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  • Manufacturer & Exporter of Brass Parts, Brass Cable Glands, Brass Forging Parts, Brass Terminals  By : rtrivedi
    Turning, Forging, Brass Cooper Steel Stainless Stamping to make Sheet metal parts with high quality up to 40 ton Capacity Mechanical & Hydraulic presses with Gold, Silver, Nickel, Zinc, Tin & other finishing as well as Assembly (Different material) plus Custom require packaging, Labeling & instructed direct delivery. All one place called Asiatech
  • Manufacturer & Exporter of Brass Inserts,Brass Compression Fittings,Brass Connector,Brass Washers  By : rtrivedi
    Acuman International - Manufacturers and exporters of a vast range of custom Made Brass Components, Marine Cable Glands, Cable Glands & Its Accessories, Electrical Plub & Electrical Socket, Pneumatic Parts, Compression Fittings, Energy Meter Parts, Forging Parts, Brass & MS Fastners, Sheet Metal Parts as per customer specifications/requirements.
  • Manufacturer and Exporter of Air Compressors,Industrial Air Compressor,Portable Air Compressor  By : rtrivedi
    Gajjar Compressors Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturer and exporters of Reciprocating Piston Air Compressors,Screw Compressors,Air Compressor,Air cooled Air Compressor,Oil Free Compressors,Industrial Air Compressor, Portable Air Compressor,Motor Driven Air Compressor, Reciprocating Vacuum Pumps, lubricated and non lubricated compressors in single or multistage construction up to 1000 Psig.
  • Manufacturer and Supplier of Pillar Drill-Drilling Machines,Universal Radial Drill-Drilling Machines  By : rtrivedi
    "Chandra" group is established since 1983 the trusted name in the engineering field. We are manufacturing and exporting of machinery spare parts.
  • Industrial Casting like Ingot Mould (Singlet & Duplex), Bottom Plate, Slag pot, Centre Column  By : rtrivedi
    J.R.Casting is engaged in manufacturing of Industrial Casting like Ingot Mould (Singlet & Duplex), Bottom Plate, Slag pot, Centre Column and other specialized C.I Casting.
  • Climax Metal Products Partners with MAV S.p.A. To Expand Product Line  By : jjstout
    Climax Metal Products Company (CMPC), an Ohio based corporation manufacturing Shaft Collars, Rigid Couplings, Keyless Locking Devices, Bearings, Abrasives and Pulleys, has partnered with MAV S.p.A., to represent their line of Locking Assemblies, Shrink Discs and Keyless Rigid Couplings to the US market.
  • The upcoming trend of the modern office furniture  By : ramawood
    Your office is a place where you spend at least nine to ten hours during the day; hence it is necessary that the furniture is comfortable and reliable.
  • The tea is from the indian soil, this we remember but we forget to take its care  By : Dion Silva
    The tea packaging basically makes use of the strong foil bags in their packaging, which provides them a perfect protecting shield and a best carrying covering.
  • Drink coffee, get fresh and get back to work a sap  By : Dion Silva
    This is the magic of coffee and the people do not just love its unique taste and aroma but also it has become a important part of their life style.
  • Protect our mother earth, be smart and educate otherís also  By : Dion Silva
    They just make use of the plastic and its products lavishly and create pollution. Making use of the vehicles also exhausts the environment but they are least bothered about all this.
  • Go to a measurable life that will be the reason of your success one day  By : Dion Silva
    They are the one who actually invented the measurement scoops which will actually helps the consumer to get the perfect idea of the measurement and weight of the item he is buying.
  • Effective refinery execution at edible oil plant  By : Mectech Systems
    Oil, containing many fatty acids is not consumable, if it is not refined, Oil needs refining in edible oil plants before being used as cooking oil. The fats and oil are extracted from a variety of seeds, nuts, and fruits. In Refinery process, fatty acids are removed along with color and odor of oil.
  • Be a customized girl in a few clicks  By : joysmith
    If you consider fashion to be proportionate to brand and designer clothes, itís high time that you change your concepts.
  • Replacing Your Conveyor Model To Help Your Business Grow  By : Gary Mattoc
    A good deal of establishments depend to a great extent on their conveyor machines. Because of this having the machines break down is not a desired option. It also means that changing the system at the correct time is essential in order to remain cut-throat competitive. Make sure you do not lag behind your competition by not upgrading your own conveyor unit when you already need to.
  • Recognising When To Update Your Conveyor System  By : Gary Mattoc
    A great number of establishments depend to a great extent on their conveyor machines. Consequently having the units bog down is just not something you want to happen. Additionally, it means that updating the line at the appropriate time is recommended in order to stay ahead of the competition. Make sure that you do not lag behind your competition by not modernising your own conveyor system when you absolutely need to.
  • Checking Out Industrial Marking Equipment And Their Endless Uses  By : Gerald
    For a long time, industrial marking equipment has been utilized to create the marks required to track and identify products. There are many ways that are used depending on the situation and need. Some are marked to be able to track or locate an item. Some are used to produce beautiful designs for the items that they need to customize.
  • Ducab - Electrical Machinery and Components - Emirates Factories  By :
    Ducab is the leading cable manufacturing company in the region and is equally owned by the Government of Dubai and Government of Abu Dhabi. Ducab also supplies Ducab Connect Cable Components and Accessories.
  • How You Can Care For A Green Lawn  By : Gerald
    Lots of people are aware that a lawn is a reflection of how well the house is kept generally. A lush, green lawn is undoubtedly an indicator that the house is properly kept inside. A lot of home owners seek out the top kinds of grass such as heat tolerant blue grass or they seek to buy heat tolerant grass seed. While this might be crucial to the overall beauty of a lawn, it is not the key aspect. Even a lawn with pitiful grass may look healthy if properly looked after.
  • Tekab Company Limited - Emirates Factories  By :
    The Tekab Company is equipped with the up to date machinery and equipment to manufacture a wide range of cables and wires. The company's quality assurance system has been certified to ISO 9001 : 2000 by M/s AIB-VINCOTTE USA,INC., member of IQ-NET on May 3,2007.
  • Why Corrugated Boxes Are The Best Choice  By : Denny
    Whether you are a manufacturing company or an individual, corrugated boxes are clearly the best choice. Corrugated boxes have a pleated design of thick paperboard sandwiched between more paperboard.
  • National Paints Factories Company Limited - Emirates Factories  By :
    National Paints currently owns 15 factories spread across the world, launching first in Jordan and then onto the United Arab Emirates (UAE). National Paints' Factory in Sharjah UAE is considered the largest production complex for paint products and related material in the Middle East and the Arab World.
  • Sharjah Steel Pipe Manufacturing Company LLC - Emirates Factories  By :
    Sharjah Steel Pipes Manufacturing has become a major supplier to the regional construction, petroleum and water sectors and it's enviable reputation has been achieved through commitment to quality control, state-of-the-art technology and the very best in raw materials.
  • Selecting The Right Motorcycle  By : Gerald
    The breeze of independence, and as properly as, the difficult and undesirable boy search it jobs with other folks when mowing the lawn are basically two apparently positive aspects of mowing the lawn. Numerous people just like a bike considering that it is smooth and unbelievably effortless to journey not like automobiles. However, not absolutely everyone is destined to have a large bike. If you'd like to acquire this car, you have to make particular you have your personal wants that you ought to have the capability to determine clearly whether or not you should acquire your private motorcycle.
  • Qualiform Rubber to Metal Bonding Service Helps The Transportation Industry  By : jjstout
    The rubber to metal bonding process results in the mechanical bonding of rubber to metal components and is ideal for applications that require high impact protection and/or noise/vibration reduction. This process is used to develop rubber suspension components, bumpers, guards, grommets and many other components used throughout the transportation industry.
  • Galva Coat - Metal Products - Emirates Factories  By :
    Galva Coat founded in 1996, is now a land mark in the industrial area of Abu Dhabi and in a short span of time, it became one of the leading manufacturing organization not only in U.A.E but in the entire region.
  • Fine Hygienic Paper FZE - Emirates Factories  By :
    Fine Hygienic Paper FZE is a market leader in the facial tissues category in every market in which it is present. Other retail products offered are Baby Diapers, Feminine Sanitary Pads, Pocket Tissues, Adult Briefs, Kitchen Towels, Toilet Rolls, Table Napkins, Mediroll Towels and Medipads.
  • An overview on Rental equipment:  By : irishperil
    Equipment Rental are established to provide equipment rental services within a local government. They increase government efficiency by giving the entity a way to allow expensive equipment and supplies to, in essence, be rented to the entity's other departments. These departments are internal service funds and should operate at zero profit. Their rental equipment ranges from computers to police and fire vehicles to heavy road equipment to specialized high voltage trucks.
  • AIL Industries Co Ltd - Basic Metals - Emirates Factories  By :
    AIL is one of the largest non-ferrous specialist foundry in the global markets, having a workforce of 370 people. It has invested heavily in its casting capacity in order to meet its increasing product requirements and demands.
  • Fair Trade Spotlights with Exotic Lighting  By : jarry horny
    Spotlights are also amazing gift given by various electronic companies. These spotlights are mainly used as energy efficient lighting and also for decorating the room with their little dim lighting. Net of spotlights are spread in the bars for visible lighting in all the corners and looks gorgeous to others who visit bars. So, mostly these spotlights resembles with bar lights. Now days, these spotlights manufacture with some improved and new ideas. These modern lights illuminate the place with t
  • Water Jet Cutting Machine  By : mackexperts1
    water jet cutting machine uses water jet cutter, also known as a water jet which is a tool capable of slicing metal or other materials using a jet of water at high velocity and pressure it sometimes also uses a of parts for machinery and other devices. It works best when materials being cut are sensitive to the high temperatures generated by other methods.

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