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  • Confidence in Yourself  By : Sara Mendez
    Just about every American has something they wish they could improve. Some wish to be taller, shorter, funnier, or richer to name a few. However there is a fine line between wanting to change something and low self esteem. People who suffer from low self esteem have a negative view of themselves, others, lack self confidence and perform poorly. It is difficult to measure the amount of people suffering from low self esteem as it usually is related to other emotional difficulties.
  • Beliefs are the Essence of Our Being  By : HealthyWealthynWise
    Dr. Andrew Newberg's passions started in his childhood. Although his parents were encouraging, they never had the answers to his big questions like why we're here, what's right and wrong, and how to understand reality. He began to search within himself and in the world around him to find the answers to these and other questions.
  • Designing a Future Marked by High Self-Esteem  By : Dr. Joe Rubino
    People who possess a positive self-image typically have an optimistic expectation of what is ahead of them and as a result, they realize this expectation as a self-fulfilling prophesy.
  • Insurance Sales: Could You be Responsible  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    As a sales professional, do you take full responsibility for your actions? Do you take full responsibility for what happens to you? You are responsible for your actions, your decisions, and what happens to you. Blaming yourself or anyone else, using excuses, and denial only hurt you and keep you from being able to succeed. But the people who are supposed to support you just make things more difficult, and they don't do what they say they will. Ok, so you know this to be true.
  • Insurance Sales: Don't be Accidentally Successful  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    Are those top performers just lucky? Haven't you ever thought to yourself that salesperson sure is lucky? To you it just seems like they can't help but tripping into more business than you can beat the bushes tracking down each day. In reality top performers aren't lucky, but they sure know how to set up systems that produce their luck. You don't accidentally stumble into long-term sales success you develop systems that produce long-term sales success.
  • Sales Techniques: Are You Responsible?  By : Cheryl A. Clausen
    If you don't take full responsibility for your own actions you can't expect to obtain the sales success you want. As a sales coach I strongly urge you to always take full responsibility for your outcomes. Your actions and your decisions produce the outcomes you experience. Blaming yourself or anyone else, using excuses, and denial are all futile.
  • Smile!! It's Monday - Dream - It's Monday!!!  By : Luat Tran Van
    Escape the Monday Morning Blues....It's Monday!!! Dare To Dream!!!!!!!
  • Make Your Week Go Smoother. Stop Drinking  By : David Peters
    There are a lot of people who think that they are not alcoholics just because they have the ability to consume large amounts of alcohol without losing control of their senses, but in the true sense of the word, these people are also alcohol dependent. First Step: Once you are sure that you are an alcoholic, then the first step to take in order to kick the habit is to abstain from drinking as much as possible.
  • Eliminating Bad Habits  By : Tony Gilpin
    The first thing you have know is what is the definition of a habit. A habit is a compulsive behaviour pattern, that is carried out by a person, without even considering the behaviour.
  • Law of Attraction Classics: Dynamic Thought - Visualizing Exercise - HT Hamblin  By : Dr. Robert C. Worstell
    Ever wondered if "Thoughts are Things", what this has to do with the Law of Attraction? Henry Thomas Hamblin figured this all out and told about it in his book "Dynamic Thought". He also tells how hypnotism and other occult mental work actually work against this Law - by attracting to yourself things you actually don't want. You can learn through this book excerpt some of the the precise explanations and instructional examples of how to apply the Law of Attraction effectively in your own life.
  • Law of Attraction Classics: Dynamic Thought  By : Dr. Robert C. Worstell
    Ever wondered if "Thoughts are Things", what this has to do with the Law of Attraction? Henry Thomas Hamblin figured this all out and told about it in his book "Dynamic Thought". He also tells how hypnotism and other occult mental work actually work against this Law - by attracting to yourself things you actually don't want. You can learn through this book excerpt some of the the precise explanations and instructional examples of how to apply the Law of Attraction effectively in your own life.
  • How a Coach Can Help You  By : kensium

    The coaching process has three phases:

    1) To clarify what you want;

    2) To map out an action plan to get what you want;

    3) To be supported to the realization of the vision, dream, or goal.

    These phases happen in each session and they are also mirrored in the coaching relationship between the coach and the client. All three phases are included in every coaching project.

  • Anthony Robbins and Personal Power  By : Kurt Schmitt..
    Anthony Robbins is a master motivator and known throughout the world as a peak performance coach. He has worked with top business professionals, professional athletes, and companies the world over.
  • 12 Steps to Living a Conscious and Authentic Life  By : Carter Scott
    Below are the “12 Steps to Living a Conscious, and Authentic Life.” These are included in her Negaholics book and in her upcoming Transformational Coaching book.
  • The Seven Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes  By : Allyson Lewis
    Research shows that 95% of New Year’s resolutions are distant memories, with very little change to show for them. Perhaps you have wanted to be more productive at work, receive a promotion, or simply upgrade your profession. This article tells you how small micro-actions can make the difference.
  • Como Mantener tu Salud Mental  By : Mia Pacheco
    Aquí te presento una serie de consejos para mejorar tu salud mental, la cual es tan importante como la salud física.
  • Life Advice: A Lost Friend Speaks  By : Jack Reider
    A dying friend taught me how to live my life. Read a short summary of his teachings here.
  • It's Not Bad, You Just Haven't Figured Out Why It's Good, Yet  By : Danny Carlton
    So how can I say that nothing that happens to you is bad? Easy.
  • How To Keep Your Workforce Motivation High  By : Vlad Ehrsam
    It is true that in business, the motivation to get things done is more likely when greed is involved. When I do this, maybe the boss will give me a raise. Honestly, I have also been motivated by the same thought myself. But, I have also thought th
  • Why Creating a Resolution Fuels Motivation  By : Nishanth Reddy
    Most people set particular goals for themselves. When they desire to achieve a goal, many people start out strong, but soon find that it is not always straightforward to stick to the task. When you have a goal, regardless of what it is, you can take steps to make sure that after you get motivated, you have to stay motivated.
  • Life’s Traveling Tips  By : Tracy Togliatti
    This article is about closure and making room for new things in your life. It will help you pack light as you continue throughout your life’s adventures!
  • Success By Doing It  By : John Watson
    The importance of immediate, massive, daily action has been written about many times already but it is so important that it is worth writing about again and again. The examples in this article come from the world of business but they could apply to any other walk of life as well.
  • How to Stop Procrastination with 5 Success Secrets  By : Peter Murphy
    Success does not mean that we never fail. Those who succeed are the same ones who also experience failure, and sometimes they experienced bitter failure just before their brilliant success. So one key ingredient then, to success, is knowing how to stop procrastination.
  • Take Action to Assist the Universe In Manifesting Your Desires  By : Karen Kelley
    Even though we sometimes feel like we understand all the concepts of manifesting, it just doesn't seem to be working. How can I assist the Universe in making it happen?
  • Passion, Purpose & Perpetual Profits  By : Kristin S. Kopp
    Imagine your daily delights if you were making money doing what you love! You too could soon experience the fulfillment from turning passion and purpose into a 24/7 cash machine. Learn how you can turn your passions and interests into big profits and a lifestyle of freedom and flexibility!
  • The Lazy Man's Way To Create Hundreds Of Profitable And Life-Improving Ideas  By : Roger Haeske
    What easy technique, using a spiral notebook can make major improvements to all areas of your life? You're automatically more self-disciplined, your subconscious mind solves your hardest problems with out any effort on your part. Now you have an easy way to quickly find and organize all of your daily activities and ideas generated.
  • Personal Development & Success - "Creating the Motivation You Need"  By : Jeffrey Miller
    One of the most common beliefs that can prevent someone from achieving the success being sought is that "action only happens through motivation" - that, one must wait around for the so-called "feeling to move me" before anything will be accomplished. But, once we understand how we operate, once we discover the secret...
  • “Manifesting”- Just Another Buzzword or…?  By : J.P. Holesworth
    What’s this “manifesting” thing is all about… and why is it needed today?
  • Nine Characterisitics of An Enthusiastic Person  By : Ineke Van Lint
    Enthusiasm is passion. Enthusiasm is living your dream. Enthusiasm is a divine energy you will feel as a reward for pursuing your dreams and staying on your own path.
    An enthusiastic person is a person that will offer his talents to the world, betters his environment, adds his personal value to it, and ends up happy and satisfied. He has deciphered the secret code of the soul. And he receives the corresponding gifts: a great deal of enthusiasm, an extraordinary creativity and deep satisfaction.
  • How to Have Confidence by Adopting a Realistic Attitude  By : Peter Murphy
    To look at how to have confidence you need to understand that the typical person is always going to have some areas in their life that they are more confident than others.

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