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  • Want to be a Top Fashion Designer? – Then Learn the Principles of Fashion Design  By : Stephen Todd
    When you are interested in pursuing a career in fashion design, you should explore what some of the principles of fashion design are, before you can truly understand the depth of this occupation.
  • The Top 5 Myths Keeping You From Being a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative  By : Ryan Stewart
    Pharmaceutical sales positions are lucrative and highly sought-after by sales professionals looking to make a difference in society. Many who seek these opportunities, however, are distracted by the myths that surround landing a job as a pharmaceutical sales representative.
  • Why Working Mums (and Dads) sometimes have to be Selfish  By : Annett Tate
    Is your creativity drying up as you come under more and more pressure from work and the family? Sometimes, you just have to put yourself first.
  • From Rags To Riches  By : Saleem Rana
    This is a true story of Nicholas Darvas who went from rags to riches, from obscurity to renown, and from a clutz to becoming the highest paid dancer in the world. Discover his success principle and change your life, too.
  • Watch Your Career Take Off - Get An Education In Aviation!  By : John Morris
    Is it your dream to become a pilot? Have you always wanted to take to the skies, to feel the freedom that eagles and hawks enjoy all the time? This could be the start of something big for you...
  • This Job Can Change Your Life  By : Julia Ramyalg
    Are you looking for job in sales? Or do you still doubt is it worth starting career in this sector?
    Let’s tell you more about jobs in sales and stories of real people and you will decide by yourself.
  • Coveralls for the Safe Everyday Man  By : James Monahan
    Always dress for the occasion. That is the cardinal rule for work. If you work in a factory, or in some labor intensive area that requires you to be adequately protected, you’re going to need a good pair of coveralls. Coveralls, unlike overalls, cover the entire body excluding the head, and the hands, and are the gear of choice for factory workers, mechanics, firemen, and those in contact with industrial chemicals.
  • Life After Downsizing  By : Lee Dobbins
    You worked in your field as a professional for over 20 years putting in long nights and weekends. Now you find yourself working at the local grocery. What can you do to keep you your spirits and get back into the race?
  • Need a New Career? How to Become a Welder  By : Charles Kassotis
    Find out how to prepare for a welding career.
  • IT Career Error! Click Here to Repair  By : Steve Bohler
    Natural abilities are the foundation of IT career satisfaction…or hell.
  • Dog Walkers & Your Career  By : Ian Christie
    I was jogging in the park the other day and noticed a number of professional dog walkers. They had many dogs under their care and the necessary tools of their trade. Nothing remarkable about that.

    What struck me was a) the number of providers I saw on this one visit, b) their marketing efforts, and c) the range of services offered. Parked on the streets around the park were various types of mini-van and SUV, emblazoned with each dog walking entrepreneur's web site address, phone number, slogan, and featured services. So, what does this have to do with your career?

    It illustrates an important career development theme:
  • Ten Reasons to Invest in Your Career  By : Ian Christie
    Not investing in yourself is like floating down a fast river without a paddle, map or knowledge of what's around the next bend. Things may go fine for a while, but at some point, you're going to realize you made a giant mistake.

    To avoid such unforeseen disaster in your career, you need to invest in it to proactively and thoughtfully create a plan for achieving your career and life goals.
  • How to be a Leader at Work.  By : Christos Varsamis
    Secrets on how to Lead and Motivate people to work.
  • How Do You Define Career Success?  By : Ian Christie
    One of the most important career and life-planning activities you can engage in is finding your own definitions or models of success.
  • A Complete Nursing Career Overview  By : John Morris
    With almost 2.6M registered nurses (RN) in the United States, nursing is now the largest health care profession in the country. If you think that hospitals are the only place a nurse could be found, you are certainly misled...
  • Effective Induction - More Than Showing Them the Lunch Room  By : Paul Phillips
    Having a new employee leave in the first week is not uncommon and is damaging for everyone. Getting them off to a good start is important for their perception of the organization and just plain good business.
  • International Relocation Guidelines  By : John Morris
    Are you dreaming to live or work in another country? Are you ready for a major change in your life? Do you have a plan for an international relocation? Preparation for an international relocation could take you at least four months...
  • The Right Approach  By : John Hostler
    If I told you I would give you a part time job where you would be able to set your own hours, work from the comfort of your home, and earn a few hundred dollars a month after the first couple of months, you might think that was pretty cool.
  • Coveralls – The Essential Cover up For Dirty Jobs  By : Tom Sample
    There are millions of people that rely on coveralls every day they leave for work, no matter they work.
  • Ten Ways to Determine if a Sales Career is Right for You  By : Ryan Stewart
    A career in sales can be extremely exciting and rewarding. But since sales is a highly competitive field, it's not for everyone. Answer these 10 questions to find out if a career in sales is right for you.
  • Becoming High Voltage Communicators  By : Randy Siegel
    When we do the work of authentically packaging, promoting, and presenting ourselves we create a strong sense of identity, purpose, and self-esteem. We become what I call “high voltage communicators.” But identity, purpose, and self-esteem alone cannot ensure that we stand in our power.
  • The Family Medical Leave Act  By : Tom Perkins
    The Family and Medical Leave Act is a federal law which provides certain employees with up to 12 workweeks of unpaid, job-protected leave a year and requires group health benefits be maintained during the leave period.
  • Network Marketing / Olympic Gold Medal Success Secret  By : Michael Dlouhy
    The greatest athletes in the world all have coaches. Why should a network marketer be any different? Learn how to choose a coach and the philosophy to look for in your coach.
  • Principles for a Productive Environment  By : Lila Norden
    Every increase in your ability to organize increases your success potential. Being organized involves the same principles necessary for success: having clear intentions, making a workable plan, and following through with specific actions.
  • Found - The Time Lost in the Commute  By : marie mastria
    Time passes whether you do something with it or not, so why not make the most of it? Commuting time well spent can give you back the time you thought you had to give up to commute to and from work.
  • Barry Michaels-Radio is My Life!  By : Dieter Martin
    American Radio Personality, Barry Michaels, ‘Michaels In The Morning’, shares a humorous, if somewhat, poignant account of his ongoing broadcast career.
  • RAS and Your Path to Success  By : Jaci Rae
    Reticular Activating System - If You Don't Have It Your Game Is Off
  • Career as a Six Sigma Professional  By : Tony Jacowski
    Find out why Six Sigma is becoming the hottest career field in today's job market!
  • Career Planning Made Simple  By : Tony Jacowski
    A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week - George S. Patton (1885 - 1945)
  • Job or Business?  By : Tony Jacowski
    Got what it takes to be in business? Find out now!

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