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  • 2011's Mega Fashionable Wedding Dress Trends  By : Alitha George
    The romantic wedding dress designs that are gracing the altars this year are awesome in comparison to the options I was given as a bride five years ago. The endless array of new options makes me want to get wed all over, just to stroll along the aisle again in an incredible dress!
  • 2011 Wedding Dress Styles You Will Be Sure to Fall In Love With  By : Lilly Childers
    I've been around about weddings all of my life, having had the pleasure of walking down the aisle in two amazing wedding gowns myself, but have never had the exciting, story like alternatives that are enchanting brides in 2011.
  • Fresh Wedding Dress Styles designed for 2011  By : Alitha George
    I have had the enjoyment of buying, helping design, and strolling down the aisle in two gorgeous wedding dresses in my years, but have never had the romantic, ultra chic wedding gown options that are gracing the altars in 2011.
  • Can my relationship ever be the same before the infidelity?  By : michael grover
    How can we get back to the way we were?
  • The Wallace Organization Vice President Wanted  By : Robert Thomson
    A long term romantic love relationship is wanted by, Eugene Wallace, who is The President of the Organization.
  • Giving time to your life partner  By : Gurleen Kaur
    Same time management and division of time should be done, once a person gets married. Marriage is the most long and beautiful bond, that a couple shares between each other. It is the bond, which binds two souls together for lifetime. Bride and groom as a couple are dependent on each other for the smooth functioning of their relationship.
  • Life is all about caring and sharing  By : Gurleen Kaur
    Marriage is a relation, which at times is the strongest and at times is the weakest of all the relations, a human share in his life time. This is a bond, which should be fed with the ingredients of love, care and support to make it stronger, and if the above mentioned elements do not exist in a relation, then the relation becomes weak and feeble.
  • Hiring a wedding planner for the big day  By : Gurleen Kaur
    There are so many things, which are required to be done and completed according to the highest standards of the society. In fact, some tasks are such, which we even forget, and usually get to remember after the marriage ceremony is performed. The best thing, which one should do at the time of his marriage, is to hire a wedding planner.
  • Guest list and return gifts for the wedding  By : Gurleen Kaur
    The most important and tiresome decision at the time of wedding, is preparing a guest list for the various functions of the wedding. There are various occasions and rituals celebrated in the Indian marriages, in which a huge amount of money is spent. Therefore, sometimes, there is a limitation in terms of the guests to be invited for different ceremonies or functions at the wedding.
  • Marriage- a journey for lifetime  By : Gurleen Kaur
    The bride and the groom, after marriage, share all the ups and downs of life, its not a life of two individuals, it’s the life of one couple, which has two lives in it, but are suppose to walk together at every phase of life. Hence, resulting and acting like two bodies, which are interconnected, turning into one life, complementing the heart beats of each other. The life of both the persons in the bond corresponds to the flow and smoothness in the each individual’s life.
  • Rituals followed in a Marathi wedding  By : Gurleen Kaur
    The state of Maharshtra mainly constitutes with people following marathi culture, so the rituals for the marriage in the state are also according to the marathi rituals and customs. The marriage ceremony in a Marathi wedding, takes place in the morning in front of the lord. The most important and the sacred practise followed in a marathi wedding is the matching of the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom before the marriage.
  • Qualities of a good life partner  By : Gurleen Kaur
    Life partner is a term which corresponds to many things. It is not only a relation which a couple holds for life time, but it’s also the synonym for friendship, trust and understanding. One needs to be very supportive and understanding towards his partner to keep him happy and satisfied always.
  • Sanctity of marriage as a bond is decreasing  By : Gurleen Kaur
    Marriage has always been considered as the most sacred bond, which a person shares with his better half. This is the only relation, which binds a couple for the rest of their lives. In fact, in a Hindu religion, it is the bond which the bride and groom shares for seven lives. An Indian marriage, in whichever religion is celebrated is the biggest occasion for both the families of the couple.
  • Steps to have a stress- free wedding  By : Gurleen Kaur
    No doubt, wedding is an occasion, which brings with itself a lot of tensions and head- off moments, but the bride and groom and both of their families, also need to enjoy each and every moment, because it is an occasion of life time. Its moments are meant to be enjoyed by the relatives and guests to the fullest. To make sure that the wedding ceremony goes without any faults and flaws in it following are some of the points, which should be kept in mind:
  • Factors responsible for leading a happy married life  By : Gurleen Kaur
    Marriage is the most important occasion in one’s life, the one which a person waits for all his life time. Often people are heard saying, that the time before and during the marriage is the most memorable times, and the life after marriage becomes a daily routine and it becomes a common routine, which the couple follows.
  • Importance of flowers in wedding  By : Gurleen Kaur
    With the modernisation of the wedding ceremonies, a new ceremony, which has been added to mark the celebratory moment of the wedding, is the cake cutting ceremony. It is a ritual, which has started few days back, and has its roots from the western culture. The cake cutting ceremony for the marriage is witnessed at the reception grounds of the bride and the groom.
  • Wedding cake- the sweetest marriage ceremony  By : Gurleen Kaur
    With the modernisation of the wedding ceremonies, a new ceremony, which has been added to mark the celebratory moment of the wedding, is the cake cutting ceremony. It is a ritual, which has started few days back, and has its roots from the western culture. The cake cutting ceremony for the marriage is witnessed at the reception grounds of the bride and the groom.
  • Importance of wedding ring  By : Gurleen Kaur
    The wedding ring is supposed to have its origin from North Africa, which in turn is said to have come from the ancient culture of Egypt. The wedding ring is made to wear on the third finger of the left hand, because it is said, that the vein of the finger is directly connected to the heart, thereby binding the heart of bride and groom with each other.
  • Fun and games played in Indian marriages  By : Jharna Bhatnagar
    Everywhere, marriage is related to the element of seriousness and the responsibility, one gets after getting married. Marriage is always considered to be bond, which burdens the bride and groom, with a number of responsibilities and roles to play to keep the family and their life partner happy forever.
  • Inter caste marriages – a changing scenario  By : Jharna Bhatnagar
    During the early period of India, inter-caste marriages were considered to be a big taboo to enter. People were specifically particular to go for a matrimonial tie-up to a person belonging to the same caste or religion but now people are open to the idea of love marriages or inter-caste marriages and much more.
  • Bachelorette Party Games  By : Source101
    A Bachelorette Party Game is supposed to be a slightly wild, a chance for the bride to let her hair down and howl one last time before she is married. For that reason, they are not appropriate for small children or the stick in the mud types- just leave them at home.
    Because these things can become a little wicked, a little naughty, I must restate my previous warning: These games might be "R" as in raunchy, racy and really, really fun!
  • Spa Bachelorette Parties  By : Source101
    Weddings are mind -shatteringly stressful affairs. The planning that goes into a wedding is something akin to a full out declaration of war. There are dress fittings, shoes that will not come out the right color and that miserable five pounds that will just not leave the bride's body no matter what she tries.
  • Bachelorette Party Invitation  By : Source101
    The bridal shower was fairly easy: you invited everybody that the bride could have possibly came in contact with and hoped that she got a good gift out of the deal. That was then, this is a Bachelorette Party, man! The big time! This is the bride's last hurrah, her big blow out before she straps on the ball and chain, her last night to howl. So, who do you invite to such an epic event?
  • How to Organize a Bachelorette Party  By : Source101
    You have been nominated, elected, (or crowned if you prefer) to be the Maid of Honor for your best friend's wedding, and you know what that means, don't you? No, silly girl, that does not mean an ugly dress (okay it does), it means that you get to organize the Bachelorette party for her. First things first, know your friend and know what she will like and what she will loathe and plan accordingly.
  • How to Overcome Jealousy - Step by Step  By : Julia Hanson
    Deciding whether or not your fear is realistic is the following step once you admit you have got a problem
  • My Vow to You: How to Be the Best Maid of Honor  By : Source101
    No other American city screams "Bachelorette Party" louder than Las Vegas. This is the city where it is all action all the time, non stop, baby. If you your mind can conceive it, the Vegas can serve it up, glitzier and more gleamed up then you thought possible. If you want a wild and crazy night with bells, whistles and the occasional shower of coins, then Las Vegas is the destination. In fact, it was ranked number one for a Bachelorette party destination in a survey conducted by a popular bride's magazine.
  • Find Asian wedding venue, Asian Catering and Asian Vegetarian at watford and wedding reception venue hire hertfordshire, London  By : langleybanqueting
    The Langley takes pleasure in providing fresh food and great wines for any given occasion. The flavours and aroma of the food are ones to entice and impress all. Cooked and prepared in our modern kitchens, each dish is prepared with the best ingredients and served hot on the plate ensuring that no artificial flavourings or colours are used.

    The Langley is equipped and expert in providing the very best dishes, spanning regions across the world, from a spicy vegetarian curry to warm corn vol au vents. Our dishes are prepared by our very own team of regional specialist chefs, experienced for over 15 years, who incorporate both traditional classic flavours and new dishes that apply eastern flavours with a western touch.
  • Indian marriages-All that its about  By : Jharna Bhatnagar
    Wedding is the most valued and blissful events in one’s life. Everyone says marriages are made in heaven, so it surely holds a huge importance in an individual’s life as well as the society. An Indian wedding is a bright and colorful affair with rich display of wealth and lavish setups.
  • NRI Matrimony – Preferred Choice for Many Indians  By : Jyoti Sharma
    NRI grooms and brides are very much in demand these days. NRI Matrimony has gained a lot of momentum in the past few decades. In fact, the very mention of word ‘NRI’ incites a deep rush of emotions and aspirations in the minds of most Indians.
  • Do Love Marriages Score More Over Arranged Marriages?  By : Jyoti Sharma
    This is among the extensively raised questions whenever there is a debate going on the popularity and relevance of two types of marriages – Love Marriage and Arranged Marriage. Having discussed and answered end number of times, this question remains unanswered most of the times. The key reason lies in the varying perceptions of people on this subject.

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