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  • Say No To Malaria Or Dengue! Protect Yourself With The Right Type Of Mosquito Repellent!  By : lizzie scott
    Natural mosquito repellent for outdoors and indoors - safe & effective mosquito control solution to repel mosquitoes and prevent mosquito bites.
  • HGH: The Fountain of Youth or Lethal Hormone Therapy?  By : Jim Pretin
    An informative article about HGH therapy and legal battles over unauthorized internet HGH sales
  • What Is Progesterone Used For?  By : Rebecca Prescott
    Learn what progesterone is used for in relation to menopause and PMS. Its' side effects are also covered.
  • 5 Reasons to Consider Anabolic Steroids  By : Mitko Marinov
    Anabolic Steroids are becoming increasingly popular among body builders and those looking to increase their bulk. Anabolic steroids are effective for a number of reasons, such as the way they infuse directly with the muscle and stimulate hormone grow
  • The Problem with The Ezorb 92 % Calcium Absorption Claim  By : Steven Jones
    In the EZorb website, they claim a “world record 92% Calcium absorption” which is “up to 20 times higher than any other calcium supplement
  • Cymbalta Medication - Uses & Side Effects  By : Juliet Cohen
    Cymbalta is brand name from Eli Lilly and called duloxetine.Cymbalta is a special drug which belongs to the group of Dual Uptake Inhibitors.Cymbalta medically formulated as Duloxetine Hydrochloride is a new revolutionary antidepressent. Cymbalta is used to treat major depressive disorder. It is also used to treat pain caused by nerve damage in people with diabetes.
  • Things to Know About Using Flolan Safely  By :
    Flolan is a type of drug known as a prostaglandin, and is used to treat Primary Pulmonary Hypertension.
  • Anabolic Steroids - The Dark Side of Bodybuilding  By : Thomas H. Lindblom
    Anabolic Steroids can cause extreme mood shifts and even acts of rage. Furthermore, because of their quest for perfection, many athletes will experiment with several different types of supplements, resulting in dangerous and sometimes deadly side effects.
  • Prescriptions to Treat PPH  By :
    Many people diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension (PPH) experience similar feelings: they feel scared, overwhelmed by the disease and its implications, and even confused about how it could have happened.
  • The Flagyl Antibiotic  By : Grigoriy Anoshenko
    Flagyl is an effective and valued defense against bacterial infection. The generic name for Flagyl is metronidazole.
  • Can You Buy Canadian Drugs Legally?  By : Jim Pretin
    Canadian drugs are unbelievably cheap, but is it legal to buy a prescription from a Canadian based pharmacy?
  • The Misery of Pfizer Could Be The Joy Of Texas: Generic Drugs Are On The Rise  By : Pat Carpenter
    Pfizer can't be happy. Its patent on the best-selling drug in the world, Lipitor, expires in 2011, which doesn't give the pharmaceutical giant much time to figure out how to compensate for the billions of dollars in sales that will be lost when it happens, courtesy of generic companies reproducing the medicine's active ingredients.
  • Drug Interactions: The Dangers of Mixing up Medicines  By : malo
    Health is wealth. As safety precaution, it is important that one should read the label of non-prescription or prescription drugs to avoid the risk of drug interactions and its side effects.
  • Herbal Supplement, Food and Drug Interactions  By : kristines
    Herbal products are widely available without a need for any prescription. Medical guidance is necessary to avoid potential drug interactions. Physicians need to ask questions about its use by their patients as part of the medical history.
  • Don't Let Grapefruit Juice Squeeze the Juice Out of You  By :
    Grapefruit juice can have a disastrous effect on patients taking Viagra, Cialis and Levitra.
  • Generic Medicines  By : Nick Melone
    Generic medicines have made inroads towards the path previously held by brand-name products in the last two decades.
  • Sleeping Pills : Science's Answer To The Sandman's Magic Dust?  By : gurly
    About sleeping disorders, enumerates the 3 most common kinds of sleeping disorders, the natural means of correcting sleeping disorder on its early onset, and how sleeping pills are helpful and harmful at the same time.
  • Weight Loss Pills: More Harm Than Good  By : Zuske Sagara
    This article talks about how society is shaping the ideal women of today. Being slim and sexy is considered beautiful, so women who think they are larger than life opt foe an easy way out, which is by the use of weight loss pills. These pills are available anywhere and is considered very convenient. But almost all these pills have more side effects than making the person lose weight. a healthier alternative to staying fit would be having a regular balanced diet and physical exercise.
  • Cooling Down Hot Flashes  By : naix
    The use of antidepressants for menopausal women has become increasingly common due to the fact that women and doctors alike are seeking alternatives to menopause hormones. It has been observed that the use of hormone drugs for menopause has decreased significantly since 2002, after a government study that linked hormone use in older women to stroke and breast cancer.
  • The Online Pharmacy: Answers to Five Common Questions  By : Chris Robertson
    It's no surprise that the Internet has paved the way for the online pharmacy. Here are answers to five common questions about ordering medications online.
  • Head Tripping: Common Psychoactive Medications  By :
    As modern medical science begins to better understand how the brain works and how mental illnesses can be treated or suppressed, psychoactive medications are becoming more common. There are several types and can be used to treat several different mental illnesses, but there are a few common strands in the market.
  • Common Psychoactive Treatments  By : cathy
    This article talks about how simple medications can be of big use to people everywhere. This article focuses on a certain class of medications called psychoactive drugs are used for the treatment of common psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • The New Constant  By : mjb
    This article talks about stress as a condition that constantly occurs among numerous people nowadays. This article also mentions the usual reasons or situations that cause stress and the best possible cure for it. Finally, this article includes a description of Cortitrol as a supplement that can cause stress relief and the substance most responsible for this effect.
  • Waking Up to The Truth About Sleeping Pills  By :
    Sleep inducers or sleeping pills have been part of humanity since ancient times. There have been lots of medicinal plants to day medicines that offers a good night sleep. However, sleep aid users do not know that sleeping pills do the same things to them during the day than what they want them to do at night. That is they impair the consciousness, judgment, memory and intelligence.
  • Get More Choices with an International Pharmacy  By : Chris Robertson
    When it comes to prescription pharmaceuticals, we aren't always given the options we want and need. Here's why....
  • Proper Consultation and Dosage: Making Sleeping Pills Safe  By : Zuske Sagara
    Long-term studies on the effects of sleeping pills don’t show encouraging results. In fact the one major conclusion from all studies is that insomniacs are better off without sleeping pills than they are with them. One study alone that surveyed over 2,000,000 people, found that chronic use of sleeping pills are as deadly as cigarette smoking.
  • Fioricet Delivers Headache Pain Relief  By : Grigoriy Anoshenko
    If you suffer from recurring tension headaches or migraines, talk to your doctor and find out if Fioricet is a good treatment option for you.
  • Metabolic Breakdown: Why Some Drugs Might Not Work On You  By :
    Some medications work for some people, but they won't for others. This is accepted as medical fact and is influenced by a number of things, such as dosage, age, and the person's unique drug metabolism. Drug metabolism is the process by which the body breaks down the drugs that go into your system into chemical components, which can either aid or hinder the drug's actual purpose.
  • The Dark Side Of The Vaccination Game  By : cathy
    Vaccines are commonplace nowadays, with most parents eagerly giving their child “shots” to keep them from contracting certain illnesses. However, for some of the population, genetic factors make them risk more a lot by taking a vaccine because of the potential side effects.
  • Is Daddy Ready for His Own Pill?  By : naix
    This article talks about how birth control pills have been used by women throughout the years. These medications allow the woman to have sexual intercourse without the worries of getting unwanted pregnancy. Today, several researchers have been studying the use of contraceptives in men.

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