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  • Review of Iron Man DVD 2008  By : Dennis Perez
    The film itself is technically sound and well-executed and the widescreen-only Ultimate 2-Disc Edition does justice to this fine film in all respects, making it excellent for home viewing.
  • Systematic Steps to Free Download Movies with Genuineness Intact  By : Axel Price
    Internet platform and websites have helped us to transform our favorite room into the entertainment center. Movies offer us a chance to get away from all the stress and complexity in life for a brief period of time. This way we get to relish our spare hour while perceiving the world in a different manner. The option to free download movies through internet from anywhere has fulfilled our requirement of entertainment.
  • Classic War or Musical DVD  By : George Velvet
    If you are a fan of classic movies, nowadays it is not 50 years too late to watch them. Just like books, movies will always be a part of our cultural identity. In spite of the fact that cinematography is constantly evolving, classic movies keep having a certain fascination on us. A war or a musical DVD is a valuable piece in any collection, but above that, it is a memory that can be shared with your children and someday with your grandchildren as well.
  • Top 10 Xmas Films for This Holiday Season  By : KateGreen
    The list shares 10 best Christmas movies which is suitable for whole family to see in this holiday season. Your kids will love it.
  • Michael Haneke's Amour French Movie Review  By : Mauli
    This French movie released in India under the PVR Director's Rare banner with English subtitles is a work of art. Its ambiguous title, "love" is as coherent as the emotion itself.
  • Manish Paul's Mickey Virus Movie Review Makes for enjoyable viewing!  By : Mauli
    'Mickey Virus' is Bollywood's first full-fledged film on the virtual world. The hero -if we may call Manish Paul's languid lazy vagabondish character that - is a computer hacker, and one who likes to take his time over every punch of the keyboard.
  • Get yourself updated with Latest movies and reviews  By : Andy Flature
    To accumulate your time and money the reviews are helpful in guiding you about the movies. Get latest updates and reviews on argo movies, must watch movies and comedy movies of 2013. You can know about any particular movie by its reviews that is will be worth to watch or not and it consent to the viewer to get a clear and complete picture of the movie.
  • Most Interesting And Spectacular All-Time Movies To Cherish  By : Jonh Mitchel
    Here is a list of a few most interesting movies of all-time, popular and award-winning box-office hits to remember and cherish.
  • Akshay Kumar's Boss Movie Review & Rating - A must watch movie!  By : Mauli
    Boss is an upcoming Bollywood action comedy film directed by Anthony D'Souza. The movie features Akshay Kumar, Mithun Chakraborty, Shiv Pandit, Aditi Rao Hydari and Ronit Roy in lead roles. Boss is a remake of Malayalam movie 'Pokkiri Raja' starring Mammotty, Prithviraj and Shriya Saran.
  • Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi Starrer Captain Phillips Hollywood Movie Review  By : Mauli
    'Captain Phillips' is a tale of conflict between men who refuse to give in. This forms the crux of this effective thrilling drama.
  • Shaam Ibrahim's 6 Candles Tamil Movie Review  By : Mauli
    A story of a missing child that gets linked to a multi-million dollar child trafficking business, '6 Candles' has moments of brilliance, but it does not quite capitalise on that enough. Despite the effort put in by Shaam, who gained and lost weight for his role in the film, all that we get to see is a promising story sabotaged by convoluted screenplay.
  • Sandra Bullock's Gravity Hollywood movie review A must watch 3D science fiction thriller  By : Mauli
    Alfonso Cuaron's 'Gravity' is a 3D science fiction thriller, but not in the conventional sense. With no iota of fantasy in it, the film is simple and engaging to the core and evokes strong polar reactions.
  • Rituparna Sengupta's Alik Sukh Bengali Movie Review  By : Mauli
    'Alik Sukha' is a "tale of fleeting happiness" jointly directed by Shiboprasad Mukhopadhyay and Nandita Roy. The film sensitively captures the lives of a successful gynecologist, Kingshuk Ghosh (Deb Shankar Haldar), his wife and the relatives of his dead patient.
  • Watching a legendary John Wayne DVD  By : Adrian Rocker
    Not a lot of actors can be called legends, but when you watch a John Wayne DVD you understand why this was a man that was among the top box office draws for thirty years. If you want to find another western movie icon, you can also check out an Audie Murphy DVD.
  • Finding a scarce war DVD  By : George Velvet
    There are a lot of movies that have been put on DVD and you can find them in stores today, yet if you want to find a specific title, you may have a difficult time. This is where you can find a source that you can use to order a musical DVD or a war DVD that you cannot find in shops near you.
  • How To Discover Movies And Watch Them Online Free Of Charge  By : Jonh Mitchel
    Register with these websites and discover movies with best quality audio and video content and watch them online absolutely free of charge.
  • Phata Poster Nikla Hero Movie Review Starring Shahid Kapoor, Ileana D'Cruz  By : Mauli
    "Phata Poster..." gives poster-boy Shahid Kapoor a custom-built opportunity to get seriously comic. He digs deep into the very slim plot, ferreting out meager meat from the skimpy material. I must think that Shahid has a ball doing the droll act for the doll Ileana d'Cruz who abandons her serious sari-clad audacious wife's role in 'Barfi!' to play the kind of "social worker" who brings a bad name to all charity work.
  • Grand Masti (2013) Comedy Movie Review & Rating Starring Vivek Oberoi, Aftab & Riteish Deshmukh  By : Mauli
    We can re-christen 'Grand Masti' as 'Dildo Chahta Hai'. And if that sounds crude then wait till you see and hear what Indra Kumar's new cocksure comedy has in store for you. There is no pulling back from the black hole of luridness this time.
  • Ten Awesome Movies Of 2013  By : Jonh Mitchel
    Here are some awesome movies of the year 2013. The most anticipated movies to watch.
  • Vin Diesel's Riddick Movie Review  By : Mauli
    It's the story of the anti-hero, a notorious murderer and galactic fugitive Richard Riddick (Vin Diesel). The film takes off with a vulture like creature circling the sky looking for its prey. And when bird swoops to get its booty, all of a sudden circumstantially, the predator becomes the prey. This introductory shot reveals the survival of the fittest.
  • Nicolas Cage's The Frozen Ground Movie Review  By : Mauli
    The narration rolls on from 1983, when a 17-year-old prostitute and stripper Cindy Paulson (Vanessa Hudgens) is in hand cuffs and escapes from the clutches of her psychologically-disturbed client. She tries to explain to the police officer that an Anchorage bakery owner Robert Hansen (John Cusack) tried to kill her. The officer dismisses her plea as just a tale of a whore.
  • Watch Movies Online Free No Surveys Perfect Option  By : vidfind
    Watching movies is a great deal of fun and entertainment for everyone in a family right from the children to the elders, during the leisure hours in special.
  • The Most Famous Woman In The World  By : D.A. Campbell
    Mary Pickford would become the movies' first mega star and a phenomenon unlike anyone that had come before her. The adulation she received from her adoring fans across the globe made the success of many celebrities that followed her pale in comparison.
  • Jobs Hollywood Movie Review Based on Steve Jobs biopic  By : Mauli
    Steven Jobs, the late CEO and co-founder of Apple, was a fascinating man. His personal and professional life had elements intriguing and enchanting, thus making his story inspirational and motivating.
  • The Conjuring Movie Review & Rating - A Must Watch Horror & Scary Movie  By : Mauli
    There is a rural house with its tragic history, a haunted family, creaky doors, a spooky hidden cellar, a conduit and the exorcists. There is nothing new in 'The Conjuring' that one has not witnessed in a spooky atmospheric ghost stories. Yet, it is an exceptional film.
  • movie news  By : cinema is a Online resource of Cinema updates on Tamil,Telugu,Hindi,Malayalam and English.We can also watch Mollywood ,Hollywood ,Tollywood trailors,Mp3 songs,watch galleries,video Songs,Promos,Audio Launch,Television programmes,film festivals.
  • Prabhu Deva's Ramaiya Vastavaiya Bollywood Movie Review  By : Mauli
    Ramaiya Vastavaiya film offers a colourful palate of visuals and emotions neatly and aesthetically packaged. The film is shot by cinematographer Kiran Deohans to ensure the flamboyant feast of flurry doesn't get garish.
  • D-Day Bollywood Movie Review & Rating A must watch for Arjun & Shruti Performance  By : Mauli
    Nikhil Advani's 'D-Day' is a taut thriller that works at all levels. While his take on the Dawood like Don and his reign of terror is credible, the script is engaging and emotional drama heart-wrenching, making the film flawless.
  • Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim Movie review  By : Mauli
    'Pacific Rim' is a futuristic science fiction film that deals with the man versus nature conflict. The plot works on the premise - "To fight monsters, we created monsters".
  • Ravi Teja & Shruti Haasan Starrer Balupu Telugu Movie Review & Rating  By : Mauli
    After six back-to-back flops, 'Balupu' for Ravi Teja comes as the most-awaited monsoon shower after a long summer. In the most suited avatar, we see Ravi do what he is best at, allowing the audiences to sit back and enjoy. Having tried different genres over the last few years, he sticks to what he is known and loved for, and succeeds in the process.

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