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  • The Road To Satisfying My Restless Spirit  By : swapnil
    For a great part of my adult life, I felt like I was searching to fill a void. The emptiness seemed to be unfounded because I had so much: a successful career as a professional educator, a beautiful home, a wonderful husband and daughter, and fantastic friends. The list sounds like a recipe for contentment, but something was missing.
  • The true nature of who you really are is nothing at all  By : vivekrenu
    The true nature of who you really are is nothing at all. In the experience of being something, you move away from this state of nothingness.

    It is not possible to experience being nothing for that realization is a state of being. In the world of the absolute or nothingness there is no being. Consciousness, is nothingness being something-"I am" this or that.
  • Mastering Your Mind Power: Are Habits Permanent?  By : Harold L Lowe
    I subscribe to the position of Gary Craig, founder of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). He proposes that the old habits never depart once they have entered the subconscious mind. They kind of fade into the background and become less active or inactive.
  • Spirituality Moves You Away From Your True Self…  By : masood ahmed
    When you try to be, or do a thing, what you are saying to the universe is that "I am not there yet," and it is this thought that keeps you from experiencing what you desire. By the law of attraction you can never be what you are trying to be.

    It is the very same with the true nature of who you are. You are nothing experiencing "being" something. You already are what you think you are and your existence is a demonstration of the thought process which created you.

    In the physical life you choose
  • 7 Reasons Why Great Leaders Are Not Part Of Their Team  By : ginni007
    There has been so much emphasis, in recent years, on being a team player that many managers who work their way up through the ranks in an organization simply cant cut it as leaders. Why Because no one has taught them that once you are the leader you are no longer part of the team.
  • Motivating Oneself For Sustained Peak Performance!  By : aarif sagaciti
    "Nothing in this world is so good as usefulness. It binds your fellow creatures to you and you to them. It tends to the improvement of your own character and gives you a real importance in society much beyond what any artificial station can bestow." - B. C. Brodie

    Motivating those on ones’ team for peak performance and sustained performance ability is essential to a healthy organization. At the same time, a leader must be always vigilant to remain energized and motivated them self.
  • Why You Can't Have What You Want…  By : swati ahuja
    The three steps to manifesting all the things you desire are simple steps most of us will not be able to accomplish consciously.

    Why is it some people who seem to be less deserving than you, have it all? Abundance, friends, and relationships keep coming their way while you keep struggling to make ends meet. You know you deserve their abundance, but it seems unattainable. You're smart, educated, deserving, and you work hard-what is it they know that you do not?
  • Why Tens of Thousands of People are Becoming Life Coaches..  By : zaid surve
    About 5 years ago I wrote an article entitled “Healing from the Inside Out”. It stated that the consciousness movement around the world reflected advancement in human evolution – a growing recognition, or more rightly, a remembrance that we are spiritual beings first, and in the physical form, second. Many of us then -- and now -- have long since surged past the limiting belief that we are mind and body alone, and have forged into the reality that we are much more than who or what we seem.
  • May Day May Day! The Wingman's Call To Action  By : Waldo Waldman
    We're each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing each other" Luciano De Crecenzo

    "Mayday!" is the universally recognized call of distress. It means - "I Need Help...NOW!!"

    It's a call you never want to make, but it could very well be the most important of your life. Fighter pilots use it during extreme emergency situations - when we lose an engine, are getting prepared to eject from an un-flyable aircraft
  • The Inner Wingman - Your Job Search Starts With You  By : Waldo Waldman
    It's Friday night and you're stressed our perusing the web searching for job leads. In just two weeks you will be on terminal leave from the military and you're nervous. The economy is in shambles, jobless rates are at an all time high, and you have zero experience in the corporate world. To make things worse, you're competing against folks with stacked resumes and a huge network, and the outlook appears dim.
  • 3 Factors That Make You Hard To Motivate  By : Gary DeWitt
    There will constantly be times in your life when you have to perform tasks that you think objectionable for one cause or another - working with a co-worker you don't like, going to your job on Mondays, carrying the rubbish out...
  • The Inner Wingman - Trusting Yourself!  By : Waldo Waldman
    Have you ever wondered what it takes before a fighter pilot can strap on a $30 million dollar jet and fly a mission for their country?

    Well, before fighter pilots ever get to fly, we have to demonstrate expertise in tactics, technology, threats, systems, etc. Extensive hours of study, simulation and practice missions must be accomplished before we are designated "M/R" - MISSION READY.
  • Free coaching reports. The best solution for you.  By : AllanWilson
    Interested in modern ways of coaching? Well, the coaching reports are very efficient, free and easy. You should try once!
  • Mastering Your Mind Power: Habits And Your Self Image  By : Harold L Lowe
    Your self image had a reservoir of subconscious beliefs (truths) to habitually draw upon in response to your life situations without your conscious involvement. It could simply repeat past responses to similar situations. These infantile beliefs are the truths that the self image used to control nearly every aspect of your life in adulthood.
  • You Unstuck  By : Libby Gill
    It's Time to Get YOU UNSTUCK

    Praise for Libby's book, YOU UNSTUCK: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-taking in Work and Life...
  • Weak Economy Success Secrets  By : Drawk Kwast
    Being an entrepreneur is about living a few years of your life now in a way that most people wouldn't, so that you can enjoy the rest of your life the way most people can't. The most advantageous time for an entrepreneur to spend money is when no one else has any. You are about to learn how to put these two concepts together to insure that you can successfully build wealth in today's weak economy.
  • Bill Gates: McDonalds Employee of the Month  By : Drawk Kwast
    Today I asked myself what would have happened if Bill Gates would have taken some bad career advice and just gotten a job at McDonalds rather than starting Microsoft. I'm picturing Bill Gates wearing a McDonald's uniform, including the stupid hat, standing behind the counter at McDonalds, ready to take your order with a smile.
  • Are Your Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back From Happiness?  By : Hani Al-Qasem
    A lot of people have either attempted to give up eating junk food or did all they could to lose weight, but in the long term were unsuccessful.

    Why is that?
  • Internal Motivation: The Entrepreneur  By : Drawk Kwast
    Looking back on my career as an entrepreneur, I am amazed to notice that I did my worst work when I was at the top of my game. That's right; I also preformed my best when I was at my worst. I used to think that I was just lazy when I was comfortable, but the day came that I understood this as a source of power and success.
  • What do Hockey Players and the Beatles teach us About Motivation?  By : Article Manager
    Did you know that the Beatles used to play on stage in Hamburg strip clubs for 8 hours per day? By the time they became "over night sensations" in North America, then had already practiced more hours than most other bands did in their entire careers!
  • Failure People Hardly Realize the Proximity of their Success  By : Article Manager
    I've completing a couple dozen marathons and learned that when you run a marathon, you never think about the 26.2 miles. You think about your first step - your first mile, then your next mile, and before you know it- you are looking at the finish line.
  • Why Human Power is Important?  By : Article Manager
    It is my hope and my dream that people will become inspired by what I am able to demonstrate using human power, and perhaps starts to incorporate a bit more human power into their own lives.
  • Count your Chicken after They Hatch: Lesson Learned from My First 50 Mile Ultra Marathon  By : Article Manager
    To say I was having a good day would be the understatement of the year. I was on fire and after 9 hours I was flying through the mountainous course feeling WAY too good. Something bad just HAD to happen.
  • Can Vision Board Software Really Help With Courage  By : step one
    While much has been written about goals little has been drafted about the courage needed to set goals in the first place.

    This article will show you step by step how to effectively use Achievement. To get the most out of life, as you are the cause, and your life is the effect!
  • Mastering Your Mind Power: Does Habit Play a Part?  By : Harold L Lowe
    I am not aware of any studies that have determined the number of habits the average adult has formed by, let us say, age 25. I imagine that number is in the hundreds, maybe even in the thousands. In a sense, one could say that we human beings are just a big bundle of habits moving through life.
  • Obese: A Common Menace in this Modern Era  By : Article Expert
    Off late, obese has become one of the common problems in this modern society. For example, in the U.S. 1.4 million people died of heart disease last year accounting for almost 40% of all annual deaths.
  • Next Step, a Road Map to Guide you on your Successful Journey  By : Article Expert
    For getting success in life, every next step plays an important role. Just focus on your next step as after each step you'll come to know more about what it takes and you'll slowly move closer to achieving your goals.
  • Motivation: A Prerequisite Feeling to Achieve a Goal Successfully  By : Article Expert
    Motivated people feel good as they achieve something that they weren't expected they were competent of achieving.
  • Practice is an Important Factor for Achieving Success  By : Article Expert
    Innate ability is not a very important factor in achieving success, while confidence and enthusiasm play an important role to pursue your goals.
  • How To Unlock The Abundant Life  By : James DeSantis
    We all have days when we feel cheated by the world we live in. Life would be better if we had more material things, more friends, true love, greater career success. Today might just be on of those days for you and, try as you might, you are caught in funky thinking. Here are 7 easy ways to discover the abundance in your life.

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