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  • Saving big with laser toners.  By : InkCloners
    The savings and discounts from compatible products are practical enough to consider this alternative.
  • The Advantages of Badge Reels  By : Lisa Mason
    One of the simplest and most useful devices ever designed is the badge reel. This item consists of a plastic or metal case that is very stylish and can even be custom designed. The case has an attachment that allows you to hook it to your clothing, belt or pocket. The end of the cord has an attachment that holds the ID card.
  • Importance of Cover Letters  By : Robert8 Thomas8
    Using Sample Letter Templates

    All of us do not have the advantage of having a secretary or a P.A. to share the clerical work from our desk. We will have to squeeze out a few extra minutes of our busy schedule everyday to attend to tasks such as replying to mails, sending ‘Thank you.” notes, memos etc. We normally keep these tasks for the end of the day and by the end of the day we are either too tired or we totally forget about it. The pending list becomes longer everyday with no relief of any additional help. We cannot totally ignore them either because we know that these small things do matter in corporate culture and the importance of prompt correspondence.
  • Types of Badge Holders  By : Lisa Mason
    There are many different types of identification badge holders sold today, making it possible for you to have several different options when it comes to choosing the best one for your company or organization. The badge holder is a wonderfully designed piece of equipment that holds and protects the ID card. This helps to reduce the number of cards that end up lost.
  • Badge Reels: A Nifty Invention  By : Lisa Mason
    Badge reels have made quite an impression when it comes to having a convenient and interesting way to display ID cards. They are designed with a case, spring and a retractable cord along with two attachments.
  • Ergonomic Office Chair - Things To Consider  By : A R Thompson
    It does not matter whether you work from home or in an office having the right chair is extremely important if you want to avoid any kind of back problems in the future. Unfortunately for those of us who spend a large part of our day sat at a desk we are placing additional pressure and strain on to our spines and with the wrong kind of office chair this problem can be further exacerbated.
  • Leasing Office Equipment: Why It Makes No Sense  By : Don Steiner
    One of the most common sources of administrative cost abuse comes in the form of lease contracts for common office equipment. Leasing should be an organization's last recourse and here's why.
  • Get Comfortable In Your Office With These Tips on Office Furniture  By : Michael C. Podlesny
    When you think of office furniture, you like many people, probably start thinking, desk, chair, maybe a lamp, definitely a computer, and some pictures on the wall. However the office furniture industry is a multi-billion dollar business.
  • Choosing The Correct Office Chair  By : A.M. Allmark
    It always surprises me how much time we spend choosing and office chair compared to a chair for home. Usually we will spend many hours finding the right chair for home while choosing an office chair usually consists of grabbing the nearest available one and checking all the wheels are there! Before you go and grab the next available chair just workout how long you'll be sat in it.
  • How Is Important Of Office Chair  By : PisanK
    You spend more time with office chair at least 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 48 weeks a year. Therefore, if you sit at your table at least 5 hours a day, you spend around 1,200 hours sitting in your chair. To put it in other terms, 1,200 hours is equal to 50 days and nights sitting down.
  • Why You Should Use Label Holders  By : Michael Fladenmuhrsen
    Most people seem to think, if they want to label something, all they need to do is get a label and attach it. Not so. Nowadays, a simple label is rarely good enough, form a variety of perspectives. While there are a lot of uses for the simple label, one of the most important things they are lacking is reusability.
  • Storing Blue Prints  By : Brad Barrett
    There are many ways to store blue prints. Blue prints can be stored in flat file drawers, rolled file storage, digitization, plastic covers, lamination, and vertical file storage systems. This article will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each storage method.
  • Vertical File Storage System Saves Space - A Case Study  By : Brad Barrett
    Whether as an investment or an existing floor plan, space may well be the final frontier. To free more working space in a bustling Los Angeles office, one facility manager introduced a new filing and storage system that not only saved space, it improved filing efficiency and streamlined document retrieval in one of the busiest investment property offices in southern California.
  • Managing Flat File Storage Needs: A Case Study  By : Brad Barrett
    For the manager of the Building Records unit at a major west coast public University, the document storage problems were critical. The problem wasn't justifying budget for more space. There was no more space to be had.
  • Buying Toner Doesn't Have to Break the Bank  By : Chris Robertson
    Printer manufacturers are able to offer such low prices on printers because they make so much profit on toner cartridges. Here's how to get around the high costs....
  • The Paperless Office  By : Bryan Ashbaugh
    A paperless office provides a multitude of advantages. When going paperless, one of the most visible changes will be storage space. Hard copies of documents need to be stored for various reasons. Large amounts of space are required for this. Having a paperless office or work environment will cut down immensely on filing rooms and designated places for storage. Documents can be stored in a variety of ways with computers.
  • Filing Cabinets for your Home office  By : Julien Raynal
    Keeping your documents, bills, and children school papers can be a daunting task. Home office designers recommend that you invest in filing cabinets to stay organized.
  • Document Shredding: ‘Destroying’ The Things That You ‘Value’  By : John Morris
    Industries are in constant danger of having sensitive information ‘fall into the wrong hands’ – people that are out to inflict damage, such as a discontented employee or a competitor...

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