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  • Instilling a Love of Science in Your Child  By : ray san
    Science toys are a great way to instill a love of science in a child. Here's a look at some good ones.
  • Renting a Makati House or Makati Apartment?  By : Donald Artess
    Renting a Makati apartment or Makati house is a useful option for businesspeople and employees who work in this area considering that this efficiently helps reduce travel time. Here are several ideas that can assist first-time renters locate an appropriate rental residence.
  • Pick The Gender of Your Baby - A Review  By : Jarl Greger
    Every couple wants a child, and some couples wish they could choose between the sexes in the reality of their child. Ashley Spencer and Beck is the sex of your baby ebook hope for these couples.
  • Mentor Fathers Should Teach Their Children About Painting  By : Joe Babika
    Mentor House painter Joe Babika's philosophy on life is very is beautiful with paint.
  • Fussy Baby? Test These 5 Tips  By : Wheezie Hamonds
    As a Health Care provider for women, I deal with new mom's everyday that feel at the end of their wits when their baby gets fussy. Give these 5 ideas a try next time you are in need of relief from your fussy baby.
  • Trace A Telephone Number: Reverse Lookup By Phone Number Services(Tracing Telephone Numbers Fast)  By : amy carter
    In this article I investigate how to Trace A Telephone Number. The article looks at in detail what is involved in Reverse Lookup By Phone Number loooking at where is the best services to be found on the web.
  • Learn How a Gift Registry Works  By : Ace
    Usually, a gift is given during a special occasion or event. During such occasions, people giving gifts make it a perfect opportunity for creating a gift registry. The occasion could be for a couple who is intending to get married or a married couple who is about to have a baby. By visiting online registry website such as AGreatAffair, creating a wedding registry or a registry for a baby shower will be easy.
  • Real life diet solutions for Real People  By : Lance Monty
    Most of us who put on weight do so without realizing we are doing it. It is a slow gradual process or so it seems. For me the shocking truth was revealed when I saw the Photographs of my daughters wedding. I was the biggest person in them. Not a good look. It was time to do some research.
  • Protect Georgia Children from Mercury Poisoning from Fish!  By : Eric Eckl
    Electric utilities are seeking to build new coal-burning power plants in south Georgia. Get the facts on why these new plants would be dangerous -- and what you can do to stop them.
  • Parent Book - How You Can Gain  By : Tommy Jones
    Books about parenting can be a great resource in coming to grips with your child's attention seeking behavior. Many children like to get noticed, it is common and normally nothing to be worried of. But numerous parents get worried and try to find out for some strategies to be used. From always giving in to your child to always standing firm, there is a wide spectrum of approaches.
  • Choosing the right home schooling curriculum  By : Sunil Punjabi
    After much thought and consideration, you have made the choice to home school your children. You are confident in you choice knowing your children will not be a casualty of budget cuts and overcrowding. You will teach your children, and who else can provide a better education then their own parent? But choosing the right home schooling curriculum is a very personal decision and based on many factors.
  • Does discipline really change the behavior of children?  By : Mark Lakewood, CEO
    Discipline was never intended to have an effect on children. The thoughts that children experience (free will) resulting from the discipline is the only thing that can effect behavior change.
  • Creative Ways To Address Anger Management For Kids  By : Dave Ryan
    In dealing with an especially angry or unruly child, it can be easy to loose your patience, but in doing so you are really just reinforcing the child’s angry behavior. So instead of reacting with anger, use some fun ways to get the child to see the excessive nature of their own anger.
  • welcome to parenthood - I will tell you the truth about being a new mother  By : robert jeffries
    All new mothers at some point before the babe is born will hear the phrase - you appear radient, pregnancy really suits you - what they are not told is the reality of what is about to come about
  • How Did My Child Get So Disrespectful?  By : Stan Dubin
    This is a question too many parents are asking these days. And it seems the age at which this problem manifests is getting younger and younger...
  • Parenting Books  By : snowrose
    When it comes to parenting tips, new parents are always on the receiving end. Everyone in their family and friends are with certain exciting tips for them. Especially the older members of the family always have something or the other to tell the new parent. Sometimes the parents themselves get confused listening to all this and just want a guide to help them be the best of the parents.
  • Choosing Between Loan Modification Vs. Refinancing..........  By : SWARAJ
    Struggling homeowners in American are now able to receive help with keeping their homes by choosing between refinancing or lowering their monthly mortgage payments through a loan modification. Known as the Home Affordable Plan, it is available to qualified applicants. Here are the facts on the plan:

    * Under the Home Affordable Modification Plan, homeowners facing financial hardship are able to obtain a lower interest rate despite plummeted property values or bad credit. In turn, lenders receive
  • Reward charts can help kids to behave better.  By : Rose Barnett
    A parent in todays culture confronts countless challenges. There is constant authority solutions which is often contradictory with other gurus. Using reward charts, though, can be very useful. A reward chart will give a way to concentrate on our kids suitable behavior.
  • Tips for Selecting Play Toys for Kids Aged 6 to 8  By : Kanooga
    Having moved beyond the preschool years, kids in the 6-8 age range have new abilities which affect the kinds of play toys that interest them. Understanding this stage of child development can help parents make better toy selections for their children.
  • What Are Chinese Birth Charts?  By : Aria Scherer
    Have you ever desired to see just what gender your baby would turn out to be without modern science kicking in?
  • How to Name a Child  By : Aria Scherer
    The delight of parenting is most imminent when a child is first born.
  • What an Ovulation Calculator Can Do for You  By : Aria Scherer
    Having a newborn is amongst the best aspects of an adult's life, and for some people that comes much simpler than others.
  • Anger Management For Children - Is It Really Child's Play?  By : writeragain
    How does your child play with others? Are they aggressive or bossy? Do they intimidate classmates or playmates consistently? Maybe you should enroll your child into an anger management program for children. Their behavior could grow into a dominant person that would make you seem as a loose parent.
  • Cash in on Neighbors...  By : ramrocks
    What could be more welcoming than the spicy smell of hot apple pie to receive you into a brand new neighborhood full of people you’ve never met? Hopefully you life has been full of warm, hospitable neighbors wherever you’ve lived. Perhaps not...
  • Single Moms On Facebook And MySpace Warned About Pre-Schooler Pix Online  By : Crystal Juaquez
    Single mothers who put photos of their pre-school kids on their social networking homepages are creating a happy hunting ground for pedophiles.
  • Baby Safety and Hazards  By : Travis Olague
    Medicine, poisonous household cleaners, shopping and garbage bags, drapes and blind cords, small parts and even water can become a real hazard for your child.
  • A Child Safety Gate  By : Travis Olague
    Little children are so energetic, inquisitive and curious; they want to see everything, to investigate the surrounding. It is wonderful but still can be very dangerous. Nowadays our market is full of lots of accessory which can provide you the needed assistance to keep your child always safe.
  • Parents play the most central, yet vulnerable roles in children’s music education  By : Tatiana Bandurina
    The three basic parties who take part in children’s music education are the child, the teacher (or teachers) and the parents.
    To best understand how the young musician will regard music lessons, we must ask: “How should parents plan for the musical education of their children and what they know about it?”
  • Bullying Prevention Skills and Techniques for Children  By : Mark Lakewood, CEO
    The answer to the issue of child bullying rests within us, especially the victims of bullying. Victims of bullying are never responsible for being bullied. On the contrary, victims of child bullying have the power in themselves to think, behave, and react in ways that limit or eradicates bullying.
  • Make Your House Safe for Your Baby  By : Travis Olague
    Being a parent means that you will always worry about your children that is your paramount duty is to provide them a safe childhood. Following the given tips in from the article you will be able to do it.

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