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  • Which Skills Should Be Get for Becoming an Qualified iPhone App Developer  By : Chris Cui
    An iPhone app developer often ignores the aftermaths of including too many animations in his/her iPhone application. In the wake of making the app attractive, the developer uses animations, which are heavy and decrease the overall functioning of the application.
  • How to enjoy multi-touch function of the screen of iPhone 6  By : Chris Cui
    An iPhone as revolutionary product has changed the cellphone and people’s life. The most incredible thing about the phone 6 is the multi- touch screen and it makes the phone much cooler and much easier to control.
  • Comprehensive Analysis Before Upgrading iPhone 5 to iPhone 6  By : Chris Cui
    Apple released the IPhone 6 after the iPhone 5, but a lot of people wonder is it necessary to do the upgrade for their phone.
  • What is your select between iPhone and Android  By : Chris Cui
    Smartphones have powerfully grabbed the attention of the world. When you are going to buy a smartphone, you can choose between an iPhone and an Android phone.
  • Tips for improving processing of your iPhone  By : Chris Cui
    Smartphone has dominated almost every aspect of our life, from work to daily uses. But there is an inevitable question about the influential device which is it will become slower, sometimes even gets broken down.
  • Something you may mistake on refurbished iPhone  By : Chris Cui
    There are two very well-known mobile phones on the market today, Android phone and iPhone. Android phones are those that use the Android system while iPhone use its unique iOS system.
  • Things you need to know before buying an iPhone 7  By : Chris Cui
    So as I can see some subtle changes in appearance and improvements in performance. But as I said before do all the changes really bring great satisfaction. Is it worth of change to the iPhone 7 while you may just purchase your iPhone 6?
  • Perfect Refurbished iPhone Deals on 2016 Black Friday  By : Chris Cui
    When faced the new technology especial when it is so wonderful one, we should learn to embrace and enjoy it. If you think about the money issue, then you should try a cheap refurbished one as a start.
  • The Jailbreaking And Unlocking To The IPhone  By : Chris Cui
    An iPhone is a most wanted device in the phone market right now. One thing that make iPhone powerful is the closed ecosystem. And this thing can give you a lot of trouble especially some new user to Apple device.
  • Good Ways To Save Money When Enjoying IPhone Quality  By : Chris Cui
    If you are a fanatic fan of the Apple, you probably would never care about the price and pursuit the latest model. But if you not and there are a lot for you to concern about, buying a refurbished iPhone is definitely a good choice comparing with buying a new one.
  • How To Avoid iPhone Data Theft When Using Public WiFi  By : Chris Cui
    Data consumption can be a big fee for you, this will especially true when you travel around that mean you may use you iPhone under the network that is not your phone is original signed up with.
  • Top 4 UI Design Practices for Sublime Touch Interface  By : Content Marketing Strategist
    With the recent rise of touchscreen devices, we all have experienced a major shift in touchscreen development.
  • Providing tech tutorials making them more compatible to the cellular design and advancement  By : Vaishnavi Agrawal
    Mobile technology is advancing at a rapid rate primarily due to the intense competition among manufacturers and cellular service providers. Cellular technology has come a long way from GSM/2G technology to LTE/4G, and the arrival of 5G and 6G is not a distant event. Accompanied with this is the evolving nature of the hardware and software system of the mobile phones.
  • MWI Singapore’s Unified Message Switch (UMS)  By : Metropolitan Wireless International
    Established in January 2009, Metropolitan Wireless International Pte Ltd specializes in designing and developing state of the art solutions for the mobile wireless communication and control systems.
  • What are the changes that sum up a modern day cellphone?  By : adam222
    The present-day smartphones have incorporated a lot of changes that clearly set it apart from its predecessors. Most of those changes and updates have evolved over time and some changes are completely fresh. Changes like the use of touch screen in substitution to tactile buttons and keypads, the decrease in width of the phone etc. are not being featured in this article as these are quite apparent and easily found in the most basic of the models in the smartphone segment.
  • Good Features of A.I Alarm Clock Application  By : Ruth hill
    Rest as Android is a wake up timer created by A L SYSTEM Team. Rest as Android will track your rest and will pick the best minute to wake you up. Set up cautions by writing, content to-discourse, or with a wheel control.
  • “Smartphones in all sizes” explained  By : adam222
    We have all been there, searching for a smartphone that best suits your hands and maneuverability. Why does size really matter in the decision to purchase phone? There are numerous factors that influence users to be drawn to a specific group of sizes while purchasing phone.
  • Smartphone security  By : adam222
    Whether it is the data in your smart phone or the device itself, there always is a need for protection and security.
  • Requirements for a quality mobile gaming  By : adam222
    Over the years, phones have transformed into smart phones, not only by name but also by what the manufacturers have put on the table for the average cellphone users.
  • Some accessories to your mobile phones  By : adam222
    There are new mobile phones releasing every other week in the market and the market transactions amount to billions.
  • The perfect smartphone  By : adam222
    People tend to look around a lot for the best in cheap android phones. Intex smart phones top the list. Budget phones are hard to get without compromising on the features they offer. Intex mobiles are new in the business of phones in Nepal. Most people say that it is the cheapest smartphone when they compare this phone with other budget phones.
  • Choosing smartphones in Nepal  By : adam222
    Smart phones are used worldwide and the market doesn’t seem to stop expanding. New manufacturers are getting in the competition day by day. Advanced devices get introduced every few months.
  • Making the most out of your smartphone  By : adam222
    There’s hardly anyone who does not own a personal phone. As any other device, your phone is what you choose to make of it. Any invention or machine ultimately turns into whatever the user decides to make of it.
  • Troubleshooting Your Water Damaged Mobile Phone  By : Owen
    An accidental water damage on your mobile phone can bring about various problems considering the very delicate internal circuit system of your handheld or mobile device, which can leave it inoperable and all of your stored information and valuable contacts all gone for good.
  • Secure Your Mobile Phone With The Right Insurance Cover  By : Owen
    Each and every insurance policy is valid for a given time frame. There is a broad spectrum of insurance deals out there that any handset owner can avail of.
  • Determining The Warranty Status of your Smart Phone  By : Owen
    The Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEM’s warranty can be availed only for the parts and products they have manufactured, any further add-ons or purchases made on other peripheral or external parts are therefore not warranted.
  • Android Call Recorder lets Users to Enjoy Plenty of Alluring Features  By : mikcolin
    Do you want to get an innovative app to keep a proper record calls taken place in your call centre? Do you want to save the conversation of your foreign clients to assure proper meeting of guidelines in hassle free manner? If your answer to both of the questions is yes, you should definitely look for an exclusive Android call recorder app.
  • Innovative Android Call Recorder Specialties to Choose One for the Device  By : rajarya
    In the recent few years, Android operated Smartphone has become the major requirement of every individual irrespective of his or her profession or locality. This has become possible because of the availability of many advanced features and innovative applications, which people can avail to receive plenty of benefits.
  • How to Achieve Success in iPad App Development  By : Disha Kakkad
    It is imperative to consider certain important aspects before getting into iPad app development. It is essential to think about the user base you are going to target, get a proper understanding of the inbuilt features, include numerous functional features, design an attractive UI, analyze the cost of development, and have a marketing plan ready & functional before you launch the app. This will ensure success and help you to earn good revenues.
  • 6 Key Reasons For Upgrading Your Mobile Apps  By : Disha Kakkad
    There are various reasons to upgrade your mobile apps to a newer version. You can receive some essential and enhanced features in your app. The process of upgrading is cost-effective as compared to the development of a new application that is functional in the new OS. Upgrades also resolve bugs and fixes of your current applications. Users always prefer apps that have new innovative features, making it necessary for businesses to deliver up-to-date features.

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