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  • Confessional Lutheran Church Omaha  By : Steve Sleeper
    How to define the Lutheran Confessions and what's a Confessional Lutheran Church Omaha? Here is an interview with Lamb of God Lutheran Church Omaha’s Pastor on those subjects - or call 402.934.9045.
  • Confidence 101 : The Pick Up Test  By : Gregory Frost
    Some might say that bars is not the ideal place that you should be picking up women, because of the alcohol and the lights and the music. In a sense, it is not really a place where you can strike up a good conversation and get to know someone else.
  • Confidence Building Courses For A Bigger, Better You  By : Gregory Frost
    Confidence is one of the most important ingredients in success, because it allows you to dare to dream, dare to approach a situation and dare to do the things that would make a lesser person turn around in fear of failure or rejection.
  • Confidence Building Exercises To Sweat Out Your Moping Self  By : Gregory Frost
    The definition of someone who mopes is really someone who is dragging their feet all over the place, with no self-confidence, believing that the world is better off without them and finally convincing himself or herself that they are worth as much as bag of money with the bottom ripped open. Surely, you have seen or met this person before, and it seems that a dark cloud seems to follow them where ever they go.
  • Confidence Comes With Self Control  By : Gregory Frost
    One of the big problems with people who are trying to find a way into their own self esteem issues is that they have no self control and no warrant over their emotions.
  • Confidence Techniques To Keep You Going Strong  By : Gregory Frost
    Confidence is actually half the battle won in mot situations, as well as being a very powerful psychological effect on everyone around you. Confidence is belief, it is purpose and it is movement, it drives you towards a situation where failure is not an option and 'trying your best' is just a popular euphemism - even a cliché you might call it.
  • Confidence Through Neuro-linguistic Programming and Self-hypnosis….  By : sariya shaikh
    Self confidence is an emotional and mental state of mind which responds to our need for self-acceptance and recognition. It's among the oldest and most studied concepts in psychology. It is used to describe a good albeit adequate perception of oneself and one's abilities. Hence, self-confident persons generally have a better knowledge of what they are able to achieve and are more likely to be successful in what they attempt. They are also more likely to accept and learn from their mistakes.
  • Confidence Tips In A Demoralising World  By : Gregory Frost
    The world is looking pretty gloomy in all respects and while this is not something that has been a non pattern for the past few thousand years, it has hit a sharp curve in the graph of 'gloomy dispositions'.
  • Confining Beliefs DO Limit Abundance  By : Rishan B
    The way ready are you for you to accept switch in your life? Are you the sort of individual who's hence caught with routine, or do you think you're the sort of individual whom always food cravings for adventure and also brand-new knowledge?
  • Conquering Your Acne: - Seven Helpful Tips  By : vishwin
    Acne is the all-encompassing term that refers to blemishes, blackheads, whiteheads and lumps on the skin. While it’s mostly associated with teenagers it is not necessarily restricted to any one age group. People of any age can suffer from acne.
    While it’s true that acne is not a life-threatening ailment, it can be uncomfortable and can leave nasty acne scars. There has been a lot of debate on the cause of acne. One of the most recently discussed causes is milk. That’s right, the same milk that
  • Conscience…  By : Chander Prabha
    When I was a child my parents told me what was right and wrong, school had its rules and church had its sins. To be a good boy, all I needed to do was obey all the do’s and don’ts. If I did, I was led to believe I was following my conscience.

    This view of conscience can carry into and through adult life so that one’s perception of right and wrong is shaped totally by the dictates of others.
  • Considerations For Which Nail Art You Should Choose  By : Gen Wright
    Getting the right look for your nails can be a daunting task if you are uncertain of where to start. Many leave it to the nail art professional with whom they have chosen to place their hands in care. While this can be a surefire way to keep yourself from getting something that looks tacky, it can also be expensive, lifeless and largely not fitting to your personality or sense of style.
  • Context, Background, Meaning…  By : esha aggarwal
    I. The Meaning-Egg and the Context-chicken

    Did the Laws of Nature precede Nature or were they created with it, in the Big Bang? In other words, did they provide Nature with the context in which it unfolded? Some, like Max Tegmark, an MIT cosmologist, go as far as to say that mathematics is not merely the language which we use to describe the Universe - it is the Universe itself. The world is an amalgam of mathematical structures, according to him. The context is the meaning is the context ad in
  • Contributing Factors To The Loneliness In Men  By : Gen Wright
    Men may hide their emotions a lot, but that in no way means they don't have them. In fact, loneliness, while it can seem like a facade of impenetrability is actually a result of depression. The inability to get close to another person is rooted in a fear of failure and rejection that keeps some men lonely as a defense mechanism. With more and more loneliness out there in the world today, men suffer from locking everything up inside of them and thinking that no attention is good attention.
  • Controlling Anger With Anger Management Therapy  By : Trevor Johnson
    Anger is not wrong. It is a very normal emotion, but it is problematic when people express anger excessively at other people or even at themselves. Anger management therapy helps people when their anger has become damaging to the people around them or themselves.
  • Controlling Your Mind Power - Are You Fostering Religion?  By : Denise Biance
    Religion is the most powerful of the emotions somebody's being experiences. Applied religion is that the quickest and most definite means to move our lives toward what we have a tendency to desire. Although I believe the most effective operating definition of faith is found in Hebrews chapter 11, verse one of the Bible, I do not wish to essentially infer a non secular connotation. Religion, as said in this article, works equally for all.
  • Conversational Hypnosis: The Simple Truth  By : Janet Erikson
    What exactly is conversational hypnosis, you may be wondering. This form of hypnosis is the power to reach a subjects subconscious mind and make suggestions while you carry on a normal conversation. No creepy hypnotists, pocket watches or musty couches involved.
  • Cooking, Charisma, Confidence- Make Yourself Irresistible To Any Man  By : Gregory Frost
    First and foremost, you will have a much better way about this if you can choose the right place to seduce a man. Men are as much about atmosphere as women, and usually they like quiet cosy places where they can snuggle up to you and be all close.
  • Cope Up With Your Middle-Age Loneliness  By : kashmiri lal
    Possibly you are lonely because you are living in a nuclear family with your husband busy with his work and the children busy with their studies. Women of a joint family have too much of company, so their problem is usually that they want to be alone. But they can also be lonely while living in a large joint family.

    These are people who love to be alone but when this "being alone" seems like a punishment and you yearn for company, then the aloneness has changed into loneliness, which can hurt.
  • Coping With A Child's Separation Anxiety  By : Chris St. Pierre
    Children often experience some degree of separation anxiety when they are starting school or are going to be away from their parents or home for a long period of time. Separation anxiety can trigger a number of behaviors that mimic panic disorder and extreme anxiety in adults including uncontrollable crying, inability to sleep, difficulty concentrating, and feelings of impending doom or disaster. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce the effects of separation anxiety in children, and you can teach them how to cope with the situation in a healthy way.
  • Coping With Crises - A Lesson Learned From an Oyster  By : Denise Biance
    Deep in the sea lays an oyster. It has no legs, nor does it have a degree from a university you may have heard of. Nevertheless, this unpresuming creature holds a secret to coping. And its secret is ancient as it is timeless.
    Normally, an oyster exudes as substance known as nacre from its mantle organ. The nacre is deposited to build the oyster shell - its home, shield and defense from the world. When the oyster faces a cut or invasion of an overseas body, it uses that ingrained behavior of nacre secretion toward a wholly new end. As a response to the "dis-ease", layer once layer of nacre it secretes, isolating the supply of its pain, till it heals. In the healing process, one thing extraordinary is formed: a pearl, the terribly pearl we tend to adore and adorn.
  • Coping with Depression and the Relationship between Family Environment  By : Sylvia
    According to the World Health Organization estimates that by 2020 depression will be caused by disabling one of the most important diseases.
  • Coping With Loneliness And Depression  By : Gen Wright
    Loneliness and depression are much more serious problems than people usually think. They can sneak upon a person's life and cause problems that go well beyond down emotional feelings. The problems of loneliness and depression can actually spill over in the long term and create health problems that may even threaten one's life. In order to fight back against these issues, it is important to first pinpoint the source of the trouble.
  • Corsets - To Cinch Or Not To Cinch?  By : Balvinder Nandrajog
    Up through the Victorian Ages, corsets were very popular with women. Corsets were worn to reduce waist size. A tiny waist made for an attractive figure.

    Corsets were made from different materials over the years, including: stiffened linen, wood, whalebone, and wrought iron. Corsets were designed to cinch up very tightly in the back in order to restrict the waist size. Corsets also restricted movement, forcing a straighter posture.
  • Cosmetics Ideas for the Spring and Summer  By : eyeslips5
    The spring and summer seasons are the perfect times of year to experience a footloose and fancy free feeling with your cosmetics and make-up. The warmer months are a great time to try new cosmetic tactics in attempts to feel and look fresh. Spring and summer is also a great time to update your beauty .
  • Create A Mastermind Alliance  By : gad
    A mentor with personal experience and local knowledge is much more valuable than one who is all talk, in life and in business. Learning from those that have walked the path before are always the most accessible.
  • Create Your Own World with The One Command  By : Asara Lovejoy
    We are so filled with mis-beliefs. In fact, they are way off base. There are many that we do not even know how we got. However, they are there none the less.
  • Creating A Limitless Life...  By : jsolutions
    What is a limitless life? It's a life where you are free to reach your highest potential - a life where negative thinking is powerless to stop you from pursuing your dreams and desires to create a rich and abundant life full of joy and possibilities. It's a life where you are completely open to seeing those possibilities.

    I don't want to get to the end of my life and find that I lived just the length of it. I want to have lived the width of it as well.
  • Creating Everyday Magic & Miracles...Part 2  By : Abby
    Life is often referred to as a game; hence it is known as the game of life. If life is a game, then why are so many not enjoying their lives? Could it be the constant entrapments of day to day worries, such as mortgage loans, children’s tuition, taxes, and other mundane issues which seem to complicate our lives and literally diminish our zest for living? In other words, the game of life for many has not been fun to play. Therefore, instead of looking at life as a game, see life as a creative pla
  • Creating solutions to problems/Manifesting solutions to your problems & pressures  By : sagaciti
    Instead of manifesting solutions to your problems and pressures, do you find that you are perhaps creating more problems and more pressures? Whether it is sickness in the family or a business deal that fell through, our problems and pressures generally bring only worry and anxiety. We become frustrated and depressed and get stuck in the mire of the mind trying to sort out what to do because we are concentrating on the problem instead of the solution.
    Why do you have problems and pressures? You h

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