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  • Get Rid of Moving-Related Stress - Relocation Made Simple!  By : Richard Holley
    When moving, no matter what the reason, there is a lot of work to be accomplished, usually in a very short time. Figuring out all the move-related logistics can be a very real problem, creating far too much stress. Home owners and renters alike face a plethora of details that is enough to over-stress anyone. It is important to play your relocation process in every detail in order to reduce headaches and stress.
  • Pricing A Home  By : James Marshall
    A home will sell for two reasons: price and exposure. In the real estate market for the 21st century, exposure has taken a new turn with the advancement of many Internet technologies for real estate. Be it as it may, the real estate industry's new exposure tools will not help a home sell if the home is not priced correctly.
  • How to Become a Texas Realtor  By : James Marshall
    Person or candidates wishing to become licensed real estate salesperson in Texas must be 18 years of age or older, must be honest, trustworthy, have integrity, must be a legal resident of Texas and must be a United States citizen or a lawfully admitted alien.
  • South Florida Condo Market: Trends for 2006  By : Smith Chen
    The bottom-line is there is an abnormally high number of existing homes currently listed for sale in Florida. As supply outpaces demand, property values drop.
  • Do You Know How To Play The Real Estate Investing Game?  By : Kalinda Rose Stevenson Ph.D.
    If you're going to invest as an investor, you need to play with investor money rules. It's the same in any kind of sport. You need to know the game you're playing to know what rules to follow.
  • Sell Your House and Buy a Park Home!  By : Angus Ashton
    Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live amongst the wildlife in a beautifully constructed Scandinavian Spruce, park home?
  • Landlord Tips - Who’s Going to Do Your Maintenance?  By : Brendan OBrien
    Most landlords only rely on professional contractors for some maintenance and repair tasks. The reason, of course, is price. Why pay a contractor big money to do a job you could do yourself, or find an inexpensive handyman to take care of, or even leave to the tenants? You must weigh at least three factors in deciding who will do a job. Those factors are cost, reliability, and quality.
  • How Luxury Homes And Fine Living Are Defined in Northern California  By : Corinne Berlett
    Those who are looking for El Dorado Hills real estate are often looking for a luxury home in this small bedroom community, just 25 miles east of Sacramento, California, and an hour's drive south and west of Lake Tahoe on the Nevada border.
  • Asia's Growing Retirement and Second Home Market  By : Ngamjai Jearrajarat
    CB Richard Ellis (Thailand) - - established an office in Bangkok in 1988 and in Phuket in 2004. The firm has grown to be a leading real estate services provider, offering a full range of services including sales and leasing for all types of property, property and facilities man
  • Landlord Tools for Organization  By : Brendan OBrien
    Along with a strong work ethic and a lot of patience, the most important trait for a landlord is organization. You need an organizational system that you can update quickly, get information from easily, and keep all your records secure.
  • Home for Sale? Use the Internet to Gain Maximum Exposure  By : Chris Robertson
    One of the tools people under utilize when they have a home for sale is the Internet. Read this article to find out more....
  • The Factors We Look For In Real Estate  By : Fresh Maseko
    Credit Union Rate is your source for information on the market and the investment potential it offers. The latest investment property headline is this: Popular and well trodden markets such as France and Spain are out, Bansko is in. It sounds impressive but is it just a flash in the pan or a serious investment opportunity promising high rental yields and real capital growth. Most new investors understand that real estate is an investment vehicle that makes sense.
  • Just Some Touch Ups on Property  By : Fresh Maseko
    It's important to know what type of tenants you are looking to attract and so any potential investment property will need to be close to the amenities required by the tenants. An ideal solution for many investment property owners may be to reinvest the proceeds from the sale of their property and utilize a subsequent 1031 exchange into a tenancy-in-common (TIC) ownership type, also known as co-ownership of real estate (CORE) interest in a suitable replacement property.
  • History of the Tip Top (Tailor Warehouse) Lofts  By : Rob Parker
    If you are thinking about moving to Toronto, take a look at huge number of condo and loft developments that are available
  • How Can I Protect Myself While Selling My Home?  By : Richard Brazil
    Here are a few guidelines for protecting yourself when you sell your home. This article covers who you will interact with while selling your home and a checklist for often overlooked issues.
  • FSBO Keeps Pace with Canada’s Real Estate Boom  By : Terry Richards
    Savvy buyers are also seeking out FSBO homes, realizing they can usually get a better bargain without the broker’s fee padding the sales price.
  • Getting Your First Offer  By : Bruce Swedal
    Your home is on the market and you've just received your first offer. Now What?
  • Increasing Foreclosure Problem  By : rateempire
    The recent report released by Mortgage Bankers Association on Mortgage Foreclosure numbers, revealed that at present the mortgage market is involved in the most awful foreclosure crisis in the recorded history. It is almost 15 percent of the sub prime borrowers defaulted and the prime borrowers have started to follow suit.
  • Dallas Commercial Real Estate Market Does A Rebound  By : Richard Soto
    Dallas City in Texas continues to experience steady growth in its real estate industry notably on the commercial side.
  • Bangkok Overall Property Market - Second Quarter 2007  By : Ngamjai Jearrajarat
    Overall the housing market experienced a slowdown with the exception of the condominium segment. New supply of both single-detached and townhouses declined, while demand was weak throughout the first half of the year.
  • 7 Keys to Successful Real Estate Investing  By : Luat Tran Van
    There are typically two types of real estate investors. Let’s call the first type a “true investor” and the second type the “expert investor”. The true investor will typically have several completed transactions and no matter how many deals they have completed, they are still listening, learning and trying to gain knowledge. Your expert investor has yet to purchase an investment property.
  • Buying Property In The North Of Cyprus  By : kevinor
    A quick search on the internet for property in North Cyprus will yield over three million pages of results many linking to developers selling houses and villas in Northern Cyprus. There is no shortage of property being offered for sale and it would appear that there are also plenty of eager buyers.
  • Turkey Real Estate May Be The New Hot Market  By : Howard Brule
    Turkey real estate is an unspoiled retreat to dream about, one of the few that is left, and much less costly than most others. Make your dreams a villa in Turkey rather than a villa on Capri. This is a more realistic fantasy.
  • Marche Country Homes: Your Dream Home in Italy  By : Lorenza Cappanera
    If you dream of a home in Italy but want to avoid the crowds and high prices, you're in luck. Italy's Marche area offers la Dolce Vita in an natural area scarcely touched by tourism. Here's your complete guide to this delightful part of Italy.
  • Where's The Money? What's Next For Real Estate Investors?  By : Gary Zaccaria
    Hard money loan and hard money lender information for real estate investors.
  • Advantages to Shopping for Real Estate Online  By : Brian Fine
    As you all know, the real estate market is very complex and diverse; the internet can be the perfect tool to buy or sell a house fast & safe.
  • Mumbai Property Market – The Continuous Upsurge  By : Daniel Marshel
    India, the world’s second most populous country whose economy has seen a rapid upward movement over the last decades, is the largest South Asian country and has emerged as the region’s major economic power. One of the biggest contributors to the Indian economy has been its IT sector, expansion of which has resulted in domestic industrial growth as more and more multinational companies and services industries started to invest in India.
  • Insight of Mumbai Real Estate Market  By : Daniel Marshel
    To own a beautiful house in first-rate area of any city is everyone’s dream in India today. But not every dream comes true. And this dream becomes all the more difficult to come true if you would like to own a house in big cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore. In big cities and above all in Mumbai, it takes a gigantic task to come across to an appropriate house within your means.
  • Ensuring Your Success When Working With Real Estate Agents  By : Charles and Kim Petty
    You have heard all of the hype surrounding real estate investing, and you're ready to get started. You know that there is money to be made - you've seen the late night infomercials, and you even know some people who are investing in real estate successfully.
  • Developing Your Winning Team  By : Charles and Kim Petty
    As a real estate investor, it is very important that you surround your self with a good, strong team of trustworthy individuals. You will need to develop and maintain good working relationships with professionals for each stage of the process.

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