful.
  • Nightmares - Your Richest Resource for Personal Growth?  By : Charles Burke
    Last night I had a nightmare, but it was different in one important way. In most distressing dreams, you find yourself in a tough situation and whatever the problem persuing you, it usually grows worse and worse till you wake up in a cold sweat. But as I say, this one was different.
  • Novelty Sleep Masks - Why Would You Want A Novelty Sleep Mask?  By : Tom Dahne
    Sleep is one of the most important things that we need to help us stay healthy. There are a lot of people who have problems falling asleep or staying asleep. A lot of people use one of the many novelty sleep masks to help them with sleep. There are many novelty sleep masks that you can choose from. There are also benefits that you will get from using one of the many different sleep masks.
  • Proven Tips To Stop Snoring  By : Peter Lenkefi
    Information on choosing the best method to eliminate snoring
  • Reasons of Sleep Deprivation  By : arabinda003
    A lot of people has had the past experience of feeling positively terrible after having a restless night-time.
  • Recuperative Functions of the Brain  By : arabinda003
    The laws of similarity of sleep across the animal would indicate universal function. Sleep serve some primordical use. For example, rats deprived of sleep die faster than those deprived of food. Humans, too, have an indisputable drive to sleep so much so that we miss it, we make up for the loss by sleeping deeper and longer the next opportunity we get. Add to that breakthrough just eight years ago that fruit flies sleep up to 12 hrs a day.

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