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  • All Faith Needs Feet  By : Charles Burke
    Faith is a wonderful thing - and very necessary. There are, however, approaches that may look like faith but lead us in risky directions.
  • Third Place Retailing - The New Battlefield  By : John Stanley
    What is a ‘third’ place? Consumers spend time at home, their first place; at work, their second place and then often have a favourite third place.
  • Your Thoughts Are Powerful  By : Gerri D Smith
    You are always at the mercy of your thoughts. They control you - if you let them. Learning to think in a new way is the key.
  • Help Slash the U.S.’s Dependency on Overseas Oil  By : Gregg Hall
    Anyone who follows political policy of the United States can tell you that America consumes a quarter of the world’s oil supply but only has 3% of the world’s oil reserves on its territory. This fact gives the country no other option than to import over 60% of the oil it needs to function at normal levels. With the introduction of the sports utility vehicle and other gasoline guzzlers, the dependency is growing each day.
  • The Washing Machine: From Hand Cranker to Automaton  By : Elizabeth Miller
    A look at the evolution of the washing machine from its origins as a hand-cranked contraption.
  • More Traffic Guaranteed  By : simon benstead
    More Traffic Guaranteed. Here's how...
  • Awesome Customer Service Requires a Three Pronged Attack  By : John Stanley
    The perception in the marketplace, according to research, is that customer service is declining. Whether consumer expectations have increased or services have declined over the last few years is debatable. The fact is, perception is truth, in the consumers’ eyes.
  • Provide a Customer Experience, but What Do They Really Want?  By : John Stanley
    As retailers, we often talk about providing our customers with a memorable retail experience, yet we often forget to ask the consumer what they want.
  • Why You Should Purchase a Sports Car  By : Gregg Hall
    In a car culture dominated by SUV’s, family sedans and economy cars, sports cars stand out in the crowd. There are a variety of selling points for all types of automobiles, but sports cars are uniquely attractive for at least five reasons.
  • Employee Recognition Awards Create Progress  By : John Morris
    In difficult situations, when companies are in crisis and can only be saved by major effort, group morale often rises to far higher levels than before...
  • Cutting Out The Secrets About Paper Shredders  By : John Morris
    Paper shredders are machines that allow the shredding of any paper to tiny pieces or very fine strips. Paper shredders are commonly used by individuals or groups that need to destroy classified documents that may prove to be of danger to themselves or to their group...
  • The Wonderful World of Toy Breed Dogs  By : Connie Limon
    Small toy dogs teach us more about the mystery and magic of canines than the larger dog breeds.
  • Are You Paying Too Much For Gourmet Coffee?  By : Don McKay
    See what to look for when you buy Gourmet Coffee, and watch out for the dreaded blended coffees. You never know just what they are blended with.
  • How To Protect Against Sports Car Theft  By : Gregg Hall
    Sports cars are coveted items and it is not surprising thieves too often target these valuable vehicles. There is a steady market for professional car thieves willing to steal sports cars. Meanwhile, joy riders and other potential car thieves seem uniquely attracted to a beautiful sports car. There is, of course, no way to guarantee you will not be victimized by a car thief, but there are measures you can take to reduce the risk of having your sports car stolen.
  • Energy Enhancement Meditation, Energy Blockages and Vipassana  By : Swami Satchidanand
    However, in Vipassana, one who reached the ultimate truth found a real solution. He discovered that whenever any Energy Blockage arises in the mind, simultaneously two things start happening at the physical level. One is that the breath loses its normal rhythm. We start breathing hard whenever a negativity comes into the mind.
  • How Online Cash Advances Work  By : Jeffrey Cash
    Information about online payday loans and how they work.
  • How To Plan Your Next European Vacation  By : Selvyn Patterson
    A list of 10 tips for planning, organizing, and going on a European vacation, how to enjoy your vacation fully.
  • The Horse: No Animal Has Done More  By : Elizabeth Miller
    A snapshot of the horse's great contributions to the progress of man from Cro-Magnon to American settler.
  • Hope: the Power that Perseveres  By : Ann Stewart
    The more you learn to rely on hope, and by faith wait in expectation for the desired result, the more patience will develop. Patience will result in small breakthroughs which, in turn, provide you with the experience that no one can take away from you.
  • Unforgettable Television Sports Cars from the 1970s  By : Gregg Hall
    Throughout the 1970s, television programs (particularly hour long action/dramas) often featured heroes with enviable sports cars. Though not every car was particularly memorable or essential to the show’s personality, some television sports cars did manage to leave a lasting impression.
  • Memoirs Of Greatness - Personalized Plaques  By : John Morris
    When man wishes to commemorate a special event he usually tries to put the significance of this even into tangible form. He may want to erect monuments, declare a holiday, and create mementos and other such memorials...
  • Leonardo da Vinci - A Biography of the Renaissance Man  By : Bianca Tavares
    Leonardo da Vinci documented little of his private life. Yet through his work as artist, musician, philosopher, engineer, botanist, anatanomist, mathematician and humanitarian, he is revealed to be truly a man before his time - the quintessential Renaissance man.
  • The New Shelby Mustang GT500  By : David Anthony
    Mustang enthusiasts are in heaven with the recent collaboration between Carroll Shelby and Ford.
  • How Its Made - Thermoforming  By : John Morris
    Are you aware that some of the things we use in our everyday lives are plastics? When we talk about convenience, durability, efficiency, stability, usefulness and practicality in the things we use nowadays, chances are, those things are made out of plastic.

    One example of this is Zip-lock plastic bags for storing foods...
  • How To Save Up to 75% Of the Cost Of Traveling to Almost Anywhere  By : Selvyn Patterson
    Tips for saving on travel to anywhere in the world for business or pleasure.
  • Respect Your Food  By : Julian Hall
    Always give thanks for the food you are about to eat and all things you receive, the information found here and form other sources has been given to you to investigate and utilize (once you have found it to be credible) in order for you to improve or enhance your physical and spiritual bodies.
  • Driving More Sales To Your Home Based Business  By : Darren McLaughlin
    Home-based businesses can make big profits. This article looks at upping your sales by getting more visitors.
  • How To Inspect Your Car Before Final Delivery  By : Gregg Hall
    When you buy a new vehicle you have every right to get one that is perfect and totally free of any imperfections. You don’t want to pay top dollar for a brand new car that has mechanical problems or problems with the interior, body, or finish. Before you sign the final papers and take delivery of the car you want to be sure that you thoroughly inspect the car including road testing it.
  • Site Promotion to the Max  By : Jay Peterson
    Site promotion is absolutely critical in creating a successful online presence. Without site promotion consider your personal web site or your ecommerce business dead in the water. If you are planning on building a new web site or have a poor performing web site it is extremely important to promote it properly in order to boost visitors and profits. Here are some tips on using site promotion to its fullest.
  • Essential Ezine Questions Answered: #1 Why Publish an Ezine?  By : Teri Mramer
    It seems as though everyone is telling you that you should have an ezine for your web site, heck even if you don’t even have a web site! But why?

    There are several good reasons to publish your own ezine, the not the least of which is to keep in touch with visitors to your web site. Here are several more reasons:

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