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  • Importance of Setting a Budget for College  By : Mr. Jeff Nelson
    Students entering college must set up a budget so that they will be able to allocate their money effectively and responsibly. Budgeting is a part of life so starting early gives you a great start on your financial future.
  • Economic Crisis Spurs Importance of Budgeting  By : Mr. Jeff Nelson
    The importance of budgeting is now being seen as the economic crisis is affecting the daily lives of all Americans. Be smart with your money and determine your budget with help from useful tools on the Internet.
  • Top Tips on How to Budget your Money  By : Mr. Jeff Nelson
    Attitude is an extremely important factor in determining the success of your budget. Make sure that you start your financial planning with the right attitude.
  • Planning the Upcoming Holidays on a Budget  By : Nelson Jeff
    Setting a budget for the holiday season is very easy just as long as you leave yourself enough time for planning. Count on the things that matter the most to fill up your hearts not letting material things get in the way.
  • Money Management: 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Money  By : Sandra Simmons
    10 Mistakes People Make With Their Money
  • Money Management: 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Money  By : Sandra Simmons
    Money Management: 10 Mistakes People Make With Their Money
  • Are You a Genius Or A Gratification Groupie?  By : Sandra Simmons
    There is only one simple thing that makes you different from those people who have the money you always wanted to have.
  • Say Goodbye to the IRS and the Income Tax  By : Sandra Simmons
    There is a way to get rid of the IRS and never have to file another personal income tax return; or corporate return for that matter!
  • How to Become a Millionaire During the Next Depression  By : Sandra Simmons
    Secret To Becoming a Millionaire During A Depression
  • Retirement Savings Plan - How To Start Your Own  By : Sandra Simmons
    retirement savings plan,retirement savings
  • How to Protect Yourself in The Great Depression  By : Sandra Simmons
    The Great Depression How To Protect Yourself
  • 5 Steps Towards A Balanced Family Budget And Better Credit  By : James DeSantis
    More than once you have been shocked when you didn't have enough money to cover all the bills or an emergency cropped up. You need to become your family's Chief Financial Officer. Here are my five rules for treating your personal finances like a business.
  • How To Prevent A Thief From Stealing Your Identity  By : James DeSantis
    Credit reports contain all the information any thief would need to steal existing accounts, or to swipe your identity completely and cause major financial harm to you, your family, or your business. You can protect yourself and even overcome damage already done if you act, now!
  • How Do Finance Blogs Help in Your Finance?  By : Kelly Parks

    Benefits of Finance Blogs


    A finance blog is the best way to know about the
    basics of finance management. When you read about somebody else’s experiences,
    you connect with them immediately which is helpful than an impersonal review
    about a finance scheme. You should handle your money properly. This will help
    you to achieve you dream of financial freedom.

  • The Enemy Of Good Credit Is Your Emotions  By : James DeSantis
    How emotions impact credit is a subject that few people think about but more and more therapists are talking about. Here are a few tips that financial experts suggest will help you harness your emotions in a way that can actually help you to improve your credit rating.
  • How to Dispute Your Credit Score - Consumer Credit Counseling  By : Bassam Saeed
    Whenever you find inaccuracies in your free annual credit report, take time to dispute the information and work to get it corrected on your credit report. Fair Credit Reporting Act protects you when you take the initiative to dispute the information. Act necessitates that when some one dispute the information, all credit reporting agencies have to respond with an investigation of your creditors. No credit reporting agency is exception to this.
  • Improve Your Bad Credit Score - Save Your Financial Future Now!  By : Bassam Saeed
    Do you really know that businesses can ask for your credit report without your permission and doing so can create financial problems to you? If not, then you have to read on this article. You might learn for the first time some important facts related to your credit score and how businesses sometimes act. Learn how to improve your bad credit score in the shortest time possible, using unthinkable techniques!
  • Credit Card Consolidation for the College Student  By : Richard MacGrueber
    College students often find themselves paying only the monthly minimum payment on each of their credit cards due to limited funds. It is not uncommon however, paying only the minimum payment can lead to outrageous interest accumulation which can cause you to owe much more than you originally charged. Of course, this is what many credit card companies want.
  • Monitoring your Credit Report  By : Paula James
    Technologies can make or break your finances so you have to utilize these in your favor. That is why you have to make sure that all your transactions are secured.
  • The Importance of Teaching Your Children Money Management Skills  By : Richard MacGrueber
    If you have ever struggled with your own money management issues, you probably know how difficult it can be to deal with personal finance issues. If you have made it to the light at the end of the tunnel, and have been able to overcome financial problems, you also know how much easier it is to get through your day to day life without worrying about money.
  • The Basics Of Personal Finance Investing  By : Richard MacGrueber
    Everyone has their own unique financial situation to deal with. It can be difficult to manage money, especially for those who are operating with limited funds. Single parents are in this category, as they are working with only one income and may or may not receive child support. Especially for single parents who are not receiving child support payments, managing money can be overwhelmingly challenging.
  • How to save Money With Raising Oil Prices And Growing Inflation  By : latifqapdia
    With un-natural rise of gas prices and sub-sequent inflation of daily used products, though it might not effected rich men but mediocre is. A statistics tells that online sales are increased with increase in gas prices. The reason is you don't need to drive to buy an item. and so you save money by ordering it at home.
  • What To Do With Your Stimulus Tax Rebate  By : Sandra Simmons
    More than likely you are already getting excited about the big check you are probably going to get from the government. You may even be mentally shopping for some gizmo or gadget you have had you eye on. That can be a fatal mistake.
  • State Your Intentions  By : Justin Lukasavige
    How many times have you thought about doing something and made a resolve to do it, but then the excitement wore off and you never followed through? I sure hope that I am not alone in this.
  • How To Maximize Your Tax Deductions  By : Sandra Simmons
    It’s tax season AGAIN, and you should be looking for those tax deductions that can legally lower you tax bill. Here are some of the typical deductions that you want to make sure your tax preparer knows about so you get the write-off.
  • Tips For Establishing Your Own Credit  By : Robert Bain
    Most people don't set out to be careless with personal credit, but that is exactly what happens. They find it encouraging that they are getting credit card offers and most of us have a get it now and pay for it later exposure. It can be difficult to see others having those things you really want to have too. One rule of thumb to live by is if you can't pay off your credit cards at the end of the month you shouldn't make the purchase unless it is an emergency.
  • Excellent Cure for Extravagance, and Especially for Mistaken Economy  By : Reginald Curtis
    When you find that you have no surplus at the end of the year, and yet have a good income, I advise you to take a few sheets of paper and form them into a book and mark down every item of expenditure. Post it every day or week in two columns, one headed “necessaries” or even “comforts”, and the other headed “luxuries,” and you will find that the latter column will be double, treble, and frequently ten times greater than the former.
  • The Ultimate Wealth Building System  By : Sandra Simmons
    Most people search for the ultimate wealth building system for most of their lives. It may surprise you to know that you own half of it the day you are born.
  • Truth about Paying Collection Accounts and Credit Score  By : Stephen Snyder
    Even after you pay off a collection account in full it won't help your FICO credit scores recover. Read this secret before you pay off any other collection accounts.
  • An Estate Planning Law Firm Provides A Wide Variety Of Services  By : David Walcott
    You have two choices regarding how your assets will be distributed to you heirs in the event of your death. First, the can be distributed according to the express wishes contained in the estate plan you drew up with the help of an estate planning law firm; or second, they can be distributed according to the laws of inheritance established by your state legislature because you o never found the time to make a will.

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