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  • Resolution to Dog Aggression Behavior  By : Leo Enoch
    Aggressive behavior is actually quite a normal behavior of almost any dogs. Even other pets or we human do a lot of time display the aggressive behavior.
  • 5 Critical Care for Family Dog  By : Leo Enoch
    Before bringing a dog home, it must be understood that there is a responsibility of somebody who owns a dog to take care of it which will include providing food, shelter, health care, protection and spending time with the dog.
  • Adopting An Adult Cat - The Pros and Cons  By : Charley Huang
    Want a pet cat but do not know whether to get a cat or a kitten? There are advantages to getting a grown cat as a pet, but of course, one of the biggest disadvantages is that you will miss out on all the cuteness and adorable factors of a kitten that a grown cat does not have.
  • How To Avoid A Bad Cat Breeder  By : Charley Huang
    It is human nature to be greedy, and greed leads to dishonorable behavior such as being despicable and mean. Some professional breeders you see may not be professional at all, or even close. They only want to make some a lot of money by pulling a fast one on gullible or inexperienced pet buyers, and do not even know the most basic needs of animals.
  • Home Remedies And Treatments For Dog Arthritis  By : Dr. Andrew Jones
    Arthritis will happen to most of us. Our joints age and lose their protective covering or cartilage. When this happens, bone rubs on bone, leading to osteoarthritis. In some dogs, arthritis can be secondary to a ligament injury, producing joint instability.
  • Vital Dog Obedience Training Command.  By : Leo Enoch
    I cannot emphasize more, the significance of obedience training for your dog. Besides it is very big factor to the well being of your dog and your own happiness in having a dog.
  • Jumping Finesse: Don't Get Shaken Loose!  By : Ron Petracek
    It's no fun when you lose your balance going over a jump. Learn how to keep your position even on horses who go really big!
  • Getting That New Puppy Makes A Great Pet  By : DMF
    Exercise is every bit as vital to your pet’s health and well being as good food, clean water and shelter. Eating well and getting enough exercise are as important for dogs and cats as they are for people.
  • Footings - Train And Compete Injury Free  By : Ron Petracek
    The ideal footing for your horse will depend on what type of event, climate, natural ground type and location of where you work, exercise and train your horse.
  • Favorite Large Dog Breeds  By : Carol Stack
    Why are so many large dogs found in the top ten when they can appear so intimidating, cost a lot more to feed than smaller dogs, require more room, and require firmer training than, say, a Pug or Pomeranian? Learn more here.
  • How To Stop Your Dog From Digging Holes In Your Garden  By : Mike Ray
    Step by step tips to stop your dog digging
  • Why Your Puppy Nips - And 5 Ways To Get Him To Stop  By : Mike Ray
    Guide to stopping your puppy nipping and what is the real cause of the behavior.
  • The 7 Stages of Puppy Development  By : Mike Ray
    In order to understand why your puppy doesn’t listen to you at times, you need to understand each stage of development a puppy goes through as it matures. These 7 stages of puppy development will help you understand your dog and ensure it's puppyhood is a wonderful time for you and your dog
  • Dog Ownership Comes With Responsibility  By : Leo Enoch
    Having a Dog comes with many responsibilities. The most important explanation for limitation imposed on dogs by many countries and states in America is because of irresponsibility of dog owners.
  • 5 Ways Your Dog Senses The World Differently From You  By : Mike Ray
    Do dogs sense things differently than humans do? Well, yes and no. Dogs share the same basic senses with us: they see, hear, touch, smell and taste. But the level of their senses is different – an important distinction when you’re trying to figure out just what your dog is doing.
  • Caring For Dogs With Disabilities  By : Jim McKiel
    A dog’s disability may occur from an illness, injury or physical handicap. The degree of disability may be slight or may be incapacitating. Whatever reason for your dogs suffering will have a great effect on you as your pet’s guardian.
  • Dog Training Method Using Collar and Leash  By : Leo Enoch
    Leash Training is one of the most common training approach and the leash itself would perhaps is the most basic tool used in training your dog.
  • How To Treat Dog Vomiting  By : Dr. Andrew Jones
    There are potentially many different causes of dog vomiting. The most common cause is garbage gut, where your dog consumes something he shouldn't have, resulting in vomiting.
  • Essential Elements for Proper Koi Fish Care  By : Sherlock Four
    Koi fish is one of the most popular preferences for pet fish these days. That is because Koi fish is a dazzling and colorful ornamental type of pet fish.
  • Things That You Must Expect When Buying Koi Fish  By : Sherlock Four
    If you are thinking of purchasing Koi fish, there are several guidelines that you must first consider before buying. It is important that you must first be acquainted with what there is to know regarding Koi fish.
  • Sun, Sea, Sand and Pets  By : Scott James
    As we sit and look out the window at the rain drizzling gently down and reflect upon yet another British Summer lets us remember that it is not only we humans who can be adversely affected by extreme temperatures in the summer but that our pets also need extra care and attention at this time.
  • Training Aggressive Dog – How To Train Your Aggressive Dog  By : Davion W
    Training aggressive dog is a thorny issue and has gotten many dog owners vexed over it. Dog aggression can be a serious problem as there are laws and by-laws in different states that demand the punishment of dog owners in the form of court charges. But there is help available. Are you ready to start learning some ‘training aggressive dog’ tips?
  • Puppy Dog Training For Obedience – How To Train Your Dog Puppy Properly  By : Davion W
    Puppy dog training for obedience is a topic close to the heart of dog lovers. Now, getting a new puppy in the house can be as joyous as having a new baby at home. Though a little puppy can bring so much laughter and happiness, they do require a great deal of training and when that happens, it is not a fun thing to train puppy dog well.
  • Common Fish Illness  By : Grace Weir
    Everybody loves fish. These little creatures bring happiness and joy to our lives. From the well known guppy (also known as the million fish due to its popularity) to the exotic Pseudoplatystoma corruscans, ornamental fish have won our hearts.
  • How To Treat Dog Diarrhea  By : Dr. Andrew Jones
    Dog diarrhea... this is something that all of us as dog owners have to deal with at some point in the life of our dogs. It is a very common health issue for dogs.
  • Puppies Energy Levels, Increasing them in Five Natural Healthy Ways  By : Scott James
    Now I know to most Dog owners this is going to sound like an obvious question but does your puppy have the attention span of a two-year-old child? OK, if it's a Labrador, then this is about as good as it's going to get - only joking here as I'm sure there are some Labradors with terrific attention spans, it is just that we don't have one of them.
  • Puppies Are Like Children, They Need Leadership & Guidance  By : Scott James
    Dogs are very much “pack animals”. By this I mean, for a dog to function in a healthy and structured manner it has to have a structured in a well ordered environment. If a dog cannot recognize what the natural order of things in a house is i.e. the “pecking order” for want of a better description then the dog will try and attempt to assert his own pecking order.
  • Bringing an Older New Puppy Home! Questions You Should Ask?  By : Scott James
    Usually if people are going to buy puppy from either a Breeder or a Dogs Home, the conventional wisdom states that it is usually roundabout between six to eight weeks before you can take a new puppy home.
  • How To Treat Cushings Disease in Dogs  By : Dr. Andrew Jones
    Cushings Disease, also called hyperadrenocorticism, is relatively common in older dogs. Dogs with Cushings Disease produce too much of a natural hormone called cortisol, producing symptoms such as excessive drinking and urinating, a distended, swaying belly, hair loss and a sparse hair coat, possibly an increased appetite, and frequent panting.
  • The Pet Food Recall  By : Dr. Andrew Jones
    The Pet Food Recall is a crisis of unprecedented proportions. Never in our history have so many pets died and developed illness as a result of Pet Food. The Pet Food companies have lost our trust. This scandal is producing more questions than answers, and no one is standing up and telling the Truth.

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